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Number Surname Message Contact Date
13-11 McGrew Looking for any children/relatives of Leroy McGrew, who was born in Salinas, Kansas in 1919 and died in Douglas City, CA in 2000. He was my uncle by marriage. I have numerous family photos passed down from Leroy and his first wife, Vicky, my aunt. Would like to see them go to someone who will appreciate them. Arron 12/24/13
13-10 Anderline, Arderlini I am looking for any information on my Grandfather's family - ANDERLINI. They owned the Anderlini Ranch on Rush Creek and Trinity River near Lewiston in Trinty County. My Grandfather's name was Josie (also went by Joseph and Joe) Anderlini (also went by Anderline). Joe Anderline, as he became known in later years, was a good friend of Ed Scott and donated a lot of wagons, buggies and memorobilia to the Scott Musuem. I've been told the Anderlini Ranch became a Bed and Breakfast a few years back and would appreciate any and all information on the ranch, the family, the bed and breakfast and the museum. Thank you so much. Nancy 09/15/13
13-09 Carlock, Freet, Grush, Harris, Hoisington, Kingery, Sadler I'm am looking for information relating to what may have happened to Solomon Kingery (b 1831 PA, d Jul-9-1855 CA, buried Shasta Union Cemety). "Adam Baker Carlock...went to Sacramento with a man named Wilkinson, and bought four mules, which they loaded and began a packing business to Weaverville. Wilkinson soon sold out, and Mr. Carlock formed a partnership with Solomon and Daniel Kingery. In the fall of 1854; the train was divided, and Mr. Carlock continued packing alone till the spring of 1856." Does anyone have documentation of Solomon Kingery after this?

Also seeking info on James Grush, a miner along the Trinity from 1852 to ?
Byron 04/26/13
13-08 Lowden, Ryan, Shearan I am seeking information about Richard J Ryan (b 1838 in Ireland), married Mary M Shearan (born 1840 in Ireland) in 1861. It seems that they lived in Massachusetts for several years (daughter Katie born there), but moved to Junction City by 1862 where the rest of their children (Annie, Patrick, Hannah, Richard, Eddard, Thomas) were born. Annie, born in 1865, married William Jefferson Lowden in 1887. Sally 03/06/13
13-07 Martin I am looking for relatives or information on Sarah Lenore(NOra) Wilhelm Martin. She and her family are buried in the Martin Ranch Cemetery. Planning a reunion in North Carolina. She was my grandmothers sister. Thanks. Lou 02/10/13
13-06 Morton I am looking for any information on my 3rd great grandmother Eliza (Liza) Morton. I have found her on the 1880 census records in residing Trinity Center with her husband Thomas Morton and children Charles, Eliza, and Martha. She was Wintu Indian, I also have her listed on a document from the Bureau of Indian Affairs being from Trinity Center or Hays Gulch. Kenwa 02/08/13
13-05 Carpenter, Township of Salyer I am trying to locate the burial of my mother's cousin & her husband who both died at Salyer in 1989. Is there a cemetery near there where they would likely have been buried? Google Maps and Find a Grave have not been very helpful in this regard. Thanks for your input! Bob 01/24/13
13-04 Cullen I am looking for info on Partick and Ellen Cullen. (my great great grandparents) born in Ireland - they were in Trinity County (I think Junction City) in the 1860 census as a married couple. They had William Francis Cullen in 1861, Patrick in 1862, Cornelius in 1864, Thomas in 1866, Sarah in 1867 and Mary in 1868 or 1869. They are all in 1870 census in Junction City. I am looking for info on Patrick and Ellen pre-1860 (marraige cert.. any info as to what county in Ireland they came from or how they got to Trinity) and births certs etc, and their children. Thanks.. any info would be great. Robert 01/10/13
13-03 Reed, Spratt I'm trying to find the father of three children that I know of:
1.) Stephen Wallace SPRATT
Born 5 December 1942 in CA
Died 15 August 1994 in Weaverville, CA

2.) Donald Wesley SPRATT
Born 18 September 1944 in Lake, CA
Died 20 November 1995 in Coos Bay, Coos, OR (Apparently there is an obit in The World Newspaper, Coos Bay, Oregon)

3.) Laura Carolyn SPRATT
Born 8 March 1948 in California
Died 15 April 1948 in Trinity Co., CA
In each of the three the mother's maiden name is REED
Mel 01/10/13
13-02 Oden I am looking for an obituary for William Howard Oden and/or his wife Elsie, who lived near Salyer on Oden Flat from approximately 1965 to 1995. Herbert B. Sutton is my father, and William was my father's great uncle. I would be grateful for any information or direction you may provide. Jim 01/10/13
13-01 Lorenz Looking to get copies of Naturalization Papers from Trinity County District Court records for Henry Lorenz and Nicholas Lorenz of Weaverville. Henry date is 5/24/1856. Nicholas date is 8/11/1856. Men are brothers. Henry's widow built Lorenz Hotel in that area after his death. Jonathan 01/10/13
12-05 Stitt I would like to find someone who would be willing to look up an obituary for me and possibly take a picture of the tombstone of Bonnie Jean Stitt, who died 01 Sep 2003 in Trinity County, California. I am not sure where she was buried. I believe she lived in Douglas City and may have died there. Any consideration to this request would be most helpful to me. I am most willing to pay for the costs of this request. Melissa 07/16/12
12-04 Raines

I am trying to find the burial place of my Grandfather, Walter Raines. He lived in Weaverville, from the mid-1930's until his death, in 1958. I know he lived with a lady by the name of Mae, and they had three children:

  • Eugene
  • Arlene
  • Don

I would also like to know if they are still alive and if they had any children. Thank You

Billie Jo 05/26/12
12-03 White I am looking for information regarding my great grandfathers grave. Samuel Hugh White who died 10/19/49 and was buried in Weaverville, Trinity County. I would like to get the cemetery name and a photo so that I can add it to findagrave.com. Bob 05/26/12
12-02 Nave/Naves I am looking for information on my Grandmother Martha Alice Nave or Naves born around 1875 in Wildwood, Trinity Co. Family stories told about her said she was 1/2 Modoc Indian but I have not been able to comfirm that information. Her father was Martin Nave or Naves. Lloydell 04/21/12
12-01 Wieler Ernest Debs Wieler died in Trinity County - 24 Mar 1958 while working high over a canyon. I am looking for his obituary, burial location and any other information available, i.e. what project was he working on at that time? Margaret 03/02/12
11-06 Costello, Cullan Joanna Cullan, born about 1833 in Ireland, was married to Michael Costello. Michael Costello was killed in a mining accident at Big Bar in 1859. He left one son, Michael Thomas, born 1859 who later moved to Yuba County (town of Linda). I am looking for information on Joanna as I have no trace of her after the 1860 census where she is listed as a 26 year old widow with a one year old son. Sue 09/23/11
11-05 Adams, Bush, Olsen I am looking for information about Mary Jane Adams. She was born in Big Bar in 1859; several years after the massacre at the bridge. I have been told she was Wintu, but she always listed "white" on census'. She married James Peter Olsen from Denmark. She also married Abe Bush. I am looking for information about her parents or any other family. Her daughter, Josephine Theresa Olsen (born 1882) was my grandmother. Thank you if you can help me. Karen 08/28/11
11-04 Wood I am trying to find if the J.C. Wood and R.M. Wood listed in the 1860 census are brothers Joel C. Wood and Robert M. Wood - born in TN and living in MO in 1850. And if it is the same Joel C. Wood that was in the 1860 draft rolls as being from Weaverville, CA. They lived in MO. in 1850 and TX in 1870. Shawn 07/23/11
11-03 Rickard, Silva My sister says our great grandfather and grandmother were buried in Weaverville. His name is J.H. Rickard and her's is Mary Rickard Silva. Circa 1890. Both were born in Portugal. Wayne 03/08/11
11-02 Peters I am trying to find out what happened to Ellen Peters (married name) and her son, Samuel Peters. Ellen was born in 1842 and Samuel was born in April or May of 1860. They are listed on the 1860 Federal Census living with David Peters, husband and father. He was a blacksmith from Pennsylvania. Both Ellen and son Samuel were listed as Native Americans. I'm unable to find them on any census after that date. Any help will be appreciated. Susan 02/22/11
11-01 Liscomb, Worth I am looking for names of the 2 or 3 surviving children from the Bridge Gulch massacre in 1852. I am specifically looking for information on the survivor children and have some reason to think that one of the survivors is related and starts a lineage line on my dad's side of the family. Her first name, perhaps given to her by the family that adopted her is Jennie. That surname is Liscomb. Richard 02/15/11
10-01 Biggs, Jones, Leas

LEAS, John C, a native of Minnesota b. 8/19/1859, was a miner in Denny & Deadwood in Trinity County. Married Elizabeth (Biggs) Jones on 08/13/1890 at New River, Trinity County. Children were:

  Hannah Jones
William John
May Lillian
George Edward
Grover Henry
Phillip Alton

John C. Leas and his sons had a many mining claims in Trinity County. Last record was July 1923. Son William John died in mining accident in 1914.

I am trying to find out how or why John Leas came to Trinity County and the route he took & any other information about the family. Their last child, Phillip, was born in 1908 in Deadwood. Elizabeth died in 1910 of appendicitis, leaving Phillip to be raised by older siblings. All of the family is buried in French Gulch, Shasta Co.

Betty 12/14/10