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Queries - 2010

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Number Surname Message Contact Date
10-07 Larrabee, Vaughn I am searching for obituaries and info for Frank E. and Minnie R. Vaughan and their son Floyd Adams Vaughan. They are my husband's gr grandparents and their son.
  • Frank Enoch Vaughan
    DOB 6 Aug, 1865,
    DOD 19 Nov 1948
  • Minnie Ruth Adams Vaughan
    DOB 3 Oct 1870,
    DOD 5 Oct 1953
  • Floyd Adams Vaughan
    DOB 8 Oct 1896 Imnaha, Wallowa, OR
    DOD 23 Aug 1964 Contra Costa, CA
    Floyd served in WWI
All three are buried at Sunset Hill Cemetery in Corning and lived in Tehama County for over 20 years, first showing up on the 1930 census but probably arrived closer to 1920. Floyd married Muriel Grace Larrabee from Tehama. Please contact me if you need further info. Any help would be greatly appreciated
Brenda 11/10/10
10-06 Morgan I am the grandson of Francis Fielding Morgan born in Red Bluff Jan. 1856 and am attempting to find out what tribe my grandfather was born and raised with. His mother, Ruby, was said to be pure Shasta and his father Earl said to be mixed. I have census reports and his marriages took place in Redding, however, a voters record in 1880 said he was 'removed' to Tehama County. What does this mean and where was he removed to in Red Bluff?

I drove there and saw the cemetery monument and still can not find out my grandfathers birthplace or his father or mother. Any help that anyone is willing or able to share would be greatly appreciated.
Mark 08/11/10
10-05 Ryan The burial plot for Alina RYAN (1874-1954) in Oak Hill Cemt. was paid for by the "Alina Ryan Estate". How can (or can I) track down info on that estate to see who set it up, any survivors? Can you assist me or lead me to where I can obtain this info. Thank you. Veronica 07/10/10
10-04 Thompson Samuel Findley Thompson was my great great grandfather, born in 1809 and farming in Old Washington, Guernsey County, Ohio. His daughter, Rebecca Jane Thompson was ill so Samuel and Rebecca came west for her health. Samuel was a millwright and worked on the boats that ferried up and down the Sacramento River.

Rebecca died age 20 in September 1864 and Samuel died in August 1865. Both were buried in Tehama County. Samuel's wife, Mariah Johnston Thompson, and another daughter, Annie Mariah Thompson, age 15 years, came to Tehama County to help but were only able to bury them and return to Ohio where Mariah was able to persuade the farm's previous owner to buy his farm back.

My family has looked for Samuel and Rebecca for many years only to be told that there are no records before a certain date, etc.etc.etc. There were certainly newspapers and someone paid wages to Samuel. I am asking, now that there is to be a fresh beginning to this website, are there any resources that can be searched or cemetery records showing where Samuel and Rebecca were buried? Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.
Lois 07/10/10
10-03 Bevins Looking for death date and place on Stanley Alexander Bevins, born 17 Jun 1892 in California. Believe he died in Red Bluff, Tehama Co, California around 1930. Marilyn 07/10/10
10-02 Ide I'm wondering if I am related to William B. Ide. Do you have record of his family line? My father passed away, and I found a book among his things. It is a biography of William B. Ide, written by his brother, Simon.

Simon hand wrote a message to his granddaughter, Lily in the book, as well. My Aunt thinks that William is her husband's ancestor, but we just don't know. So, I figured I would ask you if you have that kind of info on the Ide family. Thank you for your time.
John 06/07/10
10-01 Bonhoff, Cooper, Hook, Lowell Charles Cooper is the son of Alonzo Cooper and Mary Lowell. Charles was born in Placer County in 1858. He married Margaret Bohnhoff around 1904. They had 3 children (I believe all were born in either Tehama County or Shasta County):
  • Thelma B - b 1904
  • Jerome B - b 1908
  • Ruth Hope - b 23 Aug 1912
    (d 4 Dec 1980)

Charles 'worked for the railroad' and, according to the 1920 Census, the family was still living in Red Bluff. Charles died 16 Mar 1918 in Red Bluff but I don't know where he is buried.

Margaret and two of the 'children' are found in the 1930 Census living in Los Angeles. It seems Margaret remarried; another rail road worker also named Charles (Hook). Margaret died Feb 1966 in Los Angeles.

I don't know what happened to Thelma or Jerome - whether they married, had children, etc. Does anyone recognize this family? Thanks!

Jeannette 05/24/10