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The saying, "Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue, and a silver sixpense inside your shoe," dates back to the Victorian era and requires the bride to accessorize her wedding attire in certain ways to promote good luck in her new marriage. Many brides in the U.S. do this for fun. The "old" is supposed to represent the past, particularly the bond between the bride and her family. The bride might choose to wear a piece of jewelry from one of her elders, or another accessory given to her from an older relative. The "new" represents the couple getting married and their future together. Usually, the bride's wedding gown or wedding ring is used as a new item. "Something borrowed" is something that is taken from the families and meant to be returned. By borrowing something, the bride is continuing the link between herself and her family to maintain loyalty and future comfort. The borrowed item must come from a happily married woman in order to pass on marital happiness onto the new couple. "Something blue" represents the bride's faithfulness and loyalty. Easy ways to incorporate the color blue is for the bride to wear blue flowers in her hair or a blue garter. The silver sixpense is meant to be tucked into the bride's shoe and is supposed to bring the new couple wealth in money and love in their new life together.

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Below you will find a complilation of marriage announcements gathered from various newspapers throughout Tehama County. (I started looking at microfilm for the Corning Observer - December 1888.)But I have also looked on-line at the CA Digital Newspaper Collection for more 'happenings'... If YOU have a marriage announcement or even a marriage certificate you care to share for a Tehama County resident, please contact the county coorinator.

Sacramento Daily Union, 17 Apr 1857

Wedding and Death -- On the 30th of February last, Robert H. Culbertson a highly esteemed citizen of Tehama county, who has resided upon the same farm since 1851, was married, and on the 19th of March he died. Under the same heading are announced his marriage and his death.

Sacramento Daily Union, 27 Apr 1857

Married - At Cottonwood, Tehama county, April 16th, Mr. Wm. H. Bond to Miss Emily Miller.

Sacramento Daily Union, 22 May 1857

Married - At Red Bluffs, May 17th, Mr. Daniel Sill, Jr., to Miss Sarah R. Mayhew, both of Lassen township, Butte county.

Sacramento Daily Union, 15 Dec 1860

On elder creek, tehama county, Dec. 6th, Jackson Eby to Helen M Miller.

Daily Alta California, 25 June 1863

At Paskenta Ranch, Tehama county, June 14th, Dryden Lacock to Margaret Ann Fuller.

Sacramento Daily Union, 19 October 1869

In Cottonwood, Tehama county, Oct. 8th, Henry G. Searcy to Pheare Parker.

Sacramento Daily Union, 27 May 1872

In Red Bluff, May 16th, G.W. Vestal to Clara Gist.

Sacramento Daily Union, 29 July 1872

On Reed's Creek, Tehama county, July 21st, Stephen P. Baker to Mary Sweney.

Sacramento Daily Union, 16 Feb 1874

Red Bluff, Feb. 8 - Adam Steif to Elizabeth Stroeing.

Sacramento Daily Union, 24 Aug 1874

Antelope Township, Tehama co., Aug. 20 - Thomas W. Burke to Rachel Brown.

Sacramento Daily Union, 26 Jul 1875

Red Bluff, Jul8 18 - Wilbur B. Townsend to Alice M. McGee.

Red Bluff Sentinel, 08 Jan 1881

Near Red Bluff, December 28, 1890, Louis Vaughn to Miss Jennie Page, both of this county.

In the parlers of the Red Bluff hotel, January 1, 1881, by Rev. HA Mayhew, JD Howe to Miss Caroline Vankirk, both of Chico.

Near Red Bluff, January 2, 1891, by MR Hook, JP, John Taylor of Trinity county, to Miss Minnie Page, of Tehama county.

In Red Bluff, at the residence of Dr. GW Westlake, January 2, 1881, by Rev M Woodward, James R Holt to Miss Mary Ault, both of this city.

In Tehama, January 2, 1881, by RL Williams, JP, Charles Ballon, of Chico, to Miss Ellen Rear, of Tehama.

In this city, January 5, 1881, by the Rev M Woodward, JN Gregg to Miss Ella Lewis, both of Red Bluff.

Corning Observer, 29 June 1889

On Sunday evening last, Oscar Christian and Miss Lillie Steuben were united in marriage, at the parsonage, by Rev. W. H. Cooper. Oscar seems to have taken in some of the boys by his marriage, getting his license, some fifteen or twenty sacks of wheat, and a few other articles by making bets with them he would be married by a certain date.

Corning Observer, 13 July 1889

Married, on Sunday, July 7th, at the residence of the brides parents, J.R. __land and Mrs. J. Smith, both of Tehama. The groom is a very industrious yhoung man, and will make a good "hubby". The bride has been in the employ of Mrs. L.A. Gyle for some time past, and Joe did very well to capture such a handsome and accomplished lady for a wife.

Red Bluff Daily News, 17 May 1892

George W. Lewis and Miss Mary F. Emmons were married Monday evening at 8 o'clock, by the Rev. A.R. McCullough at the residence of Mr. Burney Martin on Monroe street. The wedding was private, only the immediate friends of the couple being present. Mr. Lewis is the gentlemanly driver of the Tremont hotel bus, and Miss Emmons is well known in Red Bluff. The News wishes them success.

Corning Observer, 16 Jan 1897

In San Francisco, Tuesday, January 12, 1897, Geo. T. Cameron, son of Dr. J. S. Cameron of Red Bluff, to Miss Sue Crook of Memphis, Tenn. The groom is well known in this county.

Corning Observer, 6 April 1898

Married - at the residence of G. M. Snelling, near Paskenta, Monday morning, April 1st, Frank B. Henderson and Miss Lulu Boose were united in marriage by Squire G. M. L. Snelling. The bride is a resident of Corning township, a very young lady of many excellent qualities. The groom is a resident of Paskenta, where he is well known as a steady and industrious gentleman.

Married, in Red Bluff, on Wednesday, March 27, 1898, by Rev. N. _. Hayland, at the residence of the brides parents, Carl J. Carlson to Miss Southerland of Red Bluff. The bride is a popular young lady who has a large circle of friends, while the groom is a worthy young man, who has been employed for several years in Dany's Tailoring establishment.

Corning Observer, 24 September 1898

Mr. Henry Peterson, of Paskenta, and Mrs. Mattie Henderson, of Lowrey, were married on New Years' day, at noon, at the home of the bride. A number of invited guests were present to witness the ceremony.

Red Bluff News, 13 Jan 1899

A. H. Bressler and Miss Rosa Taber werfe married in Red Bluff Monday evening. Mr. Bressler and his bride are residentgs of Antelope Valley.

Corning Observer, 4 March 1899

Married - In Willows, February 14, 1899, Ora J. Eller, a resident of Willows, and Eva L. Coburn, who formally lived a few miles west of Corning.

A Pleasent Wedding -- The parlor of the Tremont Hotel was the scene of a pleasant wedding party on Tuesday evening, the principals in the affair being Mr. Eugene J. Manson, of Paskenta, and Mrs. Lulu Flood, of Lowreys. Besides the couple the brides parents, Mr. and Mrs. Merritt Miller, Mr. and Mrs. Thos. Clapp (the latter a sister), of Butte City, Mrs. George Uhl and Miss Alice Miller, of Lowreys, and several friends were present. The ceremony was performed by Rev. J. L. Renfro. The groom and his bride will go on a honeymoon to San Francisco, and upon returning, will settle at Paskents, where Mr. Manson is engaged in blacksmithing and wagon-making.

Mathias Dany, the well-known tailor of Red Bluff, was married to Miss Edwina P. Romstad Sunday evening.

Corning Observer, 08 July 1899

On July 4th, 1899, Mr. Chas. G. Sebring and Miss Minnie Roser were united in the holy bonds of matrimony at the home of the brides parents on Stony Creek by the Rev. Mr. Edson, of Orland. It is said to have been one of the prettiest weddings that have taken place for a long time.

At 10 o'clock a.m. the wedding march began, led by Miss Carrie Graves. The groomsman and bridesmaid, Mr. Justin Parson and Miss Lena Roser, led the way for the bride and groom to a most handsomely decorated room where the nuptial knot was tied. The bride was dressed in pure white organdie, richly trimmed with laces and ribbons, and wore a wreath of orange blossoms, while the bridesmaid was dressed in thin white over pink, making a very pretty contrast. The bride and bridesmaid were presented with bouquets of flower by the young ladies (more to come - webmaster)

Red Bluff Daily News, 18 Jan 1900

Mrs. G.C.Garrett and her son Robert left on Tuesday noon for Oakland, to be present at the marriage of Mr. Lowell Hardy and Miss Florence Mayhew. Miss Mayhew is a daughter of G.H. Mayhew, formerly a well known resident of this city, and the prospective bride, if we mistake not, was born in Red Bluff. The wedding is to take place this (Wednesday) evening.

Red Bluff Daily News, 23 Jan 1900

Married Sunday, January 21, in Red Bluff, by Rev. L.C. Renfro, W.H. Parker to Mrs. Lenora Ferguson, both of Anderson.

Red Bluff Daily News, 11 Mar 1900

On Friday morning, the 10th instant, J.M. Cooper and Mrs. Joellenor Boring were united in marriage at Reno by Judge Curliss, of the county court of Washoe county, in Nevada, the ceremony taking place at 10 o'clock that morning. The witnesses were county clerk F. B. Porter and his deputy, Miss Jennie Clanahan. In the evening the couple departed from Reno at 10:45 and arrived in Red Bluff at 3:15 on Saturday afternoon, and after a half hour's rest left for their home about five miles north of Paskenta, where Mr. Cooper has a fine vineyard. He has been a resident of that neighborhood for twenty years, while his wife was born and raised there, being a daughter of Mr. and Mrs. G.W. Gridley, of Paskenta. We wish them the best of good luck.

Red Bluff News, 21 Sep 1900

Married at Sacramento. TJ Flinn, a prominent sheep raiser and wool grower of this county and Mrs. Gertie Dale, also of this county were married in Sacramento one day this week. They returned here Monda and have gone to Mr. Flinn's place near Lowrey where they will make their home.

Red Bluff Daily News, 03 Sep 1901

A Sunday Evening Wedding. - The wedding of Miss Grace Kuhn of this city to George S. Bartels of Sacramento took place at 9 o'clock Sunday night at the home of the bride's mother, Mrs. Grace Kuhn. The marriage ceremony was performed by Rec. J. Thomas Murrish of the Methodist Episcopal church. The bride is a pleasant little lady, born and raised in this city where she has many friends who will wish her much happiness with her chosen husband. The bridegroom is a commercial traveler, now with the firm of Wilson & Hall of Sacramento, and he too has many friends and acquaintances, made during his business visits to this city, who will wish him too all the blessings and happiness of the married state. They will make their home in Sacramento.

Red Bluff Daily News, 03 Oct 1901

Cooper-Bohnhof Wedding. - The wedding of Charles N. Cooper and Miss Margaret Bohnhof took place at the home of the bride's mother on Jackson street, at 8:30 p.m. Wednesday night and was solemnized by the Rev. JJ Evans of the Christian church in the presence of a large gathering of invited guests. The bride is an amiable young woman who has grown from girlhood to womanhood in this city, where she has a large circle of friends who will wish her all the many pleasures of wedded life with the man she has accepted for a life partner. The groom is a resident of Dunsmuir, employed as a conductor on the railroad, and has made so many trips to this place that he enjoys an extended acquaintance with the people here who generally will have but the best wishes for himself and the woman he has chosen for his wife. The happy couple in a shower of rice boarded the midnight express for a honeymoon trip to the metropolis.

Corning Observer, 17 Jan 1903

A marriage license was granted in Red Bluff on Wednesday to Franklin A. LaPearl aged 33 years and Miss Hila Anna Steward aged 17 years. The young people were married the same evening at Leverany's Ranch, eight miles north of Corning. Both are well known in Corning and some of their friends tendered them a reception, in the form of an impromptu charavari, on their arrival in town on thursday night.

Corning Observer, 07 Feb, 1903

Frank Brown, aged 23 years, and Miss Minnie Moore, aged 20 years, were married at the home of the bride's parents on the East Side at ten o'clock on sunday morning. The happy couple will return to reside in Corning after a short wedding trip to Willows and Sacramento.

Arthur Mased, age 23, and Miss Olga Grieve, age 20 years, were married on Saturday of last week in Ref Bluff, Justice Blatchford tying the knot. Both young people are Corningites and are well and favorably known by a host of friends. They are housekeeping in the cozy Birris Cottage on Walnut Street.

Red Bluff News, 28 Jul 1905

A marriage license was issued Monday, just before the county clerk's office doors were closed for the day, to Benjamin W. Weast of Red Bluff and Anna M. Banfield of Lowrey. The marriage ceremony was performed Monday evening by Rev. William Clark, pastor of the Methodist Episcopal Church, at the home of the groom's brother, Town Trustee F.A. Weast, corner of Johnson and Crittenden streets. The bride is not known to a great many in this city but has a large circle of friends in the vicinity in which she resided. Mr. weast holds a position in the street department in Red Bluff and is well like by a host of friends. The News, with other friends, extends congratulations.

Red Bluff News, 01 Sep 1905

A marriage license was issued Friday evening to Byron L. Grigsby, a native of California and a resident of Brentwood, Contra Costa county, and Alice Rue Eaton, a native of California and a resident of Lowrey. The wedding ceremony was performed about 9:30 o'clock Friday evening by Rev. William Clark, pastor of the Methodist Church, at his home on Monroe street. The bride is the charming daughter of Mr. and Mrs. G.W. Eaton of Lowrey, where she has a circle of friends who will be pleased to learn of her future happiness. The groom is a well-known farmer of Contra Costa county, where they will reside. The young couple departed Friday night for a honeymoon trip to San Francisco.

Red Bluff News, 06 Jul 1906

The wedding of Miss Josephine Dyer and Charles C. Eaton took place in the parlors of the Tremont Hotel Monday morning in the presence of a few relatives and friends. Rev. E.R. Clarkson pronounced the words which made the happy couple one. Miss Dyer is the accomplished daughter of Z.P. Dyer, of Paskenta, and is one of Tehama County's charming school teachers, having successfully taught the Paskenta school for a number of years. Charles Eaton is the a son of Mr. and Mrs. G.W. Eaton, of Lowrey, and is a promising young stock man of that country. They departed Monday for San Francisco and San Jose where they will spend a brief honeymoon, after which they will return to Lowrey, where they will make their future home.

Red Bluff News, 09 Nov 1906

Frank Boyle, a popular blacksmith of this city, and Mrs. Cordelia L. Lowrey of Red Bluff were married Friday evening at the parsonage of the Methodist Episcopal Church by Rev. William Clark, the pastor. The young couple will reside in this city.

Red Bluff News, 11 Jan 1907

The Golden Eagle Hotel in Redding, was the scene of a double wedding Tuesday evening, when Miss Laura Moore became the wife of William Platt Montgomery, and Miss Blanche Bengamin became the life partner of Philip J. Dugan. The former couple are residents of this city, where they have many friends who will be pleased to hear of this happy event. Mr. Montgomery is a son of Mr. and Mrs. W.F. Montgomery, and is a most worthy young man, possessing sterling habits and a great amount of industry. The bride is the charming daughter of Mr. and Mrs. JW Moore, of this city. The couple will reside in CA Neate's residence on Cowles Avenue. Mr. Dugan is a native of Upton, having lately arrived from Kansas. His bride formerly resided at Lowrey, but has lately been making her home at Chico. She is a sister of JH Benjamin, of Chico, who with his wife attended the wedding. The couple left immediately after the ceremony for Upton, where the groom is employed.

Red Bluff Daily News, 30 Dec 1908

Glen L. Allen, formerly principal of the Red Bluff Union High School, now located at Fowler, will be married this evening in the Episcopal church at San Jose to Miss Emma Blanchard.

Red Bluff News, 27 May 1910

John Thomas Vaughan and Alice Cora Bland, both of Trinity county, secured a license yesterday and were united in marriage by Judge Ellison.

Red Bluff News, 01 Sep 1911

A Young Man of Willows Takes Bride Back East
Floyd G Blaine, a barber of Willows, and Miss Mollie E. Williams, daughter of Mrs. ME McDonald, of Lowrey, were married in the parlors of the Imperial Hotel Monday evening at 7:30 o'clock. The ceremony was performed by Rev. AB Murphy. The bride and groom left this morning for a tour of the coast and will be at home on December 1 in Buffalo, New York.

Sacramento Union, 03 Aug, 1913

In Red Bluff (Tehama Co.), August [note: may mean July] 27, 1913, by Justice of the Peace Lennon, William H. Merritt and Miss Hazel Ohnarp, both of Corning, Tehama county.

Sacramento Union, 06 Aug, 1913

In Red Bluff (Tehama Co.), August 3, 1913, by the Rev. Ellis Purlee, Louvill Whitten of Idaho and Miss Beatrix Page of Red Bluff.

Red Bluff News, 16 Jan 1914

Nathan Leo Russel and Miss Gladys Evelyn Leightner were married yesterday at the Methodist parsonage by the Rev. NE Gibbs. The mother of the bride was a witness to the ceremony. The bride is a popular young Red Bluff girl and is well known in this city. The groom is a resident of Yreka. The couple will spend a short honeymoon in this city and will leave in a day or two for Yreka where they will make their future home.

Sacramento Union, 12 Mar 1916

In Corning (Tehama Co.), March 9, 1916, by the Rev. T.J. Berkle, William John Eckert and Miss Sadie Dow, both of Corning, Tehama county.

Red Bluff Daily News, 01 May, 1917

Trinity Couple Married Here - A couple from Trinity county were married by Judge Lennon Monday afternoon in his office at the city hall. They were Robert L. Cathay, aged 39, and Mrs. Emma Williams, aged 40. They were both natives of California and residents of Trinity Center. They left this city in the afternoon on the dunsmuir local going as far as Redding. From there they will go to their home at Trinity Center.

Red Bluff Daily News, 16 May, 1917

Miss Lois Winter, daughter of County Assessor Louis Winter, was quietly married in Willows Monday evening to Grover A Youngs, a prominent mining man of Weaverville Trinity county. The newly weds immediately left for a honeymoon trip by auto to Los Angeles and on their return will make their home in Trinity county where Mr. Youngs is engaged in mining.

Sacramento Union, 01 Jan, 1920

In Red Bluff, Tehama Co., December 29, 1919, by the Rev. Edward M. Sharp, O.M. Holthe and Miss Adelaide Giffen, both of Corning, Tehama County.

Sacramento Union, 01 Jan, 1920

In Red Bluff, Tehama Co., December 29, 1919, Judge J.F. Ellison, John Tucker and Miss Alberta Hickman, both of Oroville, Butte county.

Sacramento Union, 07 Jan, 1920

In Red Bluff, Tehama Co., January 5, 1920, by Justice of the Peace E.F. Lennon, Colin McDonald of Red Bluff and Miss Eva Guill of Cottonwood, Shasta county.

Sacramento Union, 07 Jan, 1920

Tehama-Butte Line Scene of Wedding - Special to the Union. Chico, Butte Co., Jan 6 - Miss Thelma Fitzpatrick, Chico normal graduate, was married New Year's eve on the Butte and Tehama county line to A.V. Knight, well known Chico contractor. Knight secured his license in Red Bluff and came to Chico to have the marriage performed, and was informed by Rev. W.J. Lee that the ceremony would have to take place in Tehama county. So they journed back to the line. Rev. Lee stood in front of the automobile bumper and performed the ceremony just as the new year came into its own. The marriage remained a secret until today. Knight is a brother of Mrs. Ethel Hann and Mrs. Edith Hann of Chico. The bride will complete her teaching contract with the Vina school, which ends January 31, and will then reside here with her husband.

Red Bluff Daily News, 26 Nov 1920

Miss Dorothy Boone, daughter of Dr. and Mrs. NI Boone, and one of the best known and most popular young ladies of this community, was quietly united in marriage yesterday to Edward P. Waltz. The ceremony took place in Orland and was performed by the Presbyterian minister of that city. No one from Red Bluff was present, as the couple stole away without notifying their friends. From Orland the couple proceeded to San Francisco for a short visit and will then go to their future home near Merced, where Mr. Waltz is a properous farmer.