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Tehama County - In the NEWS!

  • 1899 - March 4th; Corning Observer
    Jas. W. Walker, of Kirkwood, has been appointed a Notary Public by the Governor. Since the death of Mr. Ernestine, Kirkwood has been without a Notary Public.
  • 1899 - January 21st; Corning Observer
    A deed was filed with the Recorder Monday transferring an undivided half interest in the Fashion Stable property in Red Bluff to the wife of H. C. Swain for the consideration of $6,000. The stable is conducted by B. S. Gupton, formerly of Corning.
  • 1898 - September 24th; Corning Observer
    County Clerk W. A. Fish has for some time been studying the law, and on September 8th was admitted to practice in any superior Court in the State. Very few people were aware of Mr. Fish's aspirations to be admitted to the bar, until after he received his "sheep-skin". Most of his knowledge of law was gained by study at home and practical work as clerk of the Superior Court of this county.
  • 1898 - August 20th; Corning Observer
    Forest Fire Near Paskenta

    A forest fire has been raging in the mountains near Paskenta this week. Wednesday evening the flames covered a large area and presented a beautiful sight. The smoke rolled up in large clouds and drifted off to the north. It is said that the fire made enough light to enable a person to read a newspaper after night in Paskenta..
  • 1897 - January 16th; Corning Observer
    Tom Raglin and young Hewitt, the youthful horse thieves of Paskenta, were held on that charge in the Superior Court last Saturday. The animal they stole was the property of J.G. Botkin, and was taken from Peterson's pasture by hewitt, who told Raglin he had borrowed the animal. It is thought, however, that Raglin knews the animal was tolen. In addition to the above chargem Raglin has one of felony embezzlement and burglary against him, having stolen a mule from a man named Sayre, near Paskenta, stealing a saddle and breaking into a barn near Corning, these last three have not as yet been placed against him, but enough evidence is at hand to warrant doing so. Raglin is well known here, having been raised in the County, but Hewitt comes from Shasta County. The preliminary examination was held at Paskenta Saturday, District Attorney Andrews and Court Reporter Grinnel attending. The bonds in each case were fixed at $500, in default of which the young men were brought to Red bluff and locked in jail to wait trial. On Thursday they were brought before Judge Ellison, and sentenced to one year each in Folsom Prison.
  • 1889 - December 31st; Corning Observer
    Kirkwood Irrigation Ditch

    The ditch is now almost a fact. The movers in the matter have pushed things ahead and the petition has been presented to the Board of Supervisors and acted upon. We understand that parties are ready to take the bonds, and more than likely the lands south of us will have irrigation water before the fall sets in. The getters up of the Kirkland Irrigation Ditch deserve much praise for their activity and perseverance, Mr. O.E. Moore, T.C. Dennis, N. K. Spect, F. Houghton, and Geo. Flournoy, with their lawyer, Gen. Chipman, certainly have done well. When the water ets on the land there will be a big boom in land at Kirkwood and Corning.
  • 1889 - June 29th; Corning Observer
    Crawford Christian purchased the interest of C. H. Howell in the "Wigwam" saloon, thereby becoming sole proprietor.
  • 1889 - March 2nd; Corning Observer
    Corning Alfalfa Field
    Mr. H. N. Van Winkle has returned to town, after having put in a four hundred field of alfalfa for Mr. F. Finnell. this land adjoins his other alfalfa fields west side of railroad, and the large two hundred and fourty field of alfalfa belonging to Hong. H. C. Wilson.

    Fruit Planting
    Mr. H. Bonham hauled from the depot Saturday 12,000 grape cuttings which he is planting this season. Indeed, many of the farmers near Corning are planting vines. It is wonderful to think how this fine fruit land has been so long undeveloped. But "better latge than never."
  • 1889 - January 5th; Corning Observer
    Tehama, Thursday, January 5th: The A.O.U.W dance on the evening of December 31 was a grand success both socially and financially, members being from Corning, Vina, Red Bluff and chico. The supper was excellent and the music, consisting of W. J. Hannon, W. Clark, H. M. Boyd and a figure head from abroad, was fine, the young men are improving very much in their playing