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Harris Ranch

Edward Harris Ranch

This photo is of the Edward Harris ranch. This 80 acre property was a remnant of the 1200 acre ranch owned by Edward's father, Suel Harris. The Suel Harris homestead was about 1/4mile south of this house. Judging from the car, I'd guess that it is no later than about 1920 or so. The location is on South Township road (west side of), just south of Best Road, on the exact spot where the big Calpine power plant is now. There is a barn at the left. Both the house and barn were still there in the late 60s but there were no trees by then and the house was abandoned. It was right about then--probably 1968 or so--that the house was demolished. The barn remained until about 1985 when the power company (originally Greenleaf Power Company) bought the property. Calpine has since bought it and expanded the power plant dramatically. As you look at this photo, it is as if you were standing near Township road looking in a north-west direction. The Sutter Buttes would be visible in the distance (about 7 miles, or so), about straight behind the car, from this aspect. Either the Buttes are obscured by atmosphere, or are behind the house, or perhaps just off the frame to the right.

Courtesy of Kevin Putman

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