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Number Surname Message Contact Date Posted
99-33 Holman I am looking for any information regarding this family, William Dudley Holman, married Jane ? and had several known children:
  • Jessie Holman married a man named Hines
  • Harley Holman born in Crockett, CA
  • Margaret Holman married a man named Davis
  • Cora Holman married a man named Morley
  • Beth Holman married a man named Davis
  • Albert Holman lived in San Jose, Santa Clara Co, CA on 14th Street.
  • May Holman married a man named Walters and lived in San Jose, Santa Clara Co, CA on 14th street.
  • Roy Holman born 3 April 1890 in Cottonwood, Shasta Co, CA and died 4 Feb 1954 in Oakland, Alameda Co, CA.
    Roy married and had one son, Roy Albert Holman moved to Florida as an adult and was a pilot. Roy then married Ina Claire Walter 29 January 1923 in Salinas, CA and had 4 children:
    • Dudley Roy Holman living
    • Dewey Charles Holman
    • Jane Ella Holman living
    • Wilbur Jay Holman living
Subscriber 12/08/99
99-32 Breeden, Hurlburt I am seeking information on the Isaiah & Temperance Hurlburt family that lived in Shasta County in the last half of the 1800's in the Pittville area. In addition they lived at times in Lassen and Butte counties. I am seeking genealogical information as well as personal information about them and their children. I am related through son, John Breeden Hurlburt. His mother was Isaiah's first wife, Rebecca Breeden. Daniel 11/26/99
99-31 Evinger, Heryford, Mack, Snyder I need information on Charles J. "Jake" Evinger and family. He was born June 16, 1857 in Illinois to William Harris Evinger and Amanda Charlotte Evinger (nee Mack). He was married but I don't know his wife or children's names. I've been told his cabin burned down with him in it and I know his date of death is May 25, 1934. He died in Shasta County.

Also looking for his cousin, Stella M. Evinger, daughter of Alfred Evinger and Elizabeth F. Evinger (nee Snyder). She was born in Illinois in 1868/69 and married William Heryford Oct. 2, 1884 in Auburn, Placer County.
Submitter 11/09/99
99-30 Gover, Marlow, Parham, Sadler, Wolf I am looking for any family information on Anderson pioneers, Daniel and Frances Parham. He was born 1811 in Ky. and died March 12, 1887. She was born abt. 1812 in Tenn. or Ky and died July 15, 1884. They are buried in the Anderson Pioneer cemetery on Barney St. beside their son, Joseph, and granddaughter, Sarah Marlow.

They arrived in Anderson area about 1866 from Missouri with 3 daughters, their spouses and children, and Joseph. Their daughters were:
  • Ann C. Gover -m- Charles F. Gover
  • Emily J. -m- James R. Marlow
  • Amelia L. -m- Samuel W. Wolf
    later married a Sadler
I am extremely interested in information, as I would like to establish an ancestor file with the Anderson Historical Society. Thanks.
Carole 11/08/99
99-29 Arnett, West, Wood Would love any information on Rockwell Joseph Wood. He was born in NY. but no date or Co. He and wife, Caroline West Wood, came on wagon train with 2 sons, Oscar and Rockwell Joseph. We think his wife died on wagon trail. We believe they arrived in late 1850's, in Shasta Co. Oscar was married to a Ida or Effie. Rockwell Joseph #2 married, Amanda Arnett in Shasta Co., she was born in 1867, in NY. Later he and wife moved to Wash. state. He is my Grandfather, so I know about him. We would like to know about his father and brother, Oscar. We believe they are buried in Old Sisson Cemetery, now Shasta City. They were also around the Mt. Diablo Area and had a lumbermill at one time in what was called Rainbow City. We have not been able to locate that place. Any help would be appreciated. Eric 10/26/99
99-28 Young I am looking for a Clarence Boyd Young birth year, 1919, or his mother, Julia C Young, birth 1886. Thank you. Judy 10/20/99
99-27 Reynolds, Steele I am looking for Robert Reynolds b.late 1920's/early 1930's. His last known area of residence is Redding, California. He married Carolyn Steele in the early 1950's. Any information on him would be an asset. He is my grandfather that I have never met. Ratricia 10/20/99
99-26 Wright Seeking descendants of James Dow Wright who died 1933 in Shasta Co.; his son James Acord Wright died 1937 in Shasta Co. They had cousins in Tehama County and Siskiyou Co. before 1900. James Dow's father was John Elliott Wright who was born 1841 in Tennessee, son of Griffin and Malinda Ballentine Chapman Wright. Trying to connect descendants of John E.'s siblings.Thanks for any leads. Anita 10/16/99
99-25 Anderson, Klumann, Moore Seeking information on Anderson family of Shasta County. Thomas and Elvira Anderson were living in Anderson in the 1880-early 1900s. Daughter Loretta married Otho A. Moore. Other children were Frank (married Annie Klumann), Bertha and Albert Anderson. I believe Thomas and daughter, Bertha, are buried in Cloverdale Cemetery. Jacqui 10/04/99
99-24 Chapman, Redding Seeking information re: Allen Redding and wife, Mary I. (Champman) Redding, who were both from Van Buren Co., Mich. Married there in 1858. Moved to Shasta County about 1860s-1870s. Mr. Redding was at one time in the oil business. He was retired and living in San Francisco as late as 1921. Any information would be greatly appreciated. Philip 09/05/99
99-23 Pearl I am searching for information on my father's cousin, George L. Pearl, who came to California in the late 20's or early 30's. He was a resident of Redding and per the picture I have was at one time a candidate for County Surveyor. He was born around 1902 or 03 in Kansas and I believe he died before 1971 but am unable to find him in the CADI or SSDI. I am interested in locating any descendants and would like to find the date and location of death. Sylvia 08/28/99
99-22 Vaugn Andrew Jackson Vaughan was born in Delhi Twp., Hamilton Co., OH in/before 1835 to George Vaughan. In 1880, and possibly as early as 1858, he was supposed to be living in California. An Andrew Vaughan is listed in Shasta Co., CA in the 1870 census index. Is there anyone that would be willing to do a lookup to see if this might be my Andrew Vaughan? Thanks. Jeffrey 08/22/99
99-21 Louisgnont, Parker, Signett I am searching for information on my great uncles and their families that were living in Redding, CA in mid 1900's:
  • George Black Lousignont born 1883 in Oregon and is buried in Redding. I do not know what year he died. Uncle George (Jack) married a woman by the name of Edna.
  • Fred (Ted) Percy Louisgnont born 1894 in Oregon died January of 1983 and is buried in Redding. He married a woman by the name of Letty and had a child by the name of Donna.
My uncles were the sons of Joseph Anderson Lousignont and Hattie Ann Parker and they had 12 children. Some of the children changed their surname from Louisgnont to Signett and were living in the Redding area. Any information regardingmy families would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!!
Dotty 08/13/99
99-58 Sears I am researching George C. Sears who owned a store and saloon in the 1870-80's at Slate Creek hotel and stage station (later called La Moine) 4 miles north of Dog Creek. RBisso 08/13/99
99-20 Hatler, Mott

Where was the nearest Veteran's Hospital to Shasta Co. in the 1920s? William Henry Mott, b. 1841-1847 (depending on to whom he was fibbing about his age) was a Civil War vet who died in a VA home or hospital. He is thought to still be alive during WW1 but we don't know what became of him. One granddaughter thinks he died somewhere in Soouthern CA. and another remembers something about a Veterans home. Is there a 1890 Union Veterans Census available for Shasta Co.?

Also, we are looking for the date and place of the divorce of William Henry Edward Mott and his wife, Nancy M. Hatler, who separated in about 1890. The had lived in Shasta Co. and had several children there:

  • Philip H.
  • Addie A.
  • Electa A.
  • Clarence E.
  • Georgie (f.)
  • Margaret E.
Carole 08/13/99
99-19 Hayles Is there anyone who could tell me if there is a family history society in Redding, or records that one can research for births in that city in 1885? I would be happy to pay someone or trade for some research of ancestors in the Family Records Centre in London England. The name I need to research is Charles Edward Hayles born 1885 Redding California. Thanks. Pat 08/13/99
99-18 Bydalek I am interested in any information about the following Bydalek's in the Shasta county area. Hubert Bydalek (1917-1987) from Central Valley. Bydalek's last known to be living in 1998 - Earl Bydalek, Redding, and Mark Bydalek, Redding. I am looking for anything that will help trace my mothers family name back to Illinois and Poland. Will gladly share what I know. Maynard 07/23/99
99-17 Decker, St. John

I am researching the St. John family and the Decker family. It is my understanding from an obituary that the St. John's were relatives of my great great uncle, John Decker, and his brother James b. 1836 d. 1911 reputed to be the largest man in northern California. Any information would be a great help.

My webpage has family tree in progress at

Eeliag 05/31/99
99-16 Dalton, Farrell, Goodbard/Godbrod, Hill, Taylor

I am trying to locate John and Rebecca Dalton. Rebecca buried in Millville Cemetery 1883, but cannot locate John. Came to CA 1849-1850 from Ohio.

Daughter, Margaret Jane, married:

  1. app 1850 - Taylor
  2. 1855 - Goodbard or Godbrod
  3. 1859 - Hill
  4. 1873 - Farrell
Any help would be appreciated.
99-15 Anspach I have found through the Bee index in Sacramento that Peter Anspach did die in Shasta Co. in 1867. Would anyone have info. on the cemetery he was buried in? How do I find out what caused his death? Were there any census' taken in CA. for possible draft purposes during 1860-65? Peter was in CA. by 1860. Yvonne 05/31/99
99-14 Kingsbury, Larson, Macilwaine, Parker I am looking for information on the Kingsbury family and Macilwaine family living in Shasta County in the 2nd half of the 1800's. Charles Kingsbury came from New York to California with his wife Agnes Parker sometime around 1860. The Kingsbury's. Annie Kingsbury, my great grandmother was born in Shasta or Trinity county in 1863. She married Matt Macilwaine in 1890. They had two daughters in the 90"s:
  • Agnes
  • Helen
They lived the majority of there lives in Trinity county. I think my grandmother, Helen, was born in Trinity. My dad, Charles Larson, was born in Redding in 1923, so I believe that there is a strong possibility Shasta County holds a key to my families history in California. Any help is appreciated. Thanks.
Don 05/11/99
99-13 Bruder, Carantan, Rimbault, Soulie I have recently learned some very exciting information from a wonderful researcher in Redding, concerning my family. I am looking for anyone who has information concerning these families, especially Victorine Soulie....who did she marry? These families were in Keswick in the early 1900's. Aime Rene Rimbault was killed by the Sheriff in 1908. Rechelle 04/17/99
99-12 Corliss, Crum, Rogers, Wright I'm researching William Miller Crum and his wife Cynthia Wright Crum. Cynthia was born in Shasta Co. May 4, 1866 died July 14, 1922. William was born Oct. 16,1854 in IN. He died Aug. 4, 1919. They were married in Shasta Co. on May 27, 1883. They are both buried at the Shasta Masonic Cem. in Shasta. They had several children:
  • Franklin S. b.Mar 16, 1884
  • Charles T. b.Sept 1885
  • Jesse M. b. Dec 1886
  • Wm. Corliss b. 1890
  • May A. b. Mar 23, 1893
  • Aubrey M. b. Feb. 1895
  • Rose b. 1897
  • Cynthia J. b. Jun 27, 1898
  • Willington C. b. Mar 1900
  • Vina b. 1903
  • Harvey b. 1905
  • Freta V. b. May 1 1906
  • Mabel B. b. 1909
  • Pearl b. 1912

Also researching Cynthia Crum's parents, Alva C. Wright and Florilla A. Corliss Wright. Alva was b. 1810 in NH. Florilla was b. 1834 in VT. They came to Shasta Co. July of 1863. They had 7 or 8 children.

Not sure when Alva died but Florilla m. William Rogers May 7, 1871. They had one daughter Violet J. b. Sept. 11, 1871. Florilla d. Sept 30, 1903. She is also buried at Shasta Masonic Cem. in Shasta. Thank you.

Cynthia 04/10/99
99-11 Hubbard Trying to find information on Andrew W. Hubbard, b 1829, shop keep in Anderson, CA around 1870. Son, James A. Hubbard b 1864 in California, State Assembly 1901. Have no information on death of either. I believe that Andrew is buried at the Happy Valley Cemetery in Anderson. Thank You. Evan 04/10/99
99-10 Halvorsen I am new to this list, and hope that there is some genealogical wizard who can help me. I am desperate to track down any information about a Christen Halvorsen (various spellings) who is last "seen" in the Great Register of Foreign-born Voters of 1872 in Shasta County. He is listed as a laborer living in Texas Springs. I can not find him in the 1880 federal census--has he died, or moved on once again? Any help, leads, or ideas will be greatly appreciated. Thank you. Kirsten 03/29/99
99-09 Christensen, Vicini I am researching a family of John Christensen and Anna Vicini. John and Anna moved from San Francisco between 1885 & 1890. They had a ranch in Shasta County, Redding-Cow Creek. This doesn't make any sense to me but may make sense to someone else! There was also a mine nearby. Do not know what the name is for this mine. They were there (Cow Creek) until 1901 maybe. Then they moved to Pengrove, for a short while. Would appreciate information about this area or any other information. I do not have a lot to go on. So any help would be great! Jean 03/15/99
99-08a Eades The Eades family lived in French Gulch in the early 1900's. George Washington Eades drove stage coach through to Trinity County. Any info appreciated. Jim 03/13/99
99-08 Accord, Helvener, Parks I am trying to locate my grandfather Isaac Parks. He was married to Julia Anne Heivener of the Mullen family in Redding. My father was Mead Everhart Parks born 12/30/1884; my aunt, Myra Mae Parks Accord born 5/9/188?; another brother was Phineas Parks who died in Adin (Modoc) county; also brothers Samuel and Earl Frederick Parks who is also buried in Adin.

I understand my grandfather was a teamster with Kit Carson at one time. My aunt was a seamstress and had something to do with the Del Monte Hotel. My grandparents separated and I think my grandfather is buried in Parksville, Shasta county, but I am unable to remember where this town is. I would appreciate any help.
Myra 02/05/99

updated email
99-07 Reynolds I am trying to find the parents of Amasa Reynolds b 1881-1947. He is buried in the Pine Grove Cemetery, MacArthur, CA. Any other information on the Reynolds Family in Shasta county would be appreciated. Rosemary 02/02/99
99-06 Hampton, Jones, Lemke, Smith I am searching for J.L.Jones, a violinmaker in Redding circa 1908, his wife (name unknown), his children:
  • Metta Elsie (my grandmother),
  • Bear
  • Kearny
  • Otis
and his grandchildren:
  • Rita Hampton
  • Mary Elizabeth Smith
  • Geraldine Jones
I believe that the grandchildren were living in Redding into the 1920s. Metta Elsie Jones was married to my grandfather, Karl A Lemke, a baker who at the time was affiliated with the City Bakery in Redding along with his brother, Walter.
John 02/02/99
99-05 Cummings Two Cummings brothers came to California from Iowa (I think) in 1853, (I think), and spent time mining with slight success in the Georgetown area of El Dorado County. They then split. One branch (mine) to Sonoma County and the other, first to Shasta and then Siskiyou County. A son founded the Cummings drugstorein Yreka. I am told this branch of the family ran to daughters, and the name died out but perhaps was married to Johnsons. Does anyone have references to Cummings in Shasta County? Earle 02/02/99
99-04 Butterway, Ludwig Anybody researching the Butterway or Ludwig families that were living in Cottonwood from about 1860 on can contact me to exchange information. Michael 02/02/99
99-03 McCallister Looking for information on the McCallister who are found on the 1860 census in Shasta Co, Eli and wife, Valina/Fatina. They married in Rock Co. WI and had childern:
  • Clara
  • Oscar
  • James
Thank you for the help!!!
Wilkend 01/17/99
99-02 Hooper I am looking for any information on a Mrs.T.S. or F.S. Hooper - she was residing in Bella Vista, Shasta Co. CA in November of 1917 when her sister, Rhoda Belle Day Ma Gill Peters, was murdered in Jamacha Valley, San Diego Co. CA. She would be my aunt. Kay 01/17/99
99-01 Hardwick, Jones, Kramer

I am looking for any information on David Jones who lived in Shasta County late 1800's to possibly the mid 1900's. He had a brother, George Alexander (G.W.) Jones who lived in Yolo County at around the same time period, who later moved to El Dorado Co in the early to mid 1900's.

One of his daughters was going with my grandfather, Clarence Congrave Hardwick, who later married my grandmother, Emma Irene Kramer, on November 1, 1906. Any information on these people would be of great help. Thank you.

Emma 01/09/99