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Queries - 2013

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Number Surname Message Contact Date
13-16 Burton I am searching for the grave of Martha Lou Burton. She was born on Dec. 1, 1947. She died Feb. 18, 1949. Thanks for your help. Audrey 11/15/13
13-15 Bailey, Long I am trying to locate the family of Richard D Bailey, son of Laura B. Long; he had a daughter, Norma J. Bailey (1940 -1960 Shasta Co. Redding CA). Laura was my Great Aunt. If i can find her granddaughters I hope to find an answer to who my great grandmother and Aunt Laura's real parents were. Brenda 09/15/13
13-14 Bosankom, Boscnko, Bosenko Looking for information on Henry Bosenko b. 1828, d 1883. Peolpe have his middle name as Grant and I wonder where this was found. Also multiple locations listed as native land:
  • Wisconsin 1867 registration to vote
  • Quebec 1880 census
  • naturization papers state Great Britian
There is a Thomas & Margaret Bosooaks in 1841 in Cornwall census with a Henry that is close to this age. Does anyone have access to Naturization paper as this may be most accurate for his native location.

Record shows:
Bosenko, Henry No. 90
Country of Birth: G. Britain
Date Naturalized: 28 Feb 1877
Court/Record Book: County

Also of interest is that grave stone has surname spelled BOSCNKO. Is very large stone so wonder why name is mispelled?
Fayth 09/15/13
13-13 Boyd, Reeves I am attempting to locate the death place and date of Alice Amanda Reeves Boyd, first wife of James M. Boyd in Ydalpom. Alice died approx. year range of 1895 - 1899. 1900 census stated James as widowed. Her children were born in California, James later married to Elizabeth in 1903 and died 1921 and was buried in Copper City cemetery. Elizabeth died approx. 1940 and was buried there also. William 09/07/13
13-12 Rook I am looking for the obituary or any other news articles about the death of Thomas Boyd Rook, born June 1965 died February 1984. Nothing I have found goes back to 1984 for archives. Karren 08/22/13
13-11 Thorn I find a California Death Index entry for Mildred Thorn, who died in Shasta Co, CA December 15, 1970. Her birth is given as April 4, 1885. I am attempting to connect her to Claude Thorn in Oakland, CA. Claude died in 1955 in Oakland. The next we see of Mildred is her death in Shasta Co. Any suggestions as to where to look? Thanks. Jake 06/30/13
13-10 Ellena, Tolosano, Vran I'm compiling my family's genealogy and I'm looking for any relatives with the surnames of or middle names (because sometimes the middle names given where mother's maiden names in some cases of Italian decendents) of 'TOLOSANO, ELLENA (spelled only w/2 L's for the surname) and VRAN (which may appear as a middle name or surname). The dates would be from the late 1800's - mid-1980's. Any news clippings, obituaries, cemetery listings and locations, property reports, census reports, would be much appreciated. The Tolosano's of Mt. Shasta, CA and McCloud, CA are my relatives. But some of the decendants in Italy have the surnames of Ellena and Vran, so that is why I've included these names in this query. Jeffrie 06/30/13
13-09 Harrison Gulch, Wallace Is there anything to see in Harrison Gulch? looking for information on my g grandfather, John Oliver Wallace, who owned a shoemaker shop there. He died in 1916.! Carolyn 05/02/13
13-08 Hawkins I found my grandmother (Rea O. Hawkins) in the 1940 census in Shasta County, Township #9. The census lists the "incorporated place" as Siskiyou County Line. The street is "Mill district east of highway". I'm trying to identify the location (nearest town?) and what records might be available to search or send for. Thanks much! Jon 05/02/13
13-07 CCC Camp Big Springs My father is listed as being at the CCC Camp Big Springs (F-17) at Glenburn. I understand the camp published a newsletter with my father's poetry. Does any institution now have copies of those CCC newsletters from Glenburn? Michael 05/02/13
13-06 Rook I am looking for a copy of the obituary and any other news articles or information on the death of Thomas Boyd Rook, 1965 - 1984 in Shasta County CA - buried in Whiskeytown Cemetery. Karren 04/11/13
13-05 Freet, Grush, Harris, Hoisington, Kingery, Sadler Requesting any information on John B. Grush (b 09/23/1827 PA, d 05/22/1906 IL) and James Grush (b. 1832 PA, d?), who arrived in Shasta County, CA., 08/22/1852 by wagon train and worked as miners; John returned to Illinois in 1860; James history unknown. They traveled with a party of men from Pine Creek County in Illinois (near Polo, IL) and are mentioned in letters and diary of Solomon Kingery (b 1831 PA, d Jul-9-1855 CA, buried Shasta Union Cemety). Kingery may have operated a store in the area.

Other names of emigrants arriving with that wagon train are: Mr. and Mrs. Freet and child, Harris, Sadler (or Saddler), and Hoisington. The Grushes may have been mentioned in one of the narratives by Joaquin Miller (unconfirmed). John may have returned by ship around the horn (unconfirmed).
Byron 04/11/13
13-04 Riley Am interested in the obituary of Everett Riley who d. June 26, 1940 at Shasta Co. CA. Thank you so very much. Dorothy 01/27/13
13-03 Morrison Hunter Morrison b 1841 in St Thomas Virgin Islands d April 1879 in Centerville, Shasta County (according to Dobson's Scots in the West) and is buried in the Union Cemetery. Is there any info available regarding cause of death? Edward 01/27/13
13-02 Graham, Johnson, Vass I am writing to you from London England in the hope that you can help me to obtain more information on James Arthur Vass b. Illinois 27 Oct 1941 and d. 21 Mar 2002. His last reported address was 96002 Redding, Shasta California. James was a MM3 in the US Navy. I believe he was married to a Barbara Graham (or Barbara Johnson). If I am tracking the correct person James would have been my 2nd cousin. Bill 01/27/13
13-01 Pope Alonzo Pope died in Redding at the home of his daughter December 13, 1955. I would like to have his obituary. Thank you so much for your time Sally 01/23/13