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Number Surname Message Contact Date Posted
06-23 Holman, Holsman I am interested in finding out more about my ancestors, David Holman and Simonota (an Indian). According to my genealogy research they are my Great, Great Grandparents. They were married on Nov 17, 1859 in Shasta County, I've been searching for Simonota for years, I only recently learned her real Indian name. She also went by first name of Symatee or Symotee and Mattie. (After many years of research I hope that I'm now on the right track as Simonota attempted to hide the fact that she was Indian throughout her life.) They are listed in the 1860 census as Holsman, I also have some birth certificates and death certificates of their ancestors. Any help appreciated. Scott 12/17/06
06-22 Fischer, Friebel Looking for death, burial information for Paul H. Friebel (died April 1892 Shasta Co, town unknown but possibly Middle Creek) and for Anna E. (Fischer) Friebel, Paul's wife. I would like to visit Shasta Co. but do not know anything about the local cemetaries. They both died prior to 1905. The state has no death records on either of them. Thank you. Laurie 11/20/06
06-21 Jamieson Looking for any info on my father, Horace Wilber Jamieson born in 1917 in Michigan and died in 1992 in Redding, California. While in Michigan he worked for Diamond Crystal Salt Co. and divorced my mother, Evelyn Leatha Jamieson, in 1950. I would be thankful for any info. Don 11/11/06
06-20 Gregory, Mayhew, Meagher The 1870 census listed Nicholas Meagher, age 14, as adopted son of Leroy Gregory living in the Stillwater area in Shasta County. Marriage records show Nicholas married Emma E. Mayhew 6-16-1882. I am the great grand daughter of Leroy Gregory would appreciate hearing from anyone who has information on this family. Thank you. Blanche 11/11/06
06-19 Bicking, Bruning, Hooper, Rodgers Looking for desc of Jacob Bicking born 1818 Hesse (Germany), d. 2 Oct 1868 Shasta County, California; wife Saloma/Sarah born 7 Jun 1828 France/Alsace, d. 11 Aug 1896 Shasta County, California married, 2nd 1874 Henry Bruning. Son, George Bicking born 1858 Shasta County, California, d. 18 Feb 1926 Shasta County, California married to Violet Rodgers. Children:
  • Elmer b. 1893 married 1914 to Ruth Hooper
  • Julia b. 1895 married 1914 to Edward Plumb Rodgers b. 1897
  • Elred b. 1898
Mabry 10/19/06
06-18 Cozo, Smith, Southard I would like to get some information about Mary Elizabeth Smith and Grover Cleveland Southard. My father, Alvin Lee Cozo, told me that his mother married an Indian whose name is Grover Cleveland Southard. And they both died on June 7 or 8, 1987. I heard from my dad, that his mom had two sons, Alvin Lee Cozo and Larry Ray Cozo. My grandmother has a daughter who is not part of the family and I also would like information on her whereabouts; her name is Addie Mae Southard or Smith. Last time I heard was that she lived in Cottonwood California. She is my aunt and I would like information about her. Thank you. Marie 09/13/06
06-17 Deay, Swanson, Tenneson I am searching for the grandparents of my two granddaughters. Their father never knew his family, and it is believed that their father's 'aunt' is Shirley. Therefore, since not knowing the family, I need to locate Shirley's brothers and sisters. Shirley's father is a George Earl Tenneson who lived in Shasta County and also died there, I believe. Shirley married (1st) Emery Deay (spelling is correct) in 1956. She married (2nd) a Larry Swanson. Shirley Deay Swanson has told my granddaughter's father that she was his 'aunt.' Thank you. Joyce 09/13/06
06-16 Hufford, Mills I would appreciate any information on a Clara Hufford Mills. I know she had two sons when she passed away, Joseph A. Mills and Carol H. Mills. She lived on Sacramento St. in Redding. She died in 1968 and was 89 yearsof age. Submitter 08/30/06
06-15 Crosswhite, Curtis, Hardiman, McConnell I am researching the family of John N. Curtis (1833-1902) and Elizabeth G. Curtis (1840-?). Theire ldest child was Charles R. Curtis, born in Pennsylvania in January, 1862 and died between 1920 & 1930 in Norwalk, Los Angeles Co., CA. He married Lydia E. McConnell in Kansas and moved to California prior to the birth of their first child, Frank L. Curtis on March 3, 1893. Lydia died in San Joaquin Co., CA, on 20 Apr 1945

I believe, from the SSDI, that Charles and Lydia's fifth child, Harry E. Curtis, died in Redding, Shasta Co., CA, on 22 December 2002.

Charles and Lydia's children are:
  • Frank L. died in Calaveras Co., CA, on 23 Aug 1945
  • Ida M. married a Hardiman and died in Los Angeles on 27 Dec 1972.
  • Minnie E. Nellie Adeline married a Crosswhite and died in San Bernardino Co., CA, on 20 Jun 1980
  • Harry E. Charles Andrew died in Los Angeles on 8 Jan 1996.
I would appreciate any information regarding the Curtis family in California. I am compiling information on this family to support my cousin, James Lee Curtis, who is looking for potential family members. He has little information about his grandfather's family as his grandfather was estranged from his parents at an early age.

I sent this message to Pamela L. Curtis-Goring from the surname list, but her email address is now invalid. Regards.
Tom 08/23/06
06-14 Anderson, Randles I would appreciate any information on the Anderson family of Stillwater. Edward Thomas Anderson married Mathilda Randles in Shasta County in 1876. They had a daughter, Mary A., born 1878.

Would like to know about Edward Thomas and his parents and siblings. He may have gone by the name Thomas. He was born 1856 in California. Parents Elias and Elizabeth Amderson. Siblings Flemming, William, George.
Jenny 07/09/06
06-13 Auberry, Aubrey, Awberry, Awbrey, Thorp I am looking for information on William Aubrey and Frances Thorp. Following is the information that I have:
  • William Aubrey was born 18 Apr 1828 in St. Charles Co., MO, and died 17 May 1896 in Gas Point, Shasta Co., CA.
  • He married Frances Thorp 27 Feb 1851 in Linn Co., MO. (She was born 09 Oct 1834 in Louisville, KY, and died 26 Dec 1919 in Anderson, CA.)
  • Children are:
    • Sarah Ann b.09 Sep 1852, MO
    • Mary Ann b.09 Sep 1852, MO
    • Martha Jane b. 12 Jul 1855, MO
    • William Saunders b. 09 Oct 1857, Jackson Co., MO;
      d. 11 Mar 1934, Anderson, Shasta Co.,CA.
    • Josephine Frances b. 02 Jul 1859, MO
    • Eliza Bell b.04 Jul 1862, MO
    • John Henry b.10 Jan 1865, MO
    • Addie Bertha b. 23 Aug 1868, MT
    • James Thomas b. 02 May 1870, MT
    • Gurden Campbell b. 07 Apr 1872, MT
Thank you
Linda 06/11/06
06-12 Leonard, Trewartha I noticed someone was looking for the Trewartha family back on this list in 2004. My grandmother, Cora Leonard, was married to Joseph Trewartha whose uncle(?) owned the drugstore in Kennett. They were married in Kennet where her father, Lewis Leonard, had a plumbing business. Joe died within a very few years. I think Joe is buried in Sonora. I'd like to know what ever happened to a Leonard daughter named Ella. Apparently, after the mine closed, the economy was not good and my Great Grandfather sold his homestead and moved to Oakland, where he too soon passed away. I tried to email the person inquiring about the Trewartha family, but the mail is returned. Kindest Regards. Sharon 05/25/06
06-11 Williams I am researching the surname Williams. I am looking for a George Williams who had family in the Anderson area around 1937. I am told his family may have had a dairy in the area. Thanks. Amanda 05/14/06
06-10 Gardner, Reaves I am looking for information on Harley L. Gardner who was born 14 Dec 1938 (Santa Clara County, Calif); died - 17 April 1998; last residence - Anderson, Shasta County, Calif. He was the son of Merle Bruella Gardner and Ann Beulah Reaves. Any information to said person(s) would be appreciated. Bonnie 05/14/06
06-09 Tuttle

Hope someone can help track information on French Tuttle. He was a miner in Horsetown, 1850; founded Tuttle Gulch and Tuttle Gulch Cemetery off Lower Gas Point Rd., Cottonwood, CA.

The 1860 Census shows French, Rebecca and family still in Horsetown. Shasta Courier article from 1863 refers to French and his lovely lady running the Gas Point Hotel. Rebecca was in Santa Cruz in 1870. Can't find what happened to French, can anyone help? Thank You!

Barbara 04/25/06
06-08 Maxwell Seeking any information on Loretta June Maxwell, said to have worked at the Barkhurst Truck Service in Redding in the early 1950's. She was born in 1931 and has been missing since 1953. Thank you. Silvia 04/22/06
06-07 McIntyre, Taffie, Veelle Seeking info on James and Josephine McIntyre Taffie. Married and lived in Alturas, Modoc, CA. Josephine divorced in abt. 1954 and moved to Shasta County. Any information appreciated. I have sib's born in Shasta county in 1957, 1959, 1962 and 1969. Thank you. Pam 04/17/06
06-06 Kidd, Moss Looking for information on Bernard Moss, Donald Kidd, or William Kidd who lived in Cottonwood, CA. around 1920. Anything will help. Thank you. Vicky 03/17/06
06-05 Wages I am looking for burial place for James Frank Wages b. 15 Feb 1881 AR and d. Jul 1972 Redding, ShastaCo. Any help greatly appreciated. Patsy 03/17/06
06-04 Long, Martin Looking for Laura Long and Fannie Long of Redding Cal. who were sisters to Mary Jane Martin of Dent County, MO. in the late 1890. Brenda 03/10/06
06-03 Baxter, Cooke, Gregory Holman, Myer, Wilder I am seeking any information on Dudley Raymond Wilder, born in Redding, CA on Dec 24 1916. His parents were Oscar Lee Wilder & Caro Latricia (Gregory) Wilder. After Oscar's death, Caro remarried to Francis Valentine Myer and they lived in Vallejo, CA. until her death on Nov 5, 1951.

Dudley had lived in the San Diego, Los Angeles, Fresno, Vallejo & San Francisco Bay Areas. He was a Staff Sergeant USMC 1943. He was related to the wife of San Diego Padres Coach, Lester Cooke (Late 1940's or early 1950's), Blanch Gregory-Holman-Cooke. Dudley was a Commercial Artist in California in the 1930's to 1950's. He had a son by his first wife (Name unknown) in or about 1937. The son's name is possibly "Gregory" Wilder Baxter, a possible grandson, Steven Baxter. Please help me. He was my father by his 3rd wife. If you have any information, please contact me. Thank You.
Ray 02/22/06
06-02 Robison I am need obituary informationon the following two people. The information I have is:
  1. Edith Pearl "Pearl' Robison,
    d. 24 Aug 1972, Redding, Shasta Co, CA
  2. Larry Dean Robison,
    d. 02 Aug 1982, in a diving accident
Pearl is the mother of Larry and they were residents of Redding. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.
Sue 01/22/06
06-01 Jacobus, Snell I inherited some great letters from Nora to John Snell while they were in Shasta County and Galt. They date from the early 1900's. I would love to share them with their family. Let me know. I am the great grandaughter of Floyd Jacobus who was Leila's second husband. MichelleJorgenson 01/18/06