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Queries - Archive (2005)

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Number Surname Message Contact Date Posted
05-17 Prehm I'm researching the Frederick and Bertha Prehm family who had a son, Martin Frederick Prehm, born in Redding in 1888. I would appreciate any information or contacts you might direct me to. I think I've exhausted all the sources I can find on Cyndi's list, USGen Web and the Shasta Genealogy page. Best regards. Marilyn 10/17/05
05-16 Hirst

Researching Rolandus P. Hirst, a gold miner, known to have been located in French Gulch 1854-58. He may have been in the CA. State Legislature in 1858 and later worked in Oregon for the railroad in Northern California.


  • A son, Harry Herbert. Hirst
  • a son Charles P. Hirst, Lt. in Vol. Army to the Philippine insurgency
  • A daughter, name unknown
Died before 1902 in Berkeley County - information to share.
Submitter 08/10/05
05-15 Critchley, MacCay, Ogden, Sutton I am looking for information about the families for Critchley/Ogden. Clara Critchley was placed in a Sacramento orphan home (I think it might be the Sisters of Mercy) after she arrived in San Francisco with Amilia and J.P. Sutton from Peru. I believe that Clara had a sister, Mrs. (Ann) John William MacCay, in the area and a brother, Thomas Critchley, that was sent to a ranch in Suisan. I believe that Clara married John W. Ogden on 14 Dec 1900 (in Shasta) and had her first daughter, Clara Isabell Ogden, on 1 May 1902 in Redding and a second daughter, Carmelita, a year or so later. I am seeking any information on:
  • Clara Critchley/Ogden
  • Thomas J. Critchley
  • Mrs. (Ann) John William MacCay
  • Clara Isabell Ogden
  • Carmelita Ogden
Michelle 08/09/05
05-14 Corrick, Gregory, Sherman I am tracing my grandmother, Anna P. Sherman, born 9-20-1872 married Isaac Marion Gregory 11-27-1890 living in the Stillwater area Shasta County. Hester Corrick married George Gregory, his brother. Their father was Leroy Gregory. Family story goes that Hester and Anna's family moved from Paskenta, Tehama County, to Stillwater where then they married brothers. Any information will be appreciated. Blanche 08/01/05
05-13 Gregory, Houston, Stanford, Williams My ggrandmother was Malinda Caroline Williams Gregory who was married to Leroy Gregory b. 2-20-1861. Leroy Gregory's father, Jesse Gregory, was born 1785/88 in Conn. Died 1-9-1867 and was a farmer at Gregory Hill, Butternuts N.Y. My father was Austin Gregory, grandfather Isaac Marion Gregory was a brother to Frank Gregory. Would like to share information. Blanche 07/18/05
05-12 Hollenbeak I would like to connect with other researchers who are researching the Hollenbeak's of Shasta County. Benjamin, Melinda Hollenbeak and their 10 children. Artice 06/11/05
05-11 Batty/Battye

Looking for information on James Quentin Battye born New York 1857. Thought to have moved to California in the early 1860s, probably after his father was killed in the Civil War. There are links with Palm Springs and Shasta County. He became a mariner and married a Welsh girl in Swansea, Wales, UK in 1886. Raised 7 surviving sons there before dying of TB in 1915.

I am also looking for one Pat A. Wiggins who, in 1999, was also looking for this person (my great grandfather) on the website. We may have info to share but her email is out of date. If anyone knows of her please ask her to contact me. Thank you.

Submitter 06/08/05
05-10 Bowles Seeking any info on Columbus Bowles, who lived in the Shasta area, late 1800s to 1920s. He was a native of either Pike or Ralls County, MO. Submitter 05/11/05
05-09 Adams Freight Company Does anyone remember an Adams Freight Company that hauled freight from Redding to Lewiston to Weaverville in the 1900's, and would there be any way of getting a listing of the drivers? Midge 05/02/05
05-08 Prichard/Pritchard My father, Robert F. Prichard, had a half brother named John Elias Prichard. John was born in Whiskeytown on May 7, 1868 and died in Alameda County on September 19, 1943. I looked at the Shasta County 1870 Census, but the only name that came near to John's was Robert Pritchard (often the "t" is added or dropped in Prichard by mistake).

My father's and John's was Elias Prichard. Elias came to California from Wales to mine gold (he had been a coal miner back in Wales). He apparently married twice, had a child in Whiskeytown and later four children (including my father) in Sutter Creek, CA (where he managed a large gold mine). I am trying to find some information about John's birth and maybe the name of his mother. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
Robert 04/25/05
05-07 Wilber/Wilbor/Wilbur My ancestor, William Macy Wilber (also spelled Wilbur, Wilbor, etc.), died in Redding, Shasta County, CA on 3 Jan 1892. He supposedly was in the County Hospital of Redding, CA when he died and was buried in their burying ground on 4 Jan 1892. I already have his death certificate, but would like to locate this burial ground and find out if there was a tombstone or any record of his burial. Thanks for your help! Barbara 04/25/05
05-06 Long, Petty, Valentine My grandmother's name was Alice. Her birthday was 1/31 early 1900's. Census records show she was a foster child of William Long of Shasta County at the age of 18 months along with another sibling. They lived in Redding California. On my grandmothers death notice it says her mothers maiden name was Petty. I don't know if that means her birth mother or adopted mother. She died in Butte County (Oroville) in 1966. At the time of her death her name was Alice Valentine. If anyone knows of her birth parents names please help! Laura 04/25/05
05-05 Egger, Griffin Frederick Egger is listed in the 1900 census in Shasta County. He is listed as "head wood-chopper". Frederick was born in Switzerland, married Mary Ann Griffin in 1857 and had four children. Family lore confirms he was an adventurer being a furtrapper when he first arrived in America. Perhaps he was trapping in the NW before beaver hats were no longer popular. Any information about Frederick Egger would be appreciated. Janet 04/18/05
05-04 Yocum Looking for family of Arthur Albert Yocum died in Shasta, CA. on May 25th 1954. Thank you. Jim 03/01/05
05-03 Hall, Oak/Oakes, Shearer I am looking for a death certificate or entry for William J. Oaks/Oakes. He was born in Maine, 1833, and supposedly died August 26, 1901 in Millville, CA. I don't know if he is buried locally or not but I doubt it. The family left ME, came to CA (around 1880) then on to Colville, WA. He divorced his wife, Olive B. (Hall) Oaks/Oakes 1888 and remarried Clara Shearer of Montana. I believe his family had property in Shasta County and I'm wondering if there is a probate or will for him also.

The family possibly came to Shasta Co. around the 1880's as they were in Yuba Co. for the census. I did notice that there are other Hall people living in Shasta Co. but I don't know if they are related at this time. They would be if they are from Hatevil Hall, son of John Hall of Dover. Thanks very much.
Alisa 02/21/05
05-02 Downer, Heer I am looking for information concerning the Heer family. I suspect that Lizzie J. Heer, who married John Joseph Downer in Shasta County on August 6, 1893, is a sister to my great great grandfather, Casper Heer. Casper was born on February 18, 1875 in Switzerland and died June 5, 1938 in Tehama County, California. I found him in the 1880 census in Shasta County listed as Jasper Herr, and a sister named, Elizabeth, born in 1877 was also listed. I found two Heer individuals buried in Millville. If anybody has information please contact me, and I would be willing to exchange information. Shirley 01/21/05
05-01 Ricot I'm looking for any information on the man Ricot who is naturalized in Shasta County (of Naturalization records 1852-1932). My questions:
  • Who he is?
  • When he is naturalized?
  • From where did he come?
  • May be he is Jean-Marie Ricot
    (born in 1821 at Paris/France - d. 1863 San Francisco)
He had a son, Henry John Ricot, born 28.6.1854 in CA. If you are interested by my Ricot genealogy, please tell me it. Thank you very much for your help and excuse my (old) school English. I reside in France.
Daniel 01/08/05