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Queries - Archive (2002)

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Number Surname Message Contact Date Posted
02-39 Aldridge, Cretchlow, Donaldson Looking for any information on Lucinda Aldridge married to Robert Donaldson on Oct. 2, 1862 in Shasta Co. The youngest child born 1871 in Shingletown. The family lived in Millville to about 1876 when Robert returned to Missouri with their 5 children. Lucinda stayed in Shasta Co. In the 1880 census she is residing in Redding with a Jno. Cretchlow family, occupation nurse. Lucinda visited her youngest daughter about 1917 in Missouri later returning to California. Do not know when or where she died. Any information appreciated! Beth 12/29/02
02-38 Collins, McGeorge, Slaughter, Stahl Looking for all information on Ronald Treeman Stahl who helped build Shasta dam. Wife was Leona Stahl. Daughter (my mother), Mary Ellen Stahl. Lived next door to the Indian family Slaughters. Mom was a good friend of Francis Slaughter. Also looking for information on George Collins of Anderson CA. He was the dad of my sister, Mary Leona Collins. His brother was Cecil or Sessile Collins. George Collins died and my mother married Thomas McGeorge and had my brother Thomas Ronald McGeorge in San Diego 1959. Robert 12/29/02
02-37 Robinson Looking for the parents of Randall Robinson - they are believed to be married in Shasta Co. Any help appreciated. Eric 11/04/02
02-36 Geney, Quigley Looking for information on Florence Esther Quigley family. She was born 5-6-1873 in Missouri and died 7-5-1968 in Shasta. She was married at one time to Henry Ferdinand Geney of Siskiyou County. Any information would be appreciated. Thank you. Donna 10/24/02
02-35 Dean, Hufford Of the seven people buried at Texas Springs, five are Hufford's. We have been looking and wondered - where is the cemetary? Martha Elizabeth (Dean) Hufford was my Great-Great-Great Grandmother. Her son, John Wesley (Bob) Hufford, my Great-Great Grandfather, John George Hufford, my Great Grandfather. Thank you for your assistance. Sarah 10/08/02
02-34 Dais, Downing, Herron, Souza Fertado Souza b. 1839 Azores Island Portugal d. 1927. My name is Ben Herron, the son of Josephine Cecelia Dais who was the daughter of Amelia and Manuel Dais who lived in Anderson, Shasta Co. Calif. My mother has a sister living in Shasta City. Her name is Ellen Downing, the only surving sibling of ten children. Ben 09/25/02
02-33 Bewick, Doke, Hartslock, Heryford, Jones Herman A. Hartsock was b. 1850 in Whitley Co. IN. He married twice in Kosciusko Co. IN . His first wife, Martha Jones, died 1879 while two children were infants. Luzern Harrison Hartsock, b. 1873 (called Lewis in family records) mar CA 1909 to Artie Mae Heryford. They died in Shasta CA. What happened to his brother Addison Hartsock, b.c. 1876? (Adam in family records). Herman A. Hartsock and children by second wife, Nancy A. Doke, settled in Stanford, Santa Clara CA. Three known children including Anna Bewick who died in 1970. Herman Hartsock was listed as a school teacher in 1880. Love to hear from this family. Janet 09/25/02
02-32 Shipp, Snavely Where is Woraley? My great grandfather, Ephraim Snavely, died there in 1916. Does anyone know whether a hospital might have been located there at that time? His wife, Nora Shipp Snavely, lived in Redding. Does anyone know if the Kennett Undertaking Company is still in business, perhaps under another name? Thanks. Ed 09/18/02
02-31 Miller Does anyone know or know of a Lela G. Miller on Gas Point Road in Cottonwood CA? She has an entry on Gendex Com on my gt2 Grandfather & I am interested in her connection to the family. Thank you. Harmon 09/10/02
02-30 Buszdieker, Meineken We are looking for the Meineken Family Bible. The last person on the Meineken Ranch in Whitmore, Calif. was Benhardt Meineken who married Lena Buszdieker of Whitmore. He passed away and a few years later Lena passed away. We had been told that the family bible was either sold at a Church rummage sale or possibly sent to Germany. We would dearly love to have the Bible returned to where it rightfully belongs - with one of the few remaining Meinekens. Thanks for any help you can give. Marlene 08/26/02
02-29 Kluman, Meineken, Simonson I am looking for any information on a Peter Simonson who lived in Happy Valley in the late 1890's. He was married to Johanna Lizabeth Klumann in 1895. Her parents, Gerhard (aka George) and Johanna Klumann (Kluman), are buried in the Happy Valley Cemetary. They had 4 children one which was my husbands mother, Helen Johana Simonson Meineken. He died Feb. 19 1906 and may be buried in the Happy Valley cemetary as this is the area that they lived. Any aditional information would be appreciated. Thanks. Marlene 08/26/02
02-28 Lavery I would like to know the year my great uncle, John D. Lavery, ran for sheriff in Shasta County, although, he did not win. He was a Mexican War soldier and a Civil War soldier. He died in 1900 and is buried in Redding. He probably ran prior to 1890. Thank you. Marilyn 08/18/02
02-27 Bush, Schroeder I am interested on any information on the surname Bush. Primarily, Chauncey Carroll Bush who resided in Redding in 1880's with his wife, Ida Mae Schroeder. Thank you for any help you can provide. Submitter 08/16/02
02-26 MacDonald, Malcomson, Smith Does anyone know if this Jeantte from the CADI had the maiden name of MacDonald? And buried in Burney cemetery?

Smith, Jeannette Eva b. 07/03/1898 - Texas d. 03/05/1988 - Shasta
Mother maiden name: Malcomson SSN: 569-20-9489 Age: 89 yrs Thanks.
Mac 08/04/02
02-25 Chandler, O'Neil Malvina (Melvina) Maddox O'Neil, born Horsetown, Shasta County, CA. I would like any information on her, I am hoping for her date of birth & parents information. Her daughter, Alma Cecilia Chandler, was born in Windsor, California in 1891, the man we think she married was supposedly born sometime after 1816. Submitter 08/04/02
02-24 Cotton, Cunningham, Eastwood, Grigsby, Hibbard, McCallister, Parker, Robinson Looking for death date of my GG Grandmother, Melissa Jane Eastwood. She lived in Buckeye, Shasta Co., Ca. from around 1880's to at least 1920, as she was last found in the 1920 census living with her son, William Eastwood & his wife Addie in Buckeye. May have been born in Georgia, married Alexander or also known as John Grigsby in Texas, had 2 daughters born there, Sadie Grigsby Cunningham McCallister my G Grandmother, & Roena R Grigsby Robinson Cotton. 1st son, William Eastwood, born Mar 1871, 2nd son, George S. Eastwood, about 9 yrs later. 1880 census shows she was living in Buckeye with William Eastwood, 2 sons & the 2 daughters from Texas. May have been buried in Buckeye, now known as Newtown Cementary as my family, the Cunninghams, are all there, William V. Cunningham, Sadie Cunningham McCallister, William Cunningham, also Frank V. & Eva Parker Cunningham, Harold Cunningham, Frank Cunningham & Helen Cunningham Hibbard. Also would like the address of Newtown Cementary or the directions. Thank you. Sharon 08/04/02
02-23 Cunningham, Grigsby, Morris Looking for the family of William A Cunningham who died June 17, 1923 in accident on the job for the Castella Crag Lumber Co near Castella Ca. at age 36, had been on the job only 13 days. He is buried in Buckeye, CA. near his home. He left a wife, Grace Fannie Morris, & 2 childern.

Grace had family from Stockton Ca., her dad W. E. Morris & brother Ed Morris. William Cunningham was the brother of my grandfather, Frank V Cunningham, the others were Lula, George & Bertha Cunningham. His father would be William V. Cunningham from Ala & mother Sadie Grigsby Cunningham from Texas. Would like any information on the family. Thank you.
Sharon 08/04/02
02-22 Ditzenberger I am looking for information on the date and place of death of my grandfather, William Nelson Ditzenberger. Also, maybe the name of the cemetery where he is buried, if found. He was born in Boone County, Indiana on 4 Aug 1853. I have found a letter that states that he died in Anderson, Ca., between the years 1917 & 1919. I will greatly appreciate any information about him that anyone can find. I do not need any copies, only an e-mail with the information. Linda 07/27/02
02-21 Skare Am looking for a death record for John M. Skare in Redding, Shasta, CA. He was born 12 Sep 1871 in Odda, Hardanger. He may have died sometime between 1925-1955 in Redding. He owned an apple orchard or an orange grove in the area. If anyone frequents the Shasta County Courthouse and can check on this death record, I would appreciate it. John never married. I do not need any copies, only information and reference numbers. Thank you. Linda 07/16/02
02-20 Wirt I am seeking information on my husband's uncles, Gerald Hobart Wirt and William Ronald Wirt, who were born in Oregon but lived in Shasta County and died there. William died in 1989 and Gerald in 1990. Any information on them, their parents (my husband's grandfather) or their children would be appreciated. Thank you in advance. Marty 07/16/02
02-19 Short I am seeking information on my great grandparents William Benton Short (died 11/27/1980) and Amelia Mary Short (died 4/15/1989). Any information would be greatly appreciated. Robert 07/07/02
02-18 Field I am seeking information on Cyrus T. Field, who died in November 1962 in Shasta, CA. Need information off his death record as to wife and heirs. He is my husband's uncle that we lost track of many years ago. Thank you. Connie 06/12/02
02-17 Brown, Louie I am trying to find out the name of a man, either his first or last name was Louie. He was killed in a auto accident on the hill between Anderson and Cottonwood in Sept. or Oct. of around 1949 or 50. He was from San Jose. The person in the other car was Roy F. Brown, that owned the furniture store in Redding. I know this is not much to go on and any info would be greatly appreciated. Ginger 05/07/02
02-16 Gia, Maraglia Seeking connection for Ezio Gia -- farmed in Redding about 1920 nearby sister's Maraglia family. He lived earlier in "Kennet", a town near Redding, but I cannot locate this town on modern maps. Any help appreciated. Submitter 05/07/02
02-15 Butts, Saygrover, Shelton, Westrope I am trying to get information on John William Shelton who died Jan 3, 1934 in Redding, CA. He was married to Nancy Allen Westrope. Their children were:
  • Amanda Allen Shelton who m. Amburs J. Butts
  • Edna Elsie Shelton who m. William Frances Saygrover
  • Iva Izora Shelton
Gus 05/07/02
02-14 McNeal, Thomas My father was Micheal Sidney McNeal d. Sacramento 1977. My grandparents were Genniveve P. Thomas & Sidney G. McNeal (native american indians). Had 10 children "residents of Shasta County". Thank you for any possible help. Michelle 04/22/02
02-13 Leitritz, Pillow, Riddle, Smith Looking for possible Shasta County marriage record - My great aunt, Narcissus "Sis" or Florence Narcissa Pillow (maiden name) DOB: 8-9-1875 POB: Texas DOD: 9-15-1960 POD: Redding, CA married:
  • 1st husband - unk Smith (in Texas)
  • 2nd husband - unk Riddle (place unknown)
  • 3nd husband: Henry Gustav Leitritz (this is the main one I'm looking for).
    DOB: 7-12-1891 POB: Wisconsin DOD: 2-9-1958 POD: Shasta County, CA (age 66)
    No date, sorry. Marriage definitely after 1908 & before 1958 for the Leitritz marriage. Big time span, sorry. Place: Redding, CA?
Any help would be much appreciated. Thank you for your assistance!
Heather 04/05/02
02-12 Galbreaith, Luney, Magee Stephen B. Galbreaith and Matthew Goth Luney are relatives that lived in Shasta, California between 1825 and 1867. Stephen Galbreaith was killed in a hunting accident in Shasta November 6, 1865, His widow, Mary Jane Magee Galbreaith, married Matthew Goth Luney in 1867 and moved to Idaho. If you could point me in the right direction to find more information about these two gentlemen, I would appreciate it greatly. Rita 03/12/02
02-11 Moore I am trying to find information on a John W. Moore, born about 1853 in Linn Co., OR. He was living in Shasta Co. in 1901 according to his mother's obituary; and, specifically, in Redding, in 1915, according to his father's obituary. His name was listed on the Funeral Card of Thanks, as John W. Moore, Jr., so hew as probably John Washington Moore. Any clues on him would be appreciated. Anita 03/12/02
02-10 Isaac, Noble, Zumwalt I would like to inquire about any information relating to Emery Noble. I know he went to school in Old Shasta when he was 14 years old. That would have been about 1866. One of his classmates was James E. Isaac, later a lawyer in Redding. I know that he went on to marry Ada Zumwalt and later died in Anderson in 1900. I mainly inquire about his father, whom I have tried to trace for years. I have seen him called William G. or Washington in various records. I believe he came from Wis. with his son Emery. I do not know of any other children. W. Noble died in Red Bluff, Mar. 12, 1885. I know that. I know that W.H. Noble sold the information about Noble pass (trail) to the business men of Old Shastain 1852 for $2000. Could this be the same man? Emery was my grandfather and was killed when my father was only 4, so he knew little about him, and even less about his parents. Any information would be much appreciated. I am living in Manitoba and can't really come to search on my own. Arthalyn 02/24/02
02-09 Damon, Hall, Troendle On the Shasta County, California webpage by Janie Edwards, I find mention of the surname Troendle. I have done extensive research on this family, my maternal line. Would like to know more about the people mentioned in following list, and am particularly interested in their country of origin and previous generations' names:
  • Thomas Troendle d. 28 Feb 1941, b. 9 Aug 1867
  • Josie Troendle
    married William Marion Hall 7 May 1881
  • Melcina Troendle
    married Adrain Damon 26 Jan 1887
All above information came from the website mentioned above. Thomas Troendle is buried in Parkville Cemetery. From the dates given, they would appear to be possible siblings. Can anyone lead me to more information on this Troendle family, please? I would especially like to know the parents of those three as well as where they came from. All input appreciated.
Ann 01/31/02
02-08 Vogeli, Weam, Weaver I am looking for "Mrs. W. Weaver of Shasta California", who is mentioned as a surviving daughter in her father, Henry Vogeli's, obituary of 6 Aug 1909 from The Dalles, Wasco County, Oregon. I believe she and her husband are in the Wasco County marriage index as Wiley Weam and Lizzie Vogeli, who were married in Wasco County on 10 Oct 1894. Elizabeth or Lizzie was born about 1885 in Nebraska. Any information, however minute, is very much appreciated. Thank you. Elizabeth 01/20/02
02-07 Anderson I am interested in any information available on a Jack Anderson that lived in Shasta County in the early 1900s. I find a notation of him listed in a 1920 census list but do not have the full census report, (age,location, etc.) Thank You. Jackie 01/20/02
02-06 Gray, Owen, Quill, Singerland I am researching the Owen family in Northern CA. I have Bertha Owen married to Thomas Quill. In 1920 census they are in Red Bluff in Tehama County. Other research indicates that Beertha is buried in IOOF cemetery in Anderson CA. I would be interested in a lookup of the vital records of Bertha as to her parents and date of birth and death and place of birth. Her father and mother were to the best of my knowledge John F. Owen and Gertrude Slingerland Owen. Her sister was Isabel Owen Gray of Trinity Co., CA and a brother, John W. Owen, was listed living with them in Red Bluff in 1920. Thank you for any help on this or for others to contact for research. Dave 01/15/02
02-05 Corbusier, Myers Please contact Arlene for free membership invitation to My, if interested in Corbusier or related Myers: "Myers of Rockland NY and Related Families" Arlene 01/15/02
02-04 Jamison, Johnson, Johnston I am looking for four Johnston/Johnson brothers all born in New York who removed to Shasta County, California. Their names are:
  1. Dewitt Clinton Johnson born bet. 1826 & 1828 in NY, died 24 May 1878
  2. Richard Michael Johnson born bet. 1824 & 1827 in NY
  3. Arthur Johnson born bet. 1818 & 1823
  4. W. Johnson (may be William McHendrix) born bet. 1818 & 1820 in NY
I think Dewitt C, Richard, Arthur and "W." Johnson are my great-grandfather, John Abner Johnston's, brothers. They all show in the Shasta County 1860 census records and Dewitt C, Richard, and Arthur Johnson also show in the 1870 Shasta County census records. Dewitt has a wife, Mary (born Wisconsin), and children who also appear with him in these census records. They all registered to vote in 1866 in Shasta County and all had land in Shasta County between 1861 and 1866.

John Abner Johnson was born 18 August 1832 in Mississippi. His father was born in NY and his mother was born in Scotland. John Abner and his family show in the Shasta County, Millville Twn, 1860 census records. His wife was Ruth Jane Jamison (also born Wisconsin) and they had two children in this census year. John Abner had land in Shasta County in 1865. He removed from Shasta County to Napa County and then Yolo County. If you have any knowledge of these brothers, I would appreciate hearing from you. Thank you for your help.
Vicci 01/11/02
02-03 Duncan I am looking for genelogical information on my family. As far back as my records go so far is "Howard and Ruth Duncan", Grandparents.They own a large dairy stretching from I-5 to Churn Creek Rd. I remeber stories when I was young of the State taking part of the ranch to build the highway. I believe my great grandparents owned the dairy before my grandparents but I'm not sure. I currently live too far away from Shasta County to do much research, so any info anyone might have would be greatly appreciated. Joseph 01/11/02
02-02 Gridley, Raglin Looking for the parents and birthplace of George W. Gridley who was married to Nicey Raglin sometime in the middle 1800's. Would appreciate any info you might have to any and all family members. The same with Nicey (Nancy?) Raglin. Thanks. Lois 01/10/02
02-01 McKee, Reed I am trying to find a death certificate and record of my great grandfather, William W. McKee who was shown to be living in Shasta County in the 1920 U.S. Census. He was born in 1853, was 67 years old, and married in Tulary County to Jennie Reed in 1879. I am also looking for the grave of Jennie (Reed) McKee. Can you help? Thanks! Richard 01/02/02