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Sacramento Daily Union, 17 Nov 1856

Narrow Escape.

On Tuesday, Nov. 11th, Mr. Bennett and Mr. Alexander, of the North American Circus, were driving down the Tower House Hill in Shasta county, when the pole strap of their buggy broke and the horses dashed down the hill. They were brought up by running into another buggy, which contained a lady. No person were injured.


Sacramento Daily Union, 06 Jan 1857

Affairs in Shasta.

Nine inches of snow fell in twelve hours in Shasta. The roads in the same vicinity have not been so bad before within two years.

Salmon River.

The snow is said to be twelve feet deep on Salmon Mountain, and the only communication between Salmon River and Shasta is by means of snow-shoes.


Sacramento Daily Union, 18 Aug 1857

Horse Thief. -- On Saturday, August 8th, a man named Jack Johnson was arrested at Dog Creek, Shasta county, on the charge of steaing a horse from a person in the neighborhood.


Sacramento Daily Union, 16 May 1868

Shasta Matters -- Although the cry that the mines are worked out and exhausted has become chronic in this county, facts refute the assertion. At Dog creek, Portiuguese Flat, Slate creek and different points along the upper Sacramento river, the mines are yeilding large amounts of gold and the miners are making as good wages as they realized when these mines were first discovered. These diggings are of a permanent character, and years of labor will be required to work them out.

On Tuesday, as James Carr was driving home in his buggy from Trinity Center, the tongue of the buggy became detached from the breast-yoke and dropped down between the horses. As the buggy was descending ground at the time, it ran upon the heels of the team, which became frightened and ran away. Carr was thrown violently from the buggy, and was found some time afterword in an insensible condition, whom which he had not recovered on wednesday. His condition is considered very critical.

We learn that W.H. Gooch, of Dog creek, met with quite a serious accitend on Monday last. While driving his team along the Dog creek road the horses became frightened and ran away, throwing Gooch from his seat, breaking his leg and otherwise injuring him.


Sacramento Daily Union, 19 October 1869

Shasta County -- We find these local matters in the Courier of October 16th: On the 7th inst. the Dog Creek Hotel and store were destroyed by fire. The fire caught from the kitchen stove and spread so rapidly that the entire building was soon wrapped in flames. The building was a large two-story frame, hard finish, and substantially built. The stock of goods on hand, furniture, bedding etc., were all consumed. A strong gale was blowing when the flames broke out, and the woods caught on fire on the opposide side of Dog creek from shingles blown from the burning roof. Loss partially covered by insurance.


Sacramento Daily Union, June 19, 1871

Homicide - The Shasta Courier of June 17th has this item:

On the 9th instant James Bard shot and killed Edward Stacy at his cabin on the Sacramento river, below the mouth of Dog creek. Bard, the only witness, says Stacy shot at him first, and that he killed Stacy in self defense. Bard presented himself before Justice Knox for examination and was discharged on the pleas of having acted in self defense. Coroner Schuler impaneled a jury and held an inquest on the body of Stacy, and the result was a verdict that he came to his death by a rifle shot "deliberately fired" by Bard.


Sacramento Daily Union, December 26, 1884

Continued Reports of the Rain in the Interior - A Good Harvest Insured.

Redding, December 25th. - Our oldest settler, Ben Oliver, says we have had the heaviest fall of rain to-day that there has been for twenty years. All the small streams are very high. The Sacramento is now rising fast. The mail for Alturas could not cross Stillwater this forenoon and had to return by special train to Delta, and was stopped just this side by a slide at Dog Creek, and transferred passengers, mail and express on to a hand car. No damage by high water reported from any direction. Rainfall to date, 13.52, The weather is cloudy and threatening more rain.


Red Bluff Daily News, August 6, 1898

Redding Lawyer Weds

Attorney Frank W. Smith went to San Francisco about a week since, and it was pretty generally known that he was to take unto himself a wife while absent. A marriage license was issued in San Francisco to Frank W. Smith, aged 42 years, and Frances L. Sargent, aged 30 years.

Miss Sargent is a San Francisco school teacher. The wedding took place Wednesday evening in San Francisco -- Free Press.


San Francisco Call, September 6, 1899

Accused Of An Attempt To Blow Up A House

Keswick, Sept. 5 - Mrs. J.J. Plumb, who came so near to being blown up with her children Sunday morning by an explosion of giant power under her house, has caused the arrest of William H. Snyder of this place, whom she believes is guilty of having caused the explosion. Snyer was arrested here late last evening and taken to the county jail, where he lingers in default of $2000 bail. Snyder is a barkeeper, long a resident of Keswick, and has borne a good reputation. Mrs. Plumb avers that he obtruded his attentions upon her, much to her disgust, and that he has repeatedly threatened to do what was done Sunday morning. The circumstances, therefore, point to Snyder as the guilty person, but there is no direct evidence.


Sacramento Daily Union, January 4, 1916

Sentences Shasta Farmer for Bigamy

Special to the Union: Redding (Shasta Co.), Jan. 3 - Alex Lassen this morning was sentended to one year in the penitentiary at San Quentin for committing bigamy in this city when he married Rose Zella Thomas of Fern, wife No. 2, on May 29, 1914. He married wife No. 1, Lottie Shaw in San Francisco, August 31, 1905. Wife No. 1 swore to the compalint several weeks ago. Judge J.E. Barber pronounced judgement at 10 o'clock. Strenous effort was made to secure probation for Lassen, but he was unable, and he will be sent to prison at once.


Sacramento Daily Union, January 20, 1916

Special to the Union: Redding (Shasta Co.), Jan. 19 - After a long period of inaction Mt. Lassen burst into flame this evening about 6:30 o'clock and for more than half an hour a vivid illumination of varying intensity was visible in this city, forty miles from the volcano. On account of the lateness of the hour no particulars about the eruption could be otained.


Redding Record-Searchlight, July 19, 1927


Mrs. Katherina Valencia, widow of Tony Valencia, California street pool hall proprietor who died a week ago, filed in the superior court yesterday her petition for letters of adminstration of Valencia's estate. The value of the estate, as stated in the petition, is $7000 and includes stock and fixtures in the pool halland personal property.

Mrs. Josephine Corbierre also filed her petition for letters of administration of the estate of the Dr. C. C. Corbiere, her husband. The petition declares the estate to be adminstered upon is worth $3900 and consists of dental iffice fixtures and share of miscellaneous stock.


Sutter County Farmer, July 4, 1913, Pg. 7

Frank Forderhase Married - Popular Teacher Weds Arbuckle Girl in Woodland Last Monday

A quiet wedding was solemnized in Woodland last Monday when Frank A. Forderhase, son of Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Forderhase of Sutter City, was married to Miss Sophia Seaton, a popular young lady of Arbuckle, Colusa County. Rev. H. J. Hynes of Maxwell officiated and after the ceremony Mr. and Mrs. Forderhase departed for the southern part of the state on their wedding trip. Mr. Forderhase is well known throughout this county being a popular teacher and also gaining some renown as a pitcher in the minor leagues. For several years he was principal at Arbuckle school where he met his bride. Later he accepted a position as principal of the Redding school and was re-elected this term and will reside there. Mrs. Forderhase is a charming young lady, a graduate of the Academy at Rio Vista and accomplished in many ways. They have the best wishes of all for a long and happy future and are deserving of the same.


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