William Sherman Alvaro Wilder was born August 30, 1867 in Woodward Mills, Missouri, the son of John Crowninshield Wilder and Hanna Hanes. The family came to California by rail, shortly after the Trans-Continental Railroad was completed in 1870. He was raised in the general area of Redding, Ono, Paskenta, Red Bluff and Anderson. A blacksmith by trade, he had a large shop of his own in Anderson in the early 1900's.

Hattie (Robinson) Wilder was born in Chico, California, February 24, 1868, the daughter of Fredrick Dykeman Robinson and Mary Francis Jordon.

They were married near Ono, April 27, 1887 and had six children:

Lora Irene b. Feb. 7, 1888 Ono
Grace Evangeline b. Dec. 31, 1889 Ono
Edgar Francis b. May 12, 1892 Paskenta
Mary Edith b. Aug. 1, 1894 Ono
Oscar Lee b. June 17, 1896 Anderson
Veva Louisa b. Aug. 2, 1898 Anderson

Hattie died december 15, 1899 in anderson.

William married Caroline Billings September 2, 1900. Four more children were born from this union:
Annie Roony b. Feb. 24, 1902 Anderson
Justin Thomas b. Jan. 5, 1904 Anderson
Gordon b. Nov. 13, 1904 Anderson
Lottie Bell b. Aug. 22, 1914 Anderson

William died May 5, 1926 in Sacramento. William and Hattie are both buried in Anderson

Source: Shasta Historical Society

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