Carl George Voss
Julia Ellen Rector
1849 - 1934
1858 - 1886

Carl George Voss was born in Prussia on June 16, 1849, to Carl and Augusta Voss.

On May of 1867, at age 18, he and his older brother, Theodore, boarded a ship, The Leibnitz, from Hamburg bound for Quebec. On board, they are listed, as carpenters from Eulen, Germany. Eulen is also known as Oldenburg.

By 1870, Carl and Theodore had arrived in Shasta County and by then, their father, mother and five younger children were also listed in the census. Their home was Horsetown.

We next find Carl in Red Bluff. He and Julia Ellen Rector were married on June 16, 1877, and both were residing in Red Bluff. By the time of the 1880 census they were in Sunny Hill on the north fork of Cottonwood Creek. They had two children, Eda, two years old, and Carl Henry, five months.

He had become a United States citizen on January 7, 1880. During the next six years they had three more children. Lena, born in 1881, Minnie in 1883 and Theodore in 1886. In 1884 they bought 40 acres of land just one half mile south of Ono and there he built their home.

Sadly, Julia became ill and died in August, 1886. Carl gave their five month old son to be adopted by his brother and sister-in-law, Theodore and Wilhelmina Voss. He raised the four other children by himself.

In Augusti 1901, Carl purchased 120 more acres from the Central Pacific Railroad Co. Thus had more space for raising stock.

When carl first came to America, he mined, worked as a carpenter and other odd jobs. After he bought his land, he was a stock raiser and farmer. He always had the finest vegetables and fruit.

When his daughter Mena, married Edgar Thomasson, he bought them a Singer Sewing Machine. On the way home in the wagon, it bounced on the rough road and broke one cast iron leg. He took some lumber and bolts and repaired that leg so well that it lasted for fifty years. Carl was a member of the Clinton Lodge #119 F.&A.M. During most of his life. He and his family also attended the Eagle Creek Baptist Church where W. S. Kidder was pastor.

In 1914 he sold his farm. He lived another 20 years in Shasta Co. He visited with his daughters, Eda Jones and Mena Thomasson and their families. He enjoyed singing and playing the harmonica and would entertain his grandchildren with his music.

Carl Voss had much sadness in his life, he lost his dear wife, Julia, after only nine years of marriage. In 1905, his son, Carl Henry, age 26, was killed in the mine accident and in 1906, his daughter, Lena Moore, died of illness at age 27. He was a hard working, sincere, good citizen and a devoted father. Once while working in the mine, two men began to quarrel, Carl picked one up by his shoulders and told him they'd have none of that on the job. He died in 1934 at age 85.

Source: Shasta Historical Society

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