1895 -- 1956
1900 -- 1961

Shelby Allison Vollmers Sr. was born October 30, 1895, the youngest child of William and Lucy Jane Allison Vollmers. He followed his brothers and sisters through Trinity Center School until the family moved to Berkeley where he attended McKinley High School.

Sarah Ruth (Sadie) Miller was born November 8, 1900 in Bayles (Delta) to Phillip Krohnmueller (changed to Miller) and his wife Alezanna Creeks Miller. Her family were early pioneers and Alezanna is credited with many stories about crossing the plains as a child. Sadie attended school for a short time in French Gulch but most of her schooling was in Delta.

In 1917, Shelby and Sadie were married and Shelby's mother, Lucy, died. In July, 1918 Shelby was inducted into the U.S. Army, only to be honorably discharged six months later after the Armistice was signed. Shelby and Sadie settled down to life at Vollmers and raising their family:

Shelby Allison
b. Apr. 28, 1918
d. Nov. 14, 1999
m. Mildred Ellis
m. Lillian Fjoslien
Ruth Lucille b. May 5, 1920 d. July 27, 1997 m. Robert E. Hill
Alfred Paul b. Sept 13, 1921 d. Dec 5, 1998 m. Midge Ward
Kathleen b. Sept 29, 1924 d. Dec 28, 1929
Janet Norine
David Leon

When the family returned north to launch Vollmers Resort, dining room, strawberry fields, service station, cattle ranch, airport -- all family staffed -- Shelby began his career with things mechanical.

Shelby helped plan the irrigation systems for various purposes on the property. He used the two small creeks to develop a DC hydroelectric system before Pacific Gas and Electric brought power to them. He also helped his brother Jeff build and maintain an auxiliary field for the north-south Pacific Coast air traffic for planes having weather or mechanical problems. Shelby's regular job was the garage, gas station and AAA towing service.

Sadie kept both vegetable and flower gardens, drove schoolbus and served as Clerk of the Board for the school she had attended. She was active in Castle Grange in Castella and Garden Club and Eastern Star in Redding.

Family deaths and encroaching civilization changed their lives. Shelby died suddenly May 30, 1956 and after a short time in a care home in Redding Sadie died July 7, 1961. Both are buried in Redding Cemetery. Vollmer's Ranch was sold in 1967.

Source: Shasta Historical Society - Nov 2002

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