Elroy Monroe Mullen, firstborn of James and Emmaline Mullen, was born November 4, 1879. It happened in Shasta, unless Emmaline went to her family or Roy's mother at the ranch. The first thing Roy and his family did was drop the "EI" from his name. He was buried with that name, but between birth and death, no one knew him as "Elroy".

Later, the whole family moved to the ranch to live with his grandmother. All farm boys started doing chores which developed into "helping" at the livery stable and feed-store, and before he knew it, Roy had a full time job. Roy took over the business from his father. He quit the stable as automobiles replaced horses, but he continued with the feed store until some time in the 1940s.

June 2, 1910, Roy married a widow, Marie Brouillard Tracy. She had been brought here from France by her father, Charles Brouillard. She had two children: Amy D. Tracy who married Don Gilstrap and then a man named Harvey and moved away from the county; Camille Tracy worked for Nielson's Garage until he moved to Siskiyou County where he died in 1991.

Marie was a strange, reclusive woman. She suffered from headaches and kept the shades down. Neighborhood children were admonished to be quiet near her house. Marie survived Roy's death from a stroke October 14, 1955, but we have been unable to find any other records of her.

Source: Shasta Historical Society - February 1997

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