Emma Beatie, born November 4, 1899, was the tenth of twelve children born to John and Alice Ellen Hawes Beatie and the last of their child born in the nineteenth century. As did all of the Beatie kids, she shared in the farm chores, gathering acorns to feed the hogs, herding turkeys, doing errands and handing tools in the kitchen or outdoors for Dad or older siblings.

She and her younger brother and sister had just enough time to learn to be country kids, going to a one-room school where older sister Blanche was teacher for one term. Then their father's health was failing so in 1911 their mother sold the household goods and livestock and moved the family to Stockton where she had relatives.

Emma and her younger sister Florence felt lost in the big city grammar school, but by the time they were in highschool, they were leaving home in the black cotton stockings which their mother considered appropriate and changing into silk stockings which their older brothers had financed. They must have achieved social success because both girls married in 1924.

Emma married Thomas Milligan, June 1, 1924 and November 22, 1924, Florence married his brother Samuel Milligan. The Milligan brothers had come to America when their father was hired to be Superintendent of a mine in northern Nevada.

After he served in the Army in World War I, Tom went back to school and became a teacher of mechanical drawing and shop. Emma and Tom had no children but enjoyed "favorite aunt and uncle" status with the children in the Beatie compound in Stockton. And double that with the children of Florence and Sam.

Sometime after World War II, they went to Eritrea (now part of Ethiopia) where Tom taught shop and was once confronted by a young native armed with an adz.

Emma and Tom lived out their lives in the Beatie compound in Stockton among their family and friends. Tom died January 5, 1985 and Emma followed him February 5, 1987.

Source: Shasta Historical Society - February 1996

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