George McFarlin and his wife, Martha Yelland Miller, we find that he was born in Illinois in 1818 and she in South Carolina in 1825. We do have a great deal of information further back on the McFarlin family but haven't had time ot organize it as yet. George McFarlin married Elizabeth Lindsey in 1840. She died in childbirth in 1841 along with the baby. George married Martha in Randolph County, Illinois on Dec. 21, 1841. They were members of the United Presbyterian church of Sparta, Illinois along with several other families that have eventually ended up here in Shasta County in the mid-1800's.

Later they were instrumental in the formation of a Baptist Church in Lancaster, Wisconsin and still later with the formation of a Baptist Church in Shasta County. George was wagonmaster of three wagon trains from Wisconsin, the last of which included bringing his family to Texas Springs, Shasta County, in 1860. They resided in and around the present town of Ono until their deaths, both in 1887.

Their ten children's marriages also reflect deep roots in Shasta County history: Taylor, Scott, Kidder, Smith, Downing, and Wheelock.

Source: Shasta Historical Society

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