1821 -- 1863
1830 -- 1901

Frank Kountz was born in Erlebach, Bavaria in 1821. Susanna Kruger also was born in Bavaria and they were married before they left Germany. They came to California across the Isthmus of Panama, making the crossing on muleback. Their first child, Louisa, was born in San Francisco and died in Redding. The family arrived in Shasta before Christmas 1954. Their other children were all born in Shasta:
Louisa b. November 18, 1854 d. 1942
Frank b. 1859 d. 1921
Joseph b. 1861 d. 1879
Mary b. May 29, 1862 d. Jan. 25, 1949 m. C. H. Behrens
Julia b. January 19, 1864 d. 1956 m. Peter Glaszer

Frank Kountz Senior drowned in Bear Creek while returning home in 1863. He was buried in Shasta.

Frank's early death left one of the many situations of a widow left to raise several young children. Susanna succeeded with the children; Louisa, the oldest daughter married Peter Hoff when she was sixteen and the other girls married well.

Susanna survived until September 24, 1901; She died in Redding, at the home of her daughter Mary and her husband, Charles Henry Behrens, on West Street where the family still resides. Susanna was buried with her husband in Shasta.

Source: Shasta Historical Society - Aug. 2002

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