Charles N. Kingsbury
Agnes Parker Kingsbury

Charles Nelson Kingsbury, grandson and great-grandson of revolutionary war veterans was born February 8, 1831, in Utica, New York. Agnes Parker was born July 4, 1840, in Pictou, Nova Scotia, but she spent most of her childhood in Oakham, Mass. Charles came to California in 1852 with Leland Stanford, then mined his way to Shasta County. In 1857 Agnes came with her brother, Adam, on muleback across the Isthmus of Panama to teach at Piety Hill. They met and were married December 4, 1857.

Though they lived a brief time in Red Bluff, most of their lives were spent at Piety Hill, later known as Igo. Charles Kingsbury worked as a miner, carpenter, storekeeper, postmaster, constable, and cattle rancher--often more than one at a time. He was the chairman of the first County Republican Convention which sent a delegate to Springfield to nominate Abraham Lincoln.

Though she took the school into her own home on occasion to prevent it from lapsing when they couldn't get a teacher, Agnes Kingsbury devoted her life to her numerous offspring--three generations. The Kingsbury children were:
Ruamie 1858-1947 cook and homemaker - married Charles Brown
John 1860-1926 miner
George 1863-1882
Annie 1866-1935 teacher and homemaker - married Matthew MacIlwaine
Charlotte 1868- 1956 teacher - Married Charles Cunningham
Charles 1870- 1944 miner, highway builder, rancher
Mary 1872- 1926 homemaker, dressmaker - married Charles White
Albert 1874-1949 miner, rancher
William 1876- 1933 miner, rancher, County Supervisor - married May Stevens
Adam "Trilby" 1879-1962 rancher, miner) baseball player

The Kingsburys had eight grandchildren. They lived to celebrate their 65th wedding anniversary and to know three of their ten great-grandchildren. Charles died July 7, 1923, at the age of 92 and Agnes died the following March at the age of 83.

Source: Shasta Historical Society

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