1894 -- 1977
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1896 -- 1976
Daniel Granvil Hunt was born in Millville March 31, 1894, the first son of William Harrison (Harry) and Octavia Hunt. After the death of his mother Octavia, his father married her twin sister Flora. The family moved to Oak Run, where Daniel grew up. He worked on the ranch, graduated from Heald's Business College, served in the U.S. Army during World War 1. When the war ended he returned home to his own ranch on Clover Creek, near Millville.

Beatrice Marie Eddy was born August 13,1904 in Morro, Oregon to Joe and Dora Brock Eddy. After her husband deserted the family, Dora could not support her family so, she gave Beatrice to William and Christena Bogue. The Bogues immediately moved to Canada. There sometime later her brother Jewett was left in a basket on the road in front of their home. Her parents carried Jewett in and said "this is your brother." Beatrice's early memories of Oregon, Washington and Canada, included a pet bear who tore up things in the house when he got loose, and the Indians who brought them salmon, dropping them on the table without a word, then grunted and walked out. The family lived on a homestead in Canada from 1910 until a few days before the war broke out. The family returned to the U.S the day war was declared. They lived in Los Angeles where her father worked in the oil fields. In 1920 they bought a small farm in Palo Cedro.

Beatrice attended Bell School (now North Cow Creek) and Shasta High School until she married Daniel on January 16, 1924. They lived on Daniel's Clover Creek Ranch. They had eight children born between Nov. 1924 and Dec. 1935.

Daniel Wiliam, Flora Nelda, Elsie Marie, Harry Clemens, John Ehemen, Vivian Martha, Nathaniel, Arthur

After the death of her last two children, Beatrice moved with her six children to Palo Cedro and then to Millville, where she lived until her death. She died in her own home, on August 10, 1994. Beatrice was very independent, usually working two jobs to support herself. She loved her home, yard and cat. Beatrice climbed Mt. Lassen on her birthday every 10th year (the last time when she was 80.) Some of her grandchildren made the climb on her 90th birthday as a tribute to her memory.

After the divorce Daniel sold his ranches. He married Nellie Holden in 1947. Nellie b. Feb. 7, 1896. He then worked on the W. H. Hunt Estate until age 65, when he retired. He and Nellie moved to their new home in Palo Cedro. After Nellie died in 1976, Dan sold their home and moved to Millville to live with his daughter Flora and her husband, Tom Pearson. Dan died on July 14, 1977.

Source: Shasta Historical Society - Feb 2001

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