Richard Haynes
Johanna Knock

Richard Haynes was born June 9, 1851 near Buffalo, Dallas County, Missouri, the fifth child in a family of nine. His parents were Elisha and Ruth Haynes.

Richard came to California when he was seventeen years old. His sister Rachel Eiler lived in Shasta County, but Richard did not know just where. He obtained employment in a cookhouse in Redding while continuing his search. He found her living in the Oak Run area.

Young Haynes tried many jobs in the next few years. They included mining (he had a claim in Harrison Gulch) splitting rails, driving a herd of cattle to Nevada, ranch chores and shovel work on road building projects. A job on the major repair of the Winter's Road between Carbon and Fall River brought an introduction to the daughter of one of his employers, Johanna Knock.

Johanna was the oldest child of Johon Frederick and Helena Knock. She was born November 22, 1869. The marriage of Richard Haynes and Johanna Knock took place on Dec. 6, 1884. Their first home was where Hat Creek Park on Highway 299 is now.

Their next move was to Goose Creek, northeast of Burney. They were joined there by Richard's brother Cyrus and his family in about 1889. Mr. Haynes built a water powered sawmill on Goose Creek. Many of the early Burney houses as well as the Terry Lumber Co. sawmill were built of lumber from the Goose Creek mill.

Richard and his family continued the sawmill operation and raised cattle on the Goose Creek place until about 1906 when he purchased the Littrel place and that property remained in the family until in the 1970s when it was sold to Publishers Co.

This couple became the parents of twelve children:
Rose Leana b. Oct. 23, 1885 d. before 1900 census
Etta Bell (Hufford) b. Apr. 3, 1888 d. May 22, 1966
Fred Elisha b. Mar. 31, 1890 d. May 24-1957
Alvin Richard b. Aug. 13, 1890 d. Nov. 14, 1961
Eva Ruth (Giessner) b. Apr. 28, 1894 d. Apr. 28, 1894
Johanna Clara (Giessner) b. Aug. 14, 1896 d. Aug. 3, 1992
Birdie Lena (Bidwell) b. Sept. 18, 1898 d. Apr. 15, 1998
Bessie May (Bosworth) b. May 13, 1900
Sidney D. b. May 1, 1904 d. Jan. 15, 1976
Gladys Evelda b. Feb. 10, 1907 d. Mar. 6, 1945
Alice Helena b. May 8, 1909 d. Mar. 22, 1913
Leland Leroy b. Jan 1, 1912 d. Apr. 7, 1936

Of these, four daughters remain: Eva Giessner and Birdie Bidwell of Cassel, Johanna Giessner of Burney and Bessie Bosworth of Red Bluff.

Source: Shasta Historical Society April 1980

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