Valentine Doll was born October 1, 1836 in Stupferich Germany to Ferdinand and Barbara Marie Deger Doll. Stupferich is now part of Karlsruhe, Germany.

Valentine and all of his siblings were all educated in Stupferich. Valentine and his older brother, Ferdinand Jr., as children dreamed of going to America. They knew that it would be a difficult trip, but in 1849 they left Germany to avoid the German military and to try their luck in the gold fields. After arriving in America they went to Pikes Peak, Colorado and then on to California in 1852. They bought a mine for $50 and worked hard and produced lots of rocks and dirt. They gave up and sold their mine for $50 or $150. Their mine turned out to be one of the riches mines in that area.

Valentine and Ferdinand arrived at Piety Hill (Igo) in 1859. They bought the Pryor ranch near Eagle Creek (Ono) Ferdinand returned to Germany to marry; his wife wanted to live in Germany so he never returned to America. The brothers kept in contact through their letters.

Harriett Emma Smith (Schmidt) was born April 14, 1856 in Pennsylvania, to Gottlieb (George) and Elizabeth Lamberson Smith. The Schmidt family came from Germany to Pennsylvania. The name Schmidt became Americanized on the journey to California. The Smith family arrived in Shasta County before 1860, by 1870 they were living in Piety Hill (Igo). Harriett was the oldest child and she had nine brothers and sisters.

Valentine and Harriett met in Ono and were married on August 27, 1878. They settled and lived in the house that Valentine built on the ranch that he owned.

They had six children. The children attended the Ono School.

Wallace Valentine b. July 1880 d. 1963 m. Isabel T. Rogers
Creosa Alma b. Oct. 1882 d. 1965 m. John Weast
Elsie May b. July 1884 d.1970 m. William McCormick Jr.
Clifford Ambros b. June 1886 d. 1945 m. Mabel Case
Kelsey Charles
b. June 1891
d. 1968
m. Grace Gardner 1st
m. Gladys Rock 2nd
Eugene Clinton b. July 1895 d. 1970 m. Annie Meyer

Valentine farmed, but he still liked to mine. He and Harriett's brother, William Smith, worked in the Manzanita and Honeycomb mines. Valentine fell in a mining accident and severely injured his back. Harriett drove a team of horses to rescue him. After the fall he was unable to work in the mines. He was in poor health the rest of his life.

Valentine and Harriett were respected people in the Ono and Igo area. They cared about the community and their neighbors. Valentine was a member of the Methodist Episcopal Church, South, and was a member of the Welcome Lodge No. 209 in Igo.

He died March 28, 1906 at his home in Ono. After Valentine's death Harriett moved to Redding and lived with her daughter Creosa. She died December 9, 1918. They are both buried in the Ono Cemetery.

Source: Shasta Historical Society - Feb. 2004

Eugene Clinton Doll was born July 29, 1895 in Ono, California, to Valentine and Harriett Doll. He was the youngest child in the family. He attended the Ono school with his brothers and sisters. The family lived on a farm and as a small child he had chores to do; when he was older the tasks became more difficult.

Eugene joined the Navy during World War I and was stationed at Mare Island during the entire time. After his discharge Eugene returned to Shasta County. He worked as a Railroad Express Agent in Redding for thirty-two years. He spent three more years in Yreka. He retired in 1957. Eugene was active in VFW, the Redding Grange and the Homeowners Real Estate Association.

Annie Erva Meyer was born August 30, 1899 in Palo Cedro, to Herman and Grace Gray Meyer. She was the oldest living child in the family. Annie had 13 brothers and sisters, four of them died as infants. Annie's father worked at the Balaklala mine and the Terry Mill; he later owned and ran a dairy. Annie's grandparents were Fredrick and Caroline Meyer, a well known family in Shasta County.

Eugene and Annie were married on June 20, 1920 in Redding by Pastor Charles G Lucas of the Methodist Episcopal Church. Eugene and Annie had two daughters.
Doris Jean b. 1921 ; Genevieve b. Nov. 13, 1922 d.1980 m. Stuart Preston Smith Jr.

They lived at 1608 Chestnut Street in Redding. In the 1950s the house burned down while they were on vacation. They rebuilt the house in the same location. Annie's brother, Valentine Meyer and family, lived in their Redding home during the three years Eugene worked in Yreka. The address is still the same and is owned by the family. Eugene and Annie's daughter Doris lives in the house with her daughter Nancy and son-in-law Dennis Mort.

In 1951 Eugene and Annie bought a cabin on Nelson Creek in Big Bend. The cabin was built in the 1920s, using oak trees growing on the property. When their house burned in Redding they lived in the cabin at Big Bend. The cabin is still standing, but has gone through many changes over the years and is no longer useable due to the Nelson Creek flood in 1997. The Doll family has spent many happy occasions there and are looking at ways to rebuild the cabin.

Eugene died January 3, 1970 at Memorial Hospital in Redding. He had lived his entire life in Shasta County and is buried at the Lawncrest Cemetery in Redding.

After the death of her husband, Annie lived in the cabin at Big Bend. She remained a widow for three years. On Sept. 15, 1973 she married Floyd Leon Criger. Floyd lived in Mongomery Creek and had a paper route in that area. Annie died Oct. 13, 1978. She is buried at the Lawncrest Cemetery, beside Eugene.

Source: Shasta Historical Society - Feb. 2004

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