HENRY HERMAN BUTZBACH is the “village blacksmith” of Millville, who has gained by the strong blows of his good, brawny right arm a nice home and a good shop, and in his line is the leading business man in town. He was born in Berrien County, Michigan, March 8, 1856, the same year in which the great Republican party of the country was born. It is therefore a natural consequence that he should be the stanch Republican that he is, and it may truly be said of him that he was born one. His father, Philip, and his mother, Amanda (Herman) Butzbach, were hard-working, well-to-do German people who, to improve their condition and give their off-spring a chance under the free institutions of America, emigrated to the United States in 1848, and became the parents of thirteen healthy children, twelve of whom they succeeded in bringing up.

Mr. Butzbach, the subject of this sketch and their third child, learned his trade in Michigan and worked at it for eleven years. He then emigrated to Oregon, and six months after came to California. He worked at San Jose, Pleasanton and San Francisco, but during all this time he was unsettled; and in order to settle his mind he returned East and married Miss Amanda Arnay, a native of Ohio. A year afterward he returned to California and decided upon Millville for their future home. He purchased a good home and shop, opened his business and at once stepped to the front, getting the business in Millville and vicinity and for many miles out; and now there have come to live in and enliven the home of Henry Herman Butzbach and Amanda, his wife, two happy little boys, whom they have named Harry R. and Edwin P., both born in the village of Millville, in the County of Shasta, in the beautiful State of California.

Source: Memorial & Biographical History of Northern California, The Lewis Publishing Co., 1891
Transcribed by Kathy Sedler

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