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Biographies ~ Darrah, George Andrew (1856-1938)
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George Andrew Darrah was born December 6, 1866, in Shingletown, California, of parents, Simon and Arzilla Shipton Darrah.

Soon thereafter, Simon and Arzilla moved to Battle Creek where the Indians robbed them and burned everything they owned. The area where the Darrahs settled on Battle Creek was later named Darrah Springs after them. Then Simon and Arzilla moved to South Cow Creek and from there back to Shingletown.

As a young man, George, worked with his father and hauled logs with his oxen team to the Sidney Charles Mill.

George met Lena Gambach in Shingletown and they married January 9, 1887, in Old Shasta. They lived in Shingletown for several years. Three of their daughters were born there. They were:

  1. Catherine A. - b. 1887
  2. Anna M. - b. 1890
  3. Pearl I. - b. 1892

Then George and Lena moved to Bear Creek near Millville where they homesteaded their ranch and where their other four children were born. They were:

  1. Louis B. - b. 1895
  2. George H. - b. 1898
  3. Gladys V. - b. 1901
  4. Henrietta L. - b. 1911

George raised goats for several years but later sold them. He then raised sheep and hogs. He was also Supervisor for District # 3 for eight years.

Two of George and Lena's houses at Bear Creek burned. After the last house burned August 15, 1930, they moved to Cow Creek where they built a new house and lived there until George died on October 14, 1938. Lena died November 27, 1944. They are both buried in the Millville Masonic Cemetery.

Source: Shasta Historical Society

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