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Biographies ~ Bell, J. J.
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Settled on the north bank of Clear Creek in 1851 where present-day Highway 273 crosses the creek. Established Bell's Ferry that same year across Clear Creek and later built Bell's Bridge to replace the ferry. Established Bell's Race Course (horse racing track) beside Clear Creek; the first known race occurred in 1855.

Purchased 1338 acres from Pierson B. Reading in 1859 for $4013. Built a large house in 1859 which became known as Bell's Mansion House. Was a principal stockholder in the original Williams and Kellinger Gold, Silver and Copper Mining Company in 1862.

Donated a right-of-way and almost 23 acres to Central Pacific Railroad in 1872 for the location of a railroad depot which Central Pacific built and named Girvan. Sold the property in 1879 to William McCoy.

Bell was a fine horseman and judge of horses. Bell's Precinct was named for him.

SOURCE: The Dictionary of Early Shasta County History - by Dottie Smith

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