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Biographies ~ Behrens, Ludwig (1825 - 1880), Bahrdt, Louisa Maria (1822 --1884)
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Ludwig Behrens (Lou) was born September 1, 1825 in Rostock Germany; his wife, Louisa Maria Bahrdt was born August 7, 1822 in Doberan, Germany. We know little of their early lives or, how they met. Louisa was well known as a singer and was invited to sing at Grand Ducal Court of Hesse Darmstadt. An atlas shows the communities where the Behrenses were born to be about ten miles apart, with Rostock a port on the Baltic which explains Lou's life at sea.

Their first child was born in Rostock:

  • Elisa Johanne (Lisa) b. May 29, 1846, in Germany d. in Benton Harbor, Michigan about age 70

Lou saw many parts of the world (South America, East and West Indies, South Sea Islands) before settling on California in 1851. In 1855 Louisa sailed from Hamburg around Cape Horn to join him in California. Lisa came in 1859 with her aunt.

The other six children were born in Whiskeytown:

Gustav Frederich (Gus) b. Nov. 1, 1856 d. Apr. 22 1914 m. FidelIa Baird
Mathilde Marie (Tillie) b. May 26, 1858 d. Jan. 1930 m. Alfred Riley Story
Karl Heinrich (Charles) b. July 17, 1859 d. Jan. 3, 1917 m. Mary Kountz
Ludwig Philipp (Lou) b. Aug. 24, 1860 d. Dec. 1926 m. Luella Greenwood, after her
death, her sister Eva Greenwood.
Louise Katherine b. July 23, 1862 d. Feb. 12, 1952 m. Herman Jasper Mohr
Wilhelm Jobannes b. Jan 9, 1866 d. June 29, 1866

Ludwig had a store in Whiskeytown until he sold it in 1872 and moved the family to Shasta. Both stores carried the usual stock --food, clothing, miners' tools, plus (if the winter was cold enough) ice cream made with snow from Mount Bally. Ludwig kept the Shasta store only a short while before moving to Dixon and thence to Orland.

Ludwig died January 2, 1880, aged fifty-four years, seven months and Louisa died April 6, 1884 aged sixty-one years. Both died in Orland and were buried in Willows.

Source: Shasta Historical Society - Aug. 2002
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