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Biographies ~ Beatie, Harry Bradford (1891 - 1965)
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Harry Bradford Beatie was born May 13, 1891, the third son and fifth child of John and Alice Hawes Beatie. As he grew older, his chores on the ranch grew to match his ability. The children gathered acorns to feed hogs and cared for various animals. All the boys were part of the baling crew as they became large enough.

The rest of his education was gained in the one-room school about a half mile down the road. He probably carried wood for the pot-bellied stove and water for drinking as well as serving a stint as janitor.

Harry loved animals and wanted a horse of his own but realized that was not in the family plans, so he left for Stockton a few years before his mother moved the whole family down there. He found work with the Western Pacific Railroad.

Harry served in World War I, then returned to his job. He met Naomi Rule and married her August 16, 1919. They had three children:

  1. Barbara - b. July 4, 1921
    m. Sylvester Ghilarducci - one son
  2. Robert - b. September 28, 1923
    m. Doris Garvine - two children
  3. Marian - b. November 7, 1925
    m. Joseph Blair - two sons

When Harry retired from Western Pacific Railroad, he and Naomi moved to Manteca. They continued to visit with their many relatives most of whom lived in the Stockton area. Naomi died November 13, 1963.

Before her death, Naomi had seen that her daughters went through the chairs in the Rebecca Lodge and Harry continued active in the International Order of Odd Fellows. He remained in their home in Manteca or traveled with his older sister, Helen and often visited with other members of the family. He died December 1, 1965.

Source: Shasta Historical Society
February 1996

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