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Biographies ~ Beatie, Daniel Webster (1886--1982)
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Daniel Webster Beatie, second son of John and Alice Hawes Beatie was born December 8, 1886, at the family ranch. He lived a normal ranch life, attending a one-room school and doing chores at home. Daniel's father invested in harvesting machines and took them to work various ranches in the area. As each boy became strong enough, he became part of the crew.

His first real ambition was to own a motorcycle so he saved $250.00 from picking peaches and pears, haying and baling, chopping wood and working in the local fish hatchery--at wages of $1.00 to $1.50 per day for a ten to twelve hour day. His mother's Aunt Missouri persuaded him to save his money for something worthwhile. Thus he had the necessary funds when the president of the Western School of Comerce in Stockton came to Shasta County to enroll students. Dan left Shasta County for a new career.

Dan moonlighted as a janitor and worked on levees and shoveled mud during floods to pay his $16.00 monthly room and board. One of his instructors at school recommended Dan for job with the Southern Pacific Railroad at Tracy. He did clerical work and supervised 300 miles of
railroad he was on call 24 hours day, seven days a week. In 1910, he was transferred to the Stockton office and was promoted to Clerk-accountant.

In 1912, Dan met Lucy Alford of Ione and, July 22, 1913, they were married. The couple had two children:

  1. Kenneth b. February 16, 1916
  2. Bethel b. December 11, 1922

In December 1915, he left his job with the railroad for a position in Farmers and Merchants Bank in Stockton and in 1925 was Note Teller and Assistant Cashier with a salary of $250.00 per month.

Dan made another career change; L. F. Grimsley hired him to manage his Caterpillar Tractor Dealership in Stockton. In April 1931, when he was 45, Dan accepted a new challenge when he was offered the Dealership in Marysville--just in time for The Depression to hit California, he founded the Marysville Tractor & Equipment Co.

Caterpillar demanded that he have $60,000 to start which caused Dan to take on a silent partner and stretched Dan's credit. At the worst time he had to layoff two men, but cooperative employees accepted lower salaries. He begged loans from anyone who could help (one from a brother and one from his mother) saw him showing a profit by 1934.

Since then the business has expanded; several branches have been added (including one in Redding). When Dan retired, son Ken took over, followed by two grandsons, with two great grandchildren in training.

Joining the San Joaquin Masonic Lodge in 1922 was the start or Dan's dedication to community. He held office and served on Masonic boards; he contributed and worked for the Boy Scouts, contributed to many charities, was Elder in the Presbyterian Church, Marysville, and president of Marysville Rotary Club. Was Director of two banks and the California State Fair.

Dan built houses for Lucy in Stockton and Marysville and they celebrated their 69th Wedding Anniversary before his death, December 1, 1982. She supported him in all his many activities.

Source: Shasta Historical Society
August 1996

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