Epidemics in United States and Elsewhere

1702Yellow FeverUS - New YorkYes
1702Scarlet FeverUS -BostonNo
1706Yellow FeverUS - South CarolinaNo
1713MeaslesUS - BostonNo
1721SmallpoxUS - BostonNo
1723FamineUnited Kingdom7 years
1728Yellow FeverUS - South CarolinaNo
1729MeaslesUS - BostonNo
1732Yellow FeverUS - South CarolinaNo
1735Diphtheria/Scarlet FeverUS - New England4 years
1738SmallpoxUS - South CarolinaYes
1739MeaslesUS - BostonYes
1743Yellow FeverUS - New YorkYes
1747MeaslesUS - CT, NY, PA, SCNo
1759MeaslesUnited StatesNo
1761InfluenzaUS & West IndiesNo
1763SmallpoxUS - BostonYes
1772MeaslesUnited StatesNo
1783Bilious disorderUnited StatesFatal
1788MeaslesUS - PA, NYNo
1789InfluenzaUnited States7 years
1793UnknownUS - PennsylvaniaNo
1793InfluenzaUS - VT, VANo
1802SmallpoxUS - New EnglandNo
1803Yellow FeverUS - New YorkNo
1802SmallpoxUS - New EnglandNo
1820FeverUnited StatesYes
1826CholeraWorldwideThrough 1837
1826Denge FeverUS & West IndiesYes
1829MalariaUnited StatesYes
1831CholeraUK then WorldwideYes
1831CholeraUnited StatesYes
1832InfluenzaUnited StatesNo
1833CholeraUS - OhioNo
1834CholeraUS - New YorkNo
1837TyphusUS - PennsylvaniaNo
1837SmallpoxUS - Native AmericansNo
1841Yellow FeverUS - Native AmericansNo
1847MeaslesUS - Native AmericansNo
1847Yellow FeverUS - New OrleansNo
1850Yellow FeverUnited StatesNo
1850InfluenzaUnited StatesYes
1850Dengue FeverUnited StatesYes
1851CholeraUS - IllinoisNo
1852Yellow FeverUS - New OrleansNo
1853CholeraUK - BirminghamNo
1855Yellow FeverUnited StatesNo
1860SmallpoxUS - PennsylvaniaYes
1861Infectious DiseasesUS - Civil WarYes
1865SmallpoxUnited StatesYes
1865CholeraUnited StatesNo
1865TyphusUnited StatesYes
1868SmallpoxUnited States7 years
1873InfluenzaUK, North America, EuropeYes
1873CholeraUnited StatesNo
1878Yellow FeverUS - New OrleansNo
1885TyphoidUS - PennsylvaniaNo
1886Yellow FeverUS - FloridaNo
1893PolioUnited States1st known case
1900PlagueUnited StatesYes
1901SmallpoxUnited StatesYes
1907PolioUnited States9 years
1931PolioUnited StatesNo
1942PolioUnited States11 years

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