Crocker, Charles Frederick

Charles Frederick Crocker, capitalist, was born at Sacramento, Cal., Dec. 26, 1854; son of Charles and ?? (Eaton) Crocker. His father was the pioneer financier and railroad builder. The son was educated in the public schools of Sacramento, at the University Mound college; at the California military academy; in Europe in 1873 and 1875, and at the Polytechnic institute of Brooklyn, N.Y. In 1875 he returned to California with failing eyesight and engaged in the railroad business with the Southern Pacific railhead, of which his father was an officer. He began as clerk with the division superintendent and was successively promoted to the position of clerk in the general freight office, to the desk of "loss and damage," to the office of claim adjuster, and then as successor to Gen. David E. Colton as purchasing and financial agent of the company. The office of third vice-president was created for him and he became resident managing director and sole representative of the real ownership of the road, owing to the protracted absence of the other owners in the east and Europe. In 1888 he was made second vice-president and on the death of his father, Aug. 14, 1888, he came into the financial management of an estate of $24,000,000. In 1890 he was elected first vice-president of the road with administrative responsibility involving $200,000,000 capital. He died at San Mateo, Cal., July 17, 1897. 

From: Twentieth Century Biographical Dictionary of Notable Americans, Johnson, Rossiter, editor

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