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Items on this page are taken from historical newspapers( as identified) and pertain to people and events that happened in years past for Sacramento County. These are transcriptions of the text as displayed in these newspapers and may contain typographical errors. So if in doubt, we suggest you try and view the newspapers for yourself and verify the data for accuracy.

The Sacramento Daily Union, 03 Dec 1862

Killed on the 8th of October, at the battle of Perryville, Kentucky, while gallantly urging his men on to victor, Wellington H. Millard, of the Twenty-first Wisconsin Volunteer Regiment, aged 41 years, son of Mrs. Mary Millard of Albany, New York, brother of Captain N.B. Millard, Wisconsin Cavalry, and brother-in-law of Dr. C. Duncombe of Sacramento county.
The Sacramento Daily Union, Friday 01 January 1864

  • This pdf document is a whole year (1863) for births, deaths and marriages as reported by the newspaper.