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USGenWeb Project

Organized in 1996, the USGenWeb Project is a loosely-organized group of volunteers that work to create a center for genealogical research for every county in the United States. The Project is non-commercial and fully-committed to providing free access to genealogical and historical resources for everyone.

The USGenWeb Project also sponsors several special projects at the national level. To learn more about the USGenWeb Project and its history, visit the national site.

Our Founder

Jeff Murphy Photo

Jeff Donald Murphy was born August 28, 1947, in Bowling Green, Kentucky, a son of Powell Davis Murphy and Marjorie (Morrison) Murphy, and passed away May 20, 2001, Gresham, Oregon. Jeff was the founder of the KYGenWeb Project, the USGenWeb Project, the USBiographies Project and co-founder of the KYBiographies Project.

CAGenWeb Project

First loaded onto the Internet on July 16, 1996, the CAGenWeb Project was created when the USGenWeb Project organizers expanded by creating individual projects for every state in the U.S.

Space for the California portion of the USGenWeb Project originally was donated by the late Richard S. Wilson, who was the CAGenWeb Project's first state coordinator. Since 2002, space for the CAGenWeb Project has been funded by various private and organization donations.

County Coordinator

Eliza Bullard Photo

I am Eliza Bullard, coordinator and website designer for the Plumas County CAGenWeb Project since May 1, 2004.

I am a genealogist, family historian, and a prosopographer. I caught the genealogy bug back in 1994 and hope never to be cured. I love what I do and I love helping people to trace the histories of their own ancestors.

A cousin of mine, Edgar J. Bullard, once wrote, "To preserve details about our ancestors from wasting records and fast-decaying monuments is the priviledge and the meed of those who compile family histories." I certainly share my cousin's sentiment.

I am proud to be a part of the USGenWeb Project, since providing free access to historical records for everyone is very important to me. I hope that you will find this site helpful and that you enjoy your visit.

If you have any questions or comments, please contact me by following the Contact Us link in the left column on this page.

Sincerest thanks to the previous coordinator, Tim I. Purdy, for all of his hard work on this website and for his continuing support and contributions to this project.

Neighboring Counties

Neighboring Counties Map

Butte County (west-southwest)
Lassen County (north and east)
Shasta County (northwest)
Sierra County (south)
Tehama County (west)
Yuba County (south)




The Project

The CAGenWeb Project comprises 58 counties, 27 of which are original counties that were established with the admission of California to the United States. Each county project is headed by a coordinator or coordinators whose primary goal is to provide a free genealogy website for genealogical research. The USGenWeb Project and each of its affiliates is non-commercial and fully-committed to free genealogy access for everyone. The CAGenWeb Project provides a single entry point for all USGenWeb projects within the State of California. Since there are no state-specific rules with regard to the CAGenWeb Project and website content and design for each county is entirely up to its coordinator, you will find a wide variety of websites within the project - some with a great deal of organized data. The initial goal of the CAGenWeb Project was to be a collaborative effort that would be helpful to researchers. I hope that I have done my part to reach that goal with this county site. I don't link to the CAGenWeb Project site, but you can Google it if you need the link. The main CAGenWeb Project site doesn't offer you any important information that you can't find right here on this site, anyway.


Click on a heading to the right to obtain more information about that heading. Also provided on the right is a list of all California counties, which will take you directly to a county project's website.

A Little Bit About Plumas County

Plumas County was formed from parts of Butte County in 1854. It was only natural to name the county for the river that flows through it - Feather River. In 1821, the river was named el rio de las plumas (the river of feathers) by Spanish explorer Luis Antonio Argüelo for the multitude of waterfowl that he observed upon its waters. In about 1850, the river's name was anglicized to Feather River.

Plumas County tidbits:



Learn more about Plumas County, California by visiting the County History page.


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