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Below you will find a listing of WWI Draft Registrations for Placer County. Please note: this may well be incomplete listing. You can research for yourself at your local Family History Center,

According to the Familysearch.org library catalog the listing of WWI Draft Registrations for Placer County:
Placer County, A - Rosa, Henry FHL US/CAN Film 1531273
Placer County, Rodemann, Howard Albert FHL US/CAN Film 1531274

Baa Bea Bia Bla Bra Bro Bus

Name Birth Date Residence
Placer County CA
Birthplace Race
James Frances Cadden 15 Nov 1879 page 12   White
Samuel Clark Cadenhead 7 Aug 1885     White
Roy A Cain 26 Sep 1876     White
Charles James Caldwell 15 Jan 1876     White
Albert Gerris Calhoun 7 Apr 1894   West Virginia Caucasian
Cyril William Calkins 30 Nov 1896   California White;Caucasian
Perry William Callahan 25 Jul 1889   California Caucasian
Arthur Le Roy Callaway 26 Apr 1882     White
Fred Harlan Calligan 22 Oct 1883     White
James Joseph Callison 15 Dec 1873     White
Stanley Thomas Callister 10 Feb 1879     White
Blaine Calvin 11 Jul 1891   Ohio Caucasian
William Roy Calvin 25 Jan 1893   New Mexico Caucasian
Nemesis Camina 29 Dec 1887   Philippines Malay
William David Campbell 24 Nov 1872     White
James Augustus Campbell 15 Sep 1881     White
George Washington Campbell 21 Apr 1883     White
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