CA Birth Index Look-up Request
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Please use this form to request a look-up of the California Birth Index.
The years span from 1909 to 1995

Thank you!

Your Name: (Example: John Doe)

Your Email Address: (Example: johndoe@yahoo.com)

The surname you are requesting: (Last Name)

The given name you are requesting: (First Name)

Please provide the mother's MAIDEN name if you know it:

Please provide the COUNTY of birth if you know it:

Do you know the exact year of birth?
That year is:

If not, please provide a possible year:
That year is:

If you have NO idea, please provide an approximate 5-year range.
(Example: 1905 to 1910)

Click this button to submit your response. WARNING: If you feel the need to place a 'filter' on your email, understand that we will NOT go through your 'application' process to get a reply to you. You may well not receive the reply you are so hoping for. It is suggested YOU make sure your email can and will accept an email message with CABI in the subject.

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