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Name Marker Grave Death Date Birth Date Birth Location Notes
Wagner, Frank A342 28-Feb-1959 18-Jun-1899 Hungary  
Walima, Hans 883 16-Sep-1941 3-Jan-1893 Finland  
Walker, Charles William 126 8-Sep-1923 21-Oct-1876 Illinois  
Walker, Orlando A298 22-Nov-1956 4-Jan-1900 Florida  
Wallace, Andrew A436 15-Jun-1966 8-Feb-1884 Denmark  
Wallace, Pat unk 17-May-1921 Dec-1879 Ireland  
Walls, Lucian A160 29-Sep-1948 15-Jan-1923 Louisana  
Walsh, Harry 667 26-Oct-1935 17-Apr-1882 Ireland  
Walsh, James 499 14-Oct-1931 6-Feb-1880 Ireland  
Ward, Thomas 813 1-Nov-1939 4-Sep-1882 New York, NY  
Ward, William Clay 266 25-Aug-1926 22-Feb-1865 Ireland  
Warner, John 934 4-Mar-1943 3-Mar-1880 Gunnison, CO  
Warren, Matthew A210 10-Nov-1950 28-Jan-1897 Finland  
Wearne, Leo E. 282 4-Feb-1927 29-May-1878 Michigan  
Webb, Albert 933 17-Feb-1943 16-May-1869 Texas  
Webber, William G. A12 8-Oct-1944 15-Jun-1884 Toledo, OH  
Weber, William 300 23-Aug-1927 30-Jun-1870 Germany  
Webster, Thomas W. 291 9-Jun-1927 25-Mar-1870 California  
Weckstrom, Axel 216 13-Jul-1925 29-Dec-1869 Sweden  
Weddel, Arthur Wesley 953 4-Jul-1943 21-Aug-1913 Dunsmuir, CA Indian
Weigand, Peter 920 1-Dec-1942 22-Feb-1880 Russia  
Welch, John D. 602 15-Apr-1934 17-Nov-1874 Ohio  
Welch, Robert 899 20-Mar-1942 2-Jul-1880 Menominie, WI  
West, Olaf A69 12-May-1946 29-Dec-1878 Sweden  
Westman, Santra unk 22-May-1922 29-Apr-1881 Finland  
Wheeler, Guy 861 27-Dec-1940 26-Aug-1884 Shreveport, LA  
White, Enoch Milton 944 28-Apr-1943 7-Mar-1874 Salinas, CA  
Whitman, Frank 416 30-Mar-1930 11-Jul-1888 California  
Wilcockson, Thomas C. A380 21-Aug-1961 12-May-1910 Arkansas  
Wilkinson, Leroy 550 30-Jan-1933 15-Aug-1882 Kansas  
Williams, Charles 389 18-Jul-1929 25-Jul-1881 Virginia  
Williams, George F. 649 29-Apr-1935 13-Jan-1874 West Virginia Disinterred and reburied in the Old Auburn Cemetery; death certificate still says Weimar.
Williams, Joan A412 9-Jan-1964 8-Jul-1932 Massachusetts  
Williams, William Edgar 154 11-May-1924 15-Sep-1876 Washington  
Willsey, Edward 597 10-Mar-1934 26-Oct-1905 District of Columbia  
Wilson, Arthur A11 17-Sep-1944 1-Jun-1874 Finland  
Wilson, Frank unk 4-Mar-1921 1882 Ohio  
Wilson, George V. unk 28-Mar-1921 2-Feb-1873 Oregon  
Wilson, John L. unk 17-Nov-1920 28-Apr-1860   Maybe born in Pennsylvania
Wilson, Ralph unk 27-Mar-1923 4-Feb-1886 Missouri  
Wilson, Tom 767 6-Jun-1938 1-Jun-1871 Illinois  
Wilson, William 111 22-Apr-1923 22-Nov-1886 Louisiana  
Wimbari, John 506 21-Dec-1931 17-Feb-1884 Finland  
Wimmet, James Orville 690 18-Sep-1936 8-Aug-1906 Missouri Disinterred; death certificate still says Weimar
Wing, Ah 867 27-Feb-1941 27-Jul-1851 China  
Witt, Harry 560 24-May-1933 29-May-1874 Pennsylvania  
Wolf, William 322 5-Jan-1928 31-Aug-1885 Illinois  
Wong, Ah unk 4-Nov-1920 1862 China  
Wong, Back Shing A316 17-Sep-1957 1-Jan-1887 China  
Wong, Chung Way A3 12-Jun-1944 24-Aug-1908 China  
Wong, Emma 339 22-Apr-1928 14-Jun-1902 California  
Wong, Warren 650 20-May-1935 21-Jun-1922 California Disinterred; death certificate still says Weimar
Woodcock, Howard 581 2-Oct-1933 11-Aug-1887 Maryland  
Woody, Hezekiah A475 19-Jun-1972 25-Nov-1900 South Carolina California Death Index shows birth year of 1901, but Placer County Death Certificate shows 1900.
Woulas, Chris 468 4-Apr-1931 24-May-1878 Greece  
Wozniak, Mieczyslau Francis A250 6-Mar-1954 12-Aug-1900 Illinois Nickname Mack
Wyss, Ernest A45 2-Aug-1945 16-Jun-1885 Switzerland  
Yamaguchi, K. unk 5-Feb-1920 1877 Japan  
Yarbrough, James A466 27-Oct-1968 20-Nov-1880 Washington  
Yazaki, Hirosaki 295 19-Jul-1927 11-Nov-1857 Japan  
Yee, Harry Bean A179 1-Apr-1949 2-Jul-1893 California  
Yepez, Jose 999 18-May-1944 19-Mar-1906 Mexico  
Yerkovich, George A374 13-May-1961 6-May-1890 Yugoslavia  
Young, Arthur Charles A397 15-Nov-1962 2-Sep-1888 South Dakota  
Young, Ernest 408 11-Jan-1930 29-Apr-1906 Washington  
Young, Mildred 443 9-Oct-1930 1-Jan-1908 California  
Young, William 894 31-Jan-1942 10-Oct-1873 Lexington, MO  
Zacharias, Anthony G. 366 25-Nov-1928 12-Jan-1890 Greece  
Zambetti, Fidal 150 23-Apr-1924 29-Feb-1876 Italy  
Zamora, Conception 308 7-Oct-1927 8-Dec-1882 Mexico  
Zizgakos, John unk 15-Jan-1922 16-Jun-1868 Greece  
Zuzich, John See Tuzich, John (death cert has both names)

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