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Name Marker Grave Death Date Birth Date Birth Location Notes
Tafoya, Ignacia 619 25-Sep-1934 ~1891 Mexico  
Takanen, Ivar 765 28-May-1938 20-Aug-1882 Greenland  
Takemoto, Matsutaro A170 9-Dec-1948 18-Mar-1880 Japan  
Taktar, Jack 711 28-Feb-1937 15-May-1885 Finland  
Tamm, John 281 4-Feb-1927 27-Feb-1879 Russia  
Tanaka, Sansaku A181 20-Apr-1949 25-Sep-1879 Japan  
Tanaya, Josephine 772 13-Aug-1938 ~1927 Sacramento, CA  
Tarpie, Louis 500 2-Nov-1931 17-Mar-1888 California  
Tartini, T. 210 31-May-1925 1900 Sacramento, CA  
Taylor, Warner 337 16-Apr-1928 7-Nov-1900 Virginia  
Taylor, William Louis A469 25-Mar-1970 10-Jan-1897 Maine  
Tena, Diego 218 13-Jul-1925 1881 Spain  
Tenetti, Pete A44 2-Aug-1945 11-Nov-1884 Italy  
Terry, Silas A150 8-Jun-1948 29-Apr-1894 Missouri  
Thompson, Edward A272 24-Nov-1955 25-Jun-1885 Sweden  
Thompson, Frank A328 26-May-1958 Nov-1891 Brooklyn, NY  
Thompson, Jack A263 17-Jun-1955 19-Jul-1902 Washington  
Thompson, James Owens 658 10-Aug-1935 1-Aug-1903 Iowa  
Thompson, Newman unk 26-Jan-1922 21-Jul-1888 Mississippi  
Thompson, Rosa 782 23-Nov-1938 28-Nov-1898 Wisconsin  
Thompson, Severt A23 17-Jan-1945 5-Mar-1884 Wisconsin  
Thompson, Tom 895 10-Feb-1942 22-May-1910 Norway  
Thornton, Daniel 243 13-Jan-1926 1886 New York  
Thornton, Frank 223 7-Aug-1925 6-Dec-1899 California  
Tillotson, Charles 848 6-Oct-1940 30-Jun-1877 Susisun, CA  
Toland, James A385 31-Oct-1961   Canada  
Tolipolos, Nick 246 12-Mar-1926 8-Jun-1882 Greece  
Tomasi, Eugenio A266 19-Aug-1955 4-Jan-1895 Italy  
Tona, Evaristo 528 19-Sep-1932 1898 Mexico  
Toriotis, George 187 27-Dec-1924 14-Feb-1888 Greece  
Tornberg, John 472 22-Apr-1931 1891 Sweden  
Torres, Frank A305 5-Mar-1957 29-Jan-1902 New Mexico  
Torres, Louis A273 3-Dec-1955 15-Aug-1885 Mexico  
Torres, Steve 884 17-Sep-1941 18-Nov-1898 Garfield, NM  
Tracia, Aleck A369 9-Feb-1961 25-Dec-1905 New York  
Tracy, Jack A64 18-Apr-1946 22-May-1887 California  
Tracy, John 589 23-Dec-1933 1-Mar-1874 England  
Trasvira, Ysabel 485 8-Jul-1931 1891 Mexico  
Travers, Joseph A319 30-Oct-1957 13-Jul-1906 Manchester, MA  
Travinsky, John A97 7-Mar-1947 24-Dec-1891 Russia  
Trimaisch, Francis unk 17-Apr-1922 6-Jan-1889 Austria  
Tsagranis, Nick A317 27-Sep-1957 7-Mar-1888 Greece  
Turk, Daisy M. A231 23-May-1952 14-May-1919 Alabama  
Turner, Frank 995 26-Apr-1944 12-Jun-1888 Boston, MA  
Tuzich, John 547 12-Jan-1933 22-May-1881 Russia AKA Zuzich
Tyler, Geraldine A278 20-Jan-1956 9-Jun-1921 Oregon  
Unkovich, Chris unk 29-Dec-1922 22-May-1895 Austria  
Upham, Arthur A176 25-Feb-1949 14-Feb-1882 Ohio  
Upton, Harry 680 14-Feb-1936 5-Dec-1876 Tennessee  
Uranga, Aneceto A439 10-Aug-1966 27-Jun-1897 Texas  
Urenda, Juan A370 16-Feb-1961 24-Jun-1882 Mexico  
Urich, Bob 902 14-Apr-1942 28-Oct-1888 Yugoslavia  
Uzelac, Sam 869 15-Apr-1941 24-Mar-1886 Yugoslavia CA Death Index says died in Orange Co.
Valdez, Francisco A381 31-Aug-1961 4-Oct-1897 Mexico  
Valdez, Pedro 377 5-Mar-1929 1-Aug-1905 Mexico  
Vales, James 242 26-Dec-1925 7-Mar-1884 Greece  
Vallecillo, Esteban 360 3-Sep-1928 28-Nov-1906 Mexico  
Valverde, Genevieve A94 8-Feb-1947 2-Jan-1895 Texas  
Van Dalfsen, Jochem A296 2-Sep-1956 27-Oct-1875 Holland  
Van Horn, James 507 19-Dec-1931 15-Jan-1871 Missouri  
VanAlmen, Frank William A129 10-Oct-1947 26-May-1882 Minnesota  
Vandiver, Thomas A379 3-Aug-1961 5-Sep-1892 Alaska  
Vargas, Fred A352 30-Jan-1960 14-Feb-1912 New Mexico  
Vargas, Jose A358 19-May-1960 1-Dec-1893 Mexico  
Vargas, Marcus A228 3-Feb-1952 1-Jan-1885 Portugal  
Vasquez, Juana 670 28-Nov-1935 24-Jun-1897 Mexico  
Vasquez, Victor 293 12-Jun-1927 Jan-1887 Mexico  
Veci, Augustine 886 30-Sep-1941 1897 Spain  
Vega, Ramon A216 14-Mar-1951 ~1900 Arizona  
Vega, Teodora 387 8-Jun-1929 24-Apr-1871 Mexico  
Velasco, Frank 580 1-Oct-1933 23-Sep-1909 Hawaii  
Vereskoski, Carlo 121 13-Jul-1923 26-May-1882 Russia  
Verlin, Steve 847 4-Oct-1940 16-Jun-1885 Austria  
Veselich, John A413 5-Feb-1964 ~1894 Austria  
Vesterfelt, William A341 31-Jan-1959 6-Apr-1887 New York  
Vidas, Jack 204 14-Apr-1925 24-Jul-1886 Austria  
Viereck, Fred A286 11-Apr-1956 21-Jun-1885 Germany  
Villa, Jose 721 11-Jun-1937 31-May-1904 Mexico  
Villa, Manuel 629 30-Nov-1934 24-Nov-1906 Mexico  
Vincent, Leonard A336 30-Oct-1958 22-May-1910 England  
Vino, Aino 436 2-Sep-1930 4-Dec-1882 Finland  
Vinson, Edgar A27 28-Feb-1945 15-May-1900 Houston, TX California Death Index shows birth year of 1901, but Placer County Death Certificate shows 1900.
Viramontes, Nicholas 470 15-Apr-1931 10-Sep-1888 Mexico  
Viskovich, Joseph 675 3-Jan-1936 19-Mar-1884 Austria  
Vittorio, Alfonso 171 23-Oct-1924 7-Feb-1886 Spain  
Vivarelli, Gus 466 31-Mar-1931 16-Apr-1880 Italy  
Vogeli, Henry H.   19-Jul-1939 15-Feb-1894 Oneida, CA Death cert: "Removed Weimar" but buried in Sac area

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