Weimar Cemetery Index: N, O & P

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Name Marker Grave Death Date Birth Date Birth Location Notes
Nadal, Helen 345 1-Jul-1928 12-Feb-1909 Philippines  
Nagata, K. unk 20-Mar-1920 23-Apr-1879 Japan  
Nalpin, William unk 5-Jan-1922 11-Apr-1885 Pennsylvania  
Negrete, Ramon H. A295 24-Sep-1956 31-Aug-1888 Mexico  
Nelson, Anton A389 20-Dec-1961 23-Feb-1881 Norway  
Nelson, Antone unk 17-May-1921 31-Jul-1863 Norway  
Nelson, Carl E. 864 10-Jan-1941 7-Feb-1881 Kansas City, MO  
Nelson, Edward A65 26-Apr-1946 22-Apr-1890 Norway  
Nelson, Martin 201 20-Mar-1925 1-Apr-1884 Minnesota  
Nelson, Nels A15 31-Oct-1944 7-Dec-1870 Sweden  
Nelson, Nelse Axel 163 23-Jul-1924 25-Jun-1877 Finland  
Nelson, Oscar unk 24-Aug-1922 17-Jan-1886 Sweden  
Nevarez, Frank Chavera A120 23-Aug-1947 12-May-1911 Texas  
Newhouse, Spivey A107 30-May-1947 14-Feb-1923 Texas  
Nichols, John A287 23-Apr-1956 28-Oct-1885 Missouri  
Nides, Roberto A62 20-Mar-1946 15-Jan-1900 Mexico California Death Index shows birth year of 1901, but Placer County Death Certificate shows 1900.
Nieto, Felicitas 796 29-Apr-1939 18-May-1913 Mexico  
Niles, Walter 326 20-Jan-1928 16-Mar-1869 Wisconsin  
Nir, Charles unk 15-Dec-1922 3-Feb-1877 Austria  
Nixon, Henry G. 900 30-Mar-1942 7-Jul-1875 Yreka, CA  
Noe, Orville A444 12-Oct-1966 4-May-1905 Illinois  
Nolan, John E. A239 8-Jan-1953 23-Mar-1883 California  
Noll, Adolph A68 11-May-1946 2-Mar-1878 California  
Nona, G. Andrew unk 19-Jul-1920 28-Aug-1878 Italy  
Norden, John 905 30-Jul-1942 12-Feb-1869 England Placer County Death Certificate says he was born in Sweden, but family trees say West Wratting, Cambridgeshire, England based on the 1871 England Census and on Swedish Emigration Records.
Norman, Lee A433 18-Dec-1965 3-Jul-1902 Missouri  
Northcott, Geroge 777 3-Nov-1938 1-Oct-1889 San Francisco, CA  
Norton, George 923 12-Dec-1942 24-Aug-1899 Waterbury, CT  
Nush, Michael 214 16-Jun-1925 8-Apr-1905 Pennsylvania  
Nyholm, Carl 561 25-May-1933 26-Dec-1877 Finland  
O'Brien, James A101 19-Apr-1947 14-Feb-1891 San Francisco, CA  
O'Brien, Patrick 419 18-Apr-1930 26-Feb-1876 California  
O'Bryan, John 306 5-Oct-1927 15-Aug-1857 Wisconsin  
O'Connor, Ennis 332 2-Mar-1928 24-Aug-1898 Ireland  
O'Grady, Maurice E. unk 14-Oct-1920 4-Oct-1878 Boston, MA  
O'Neal, Patrick 872 30-May-1941 6-Jun-1882 Georgetown, CO  
O'Neil, Jack 897 16-Mar-1942 17-Mar-1876 Hopland, CA  
O'Neil, Samuel Jack A217 12-Mar-1951 12-Jan-1913 Texas  
O'Neil, Tom 414 26-Feb-1930 9-Jan-1878 Missouri  
O'Neil, William R. 573 12-Aug-1933 30-Oct-1867 Minnesota  
Oakes, Mary 274 17-Nov-1926 18-Sep-1900 Kentucky Second burial for this number; first was disinterred
Obera, Tomasa 402 2-Oct-1929 25-Aug-1889 Mexico  
Oblizalo, Nick 458 5-Feb-1931 6-Dec-1882 Dalmacia  
Occioni Peter 712 10-Mar-1937 20-Jun-1886 Italy  
Odau, Ferdinand 116 11-Jun-1923 30-Jul-1875 Russia  
Ogrin, Jim 809 25-Aug-1939 26-Jul-1890 Austria  
Oja, Atle A280 27-Feb-1956 21-Jul-1883 Finland  
Olsen, Gus unk 12-Oct-1920 14-May-1878 Sweden  
Olsen, Hilda 399 10-Sep-1929 3-Nov-1887 Wisconsin  
Olson, Gust 751 28-Jan-1938 1882 Sweden  
Olson, John 965 26-Sep-1943 6-Jun-1891 Sweden  
Opeka, John 330 10-Feb-1928 17-May-1887 Hawaii  
Ordonez, Quirina 820 9-Feb-1940 4-Jul-1910 Mexico  
Ortez, Isobel 304 18-Sep-1927 19-Nov-1911 Mexico  
Osborne, Mary 852 3-Nov-1940 20-Jul-1914 Fostoria, Ohio  
Oscoff, George 224 5-Aug-1925 5-Aug-1905 Kansas  
Owen, William W. unk 3-Jan-1921 9-Jun-1868 Ohio  
Owens, James A125 19-Sep-1947 12-Mar-1891 Mississippi  
Owens, Joseph A233 22-Sep-1952 3-Nov-1883 Des Moines, IA  
Padilla, Juanita 598 26-Mar-1934 19-Dec-1918 Mexico  
Pagan, Angel 117 16-Jun-1923 1-May-1901 Hawaii  
Pagoa, Thomas 653 3-Jun-1935 Feb-1908 Philippines  
Palmeri, Pete A188 11-Aug-1949 25-Dec-1888 Italy  
Palmquist, John 992 16-Apr-1944 10-Apr-1879 Sweden  
Pappas, Chris 574 15-Aug-1933 1885 Greece  
Pappas, Chris 874 8-Jun-1941 1874 Greece  
Pappas, Nick A461 30-Apr-1968 6-Apr-1885 Greece  
Pardini, Mansueto A419 25-Aug-1964 25-Mar-1882 Italy  
Parizek, Carl 595 4-Mar-1934 15-Dec-1879 Germany  
Parks, Walter A180 14-Apr-1949 16-Jun-1887 Arkansas  
Partin, James 818 12-Dec-1939 18-Oct-1874 Mendocino County, CA  
Pasini, Jasper unk 12-Jan-1921 25-Dec-1869 Italy  
Pasiona, Aurie unk 5-Aug-1921 21-Jan-1889 Philipines  
Pastorini, Andrew 621 27-Sep-1934 18-Jun-1887 Italy  
Patterson, Pat 606 3-Jun-1934 17-Nov-1875 Illinois  
Patton, Jesse A20 25-Dec-1944 2-Jun-1889 Nashville, TN  
Patton, Matilda A468 7-Mar-1970 13-Mar-1900 Wyoming California Death Index shows birth year of 1901, but Placer County Death Certificate shows 1900.
Pavich, Joe 692 23-Sep-1936 18-Mar-1893 Austria  
Penaflor, Alex Cruz A203 1-Jun-1950 3-May-1902 Mexico  
Pender, Ollie A238 23-Dec-1952 11-Sep-1882 Texas  
Pennell, Willard 925 15-Dec-1942 16-Jan-1881 Wilmington, DE  
Penuniri, Manuel A80 28-Oct-1946 17-Jun-1898 Mexico  
Perani, Gabriel 518 25-Apr-1932 6-Jan-1879 Italy  
Perez, Brigido M. A200 24-Apr-1950 16-Feb-1903 Mexico  
Perez, Feliciano A307 24-Mar-1957 14-May-1898 Mexico  
Perez, Jose Leon A29 15-Mar-1945 3-Mar-1917 Mexico  
Perez, Justo 722 18-Jun-1937 13-Feb-1885 Spain  
Perez, Loujina 450 15-Dec-1930 1901 New Mexico  
Perez, Lupe 484 1-Jul-1931 12-Dec-1911 Mexico  
Perez, Profirio See Profirio Mejia
Perez, Severiano P. 362 26-Sep-1928 21-Feb-1889 Mexico  
Perez, Victor 715 25-Mar-1937 13-Jun-1910 Mexico  
Perry, Louis A262 1-Mar-1955      
Pertico, Joe 385 22-May-1929 1891 New Mexico  
Peters, Martin 309 6-Oct-1927 25-Feb-1899 California  
Petersen, Chris 755 12-Feb-1938 11-Oct-1869 Denmark  
Peterson, Gus unk 22-Jan-1922 12-Oct-1872 Wisconsin  
Peterson, Gust 968 12-Oct-1943 11-Nov-1885 Sweden  
Peterson, Joe 219 19-Jul-1925 3-Oct-1871 Sweden  
Peterson, Peter 446 28-Oct-1930 9-Jan-1885 Denmark  
Petranovich, Joseph A349 27-Nov-1959 9-Mar-1887 Yugoslavia  
Petrini, Pietro 197 21-Feb-1925 10-Aug-1880 Italy  
Petroski, Frank 914 10-Oct-1942 22-Jul-1892 Poland  
Petty, Jack O. 465 30-Mar-1931 7-Nov-1878 Illinois  
Peyton, Frank M. 479 8-Jun-1931 18-Jun-1890 Ohio  
Pike, Frank 473 5-May-1931     No Placer County death certificate found
Pilovich, George 787 2-Feb-1939 16-Jun-1896 Yugoslavia  
Pimentel, Esequiel A402 9-Feb-1963 3-Apr-1894 Mexico  
Pine, Antone 845 21-Sep-1940 10-Apr-1908 Point Richmond, CA  
Pineda, Louis 504 14-Dec-1931 3-Oct-1896 Philippines  
Pinon, Alfredo 356 19-Aug-1928 3-Jun-1902 Mexico  
Pioletti, Bart 368 12-Dec-1928 5-May-1883 Italy  
Placido, Freido 464 30-Mar-1931 4-Oct-1904 Philippines  
Plasensia, Domingo 373 6-Jan-1929 12-May-1888 Mexico  
Plouff, George A151 12-Jun-1948 26-Aug-1874 Wisconsin  
Polacio, Ignacio 612 22-Jul-1934 31-Jul-1885 Mexico  
Polideri, Alfred 530 4-Oct-1932 1886 Italy  
Polino, Sabino 497 7-Oct-1931 30-Dec-1901 Mexico  
Ponce, Francisco A56 16-Jan-1946 4-Oct-1905 Mexico  
Popovich, Peter 125 21-Aug-1923 15-Jul-1882 Austria  
Portillo, Ramon 732 11-Aug-1937 7-Sep-1898 Mexico  
Potter, June L. 208 4-May-1925 23-Feb-1875 Kentucky  
Powers, Arthur A117 10-Aug-1947 26-Jun-1884 Massachusetts  
Powers, Nicholas 481 12-Jun-1931 19-Aug-1861 Michigan Nickname Nick
Pozanovich, Mike 655 9-Jun-1935 13-Jul-1889 Yugoslavia  
Prager, Harry 559 21-May-1933 14-Apr-1887 South Dakota  
Preston, Fred 252 5-May-1926 1-Jan-1868    
Previsich, John 196 11-Feb-1925 15-Aug-1894 Slavonia  
Prieto, Nicholas A368 5-Feb-1961 10-Sep-1890 Mexico  
Prijatel, Charles 567 2-Jul-1933 8-Jan-1900 Minnesota AKA Walter Brown
Prommel, Joe A37 9-Jun-1945 16-Jan-1887 Peterson, NJ  
Pudas, Eino A79 2-Oct-1946 12-Jan-1899 Sweden  
Pullo, Vincent 441 28-Sep-1930 15-Apr-1910 Philippines  
Pumar, Modesto 297 1-Aug-1927 15-Mar-1878 Spain  
Purtell, Walter A85 6-Jan-1947 17-Jun-1900 Massachusetts  

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