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Name Marker Grave Death Date Birth Date Birth Location Notes
Hackett, William R. 249 17-Apr-1926 13-Sep-1879 Kentucky  
Haley, William unk 14-Mar-1920 7-Feb-1850    
Hall, Elsie A196 4-Jan-1950 29-Nov-1915 Arkansas  
Hallenborg, Frances A153 5-Jul-1948 19-Jun-1911 Nebraska  
Hallenborg, Roy V . A225 10-Dec-1951 8-Nov-1897 Nebraska Died at Placer County Hosp; buried in Weimar
Halpin, Joseph 546 9-Jan-1933 17-Apr-1881 San Francisco, CA  
Hansen, Charles 333 11-Mar-1928 2-May-1889 Washington  
Hansen, George 981 29-Jan-1944 6-Jun-1883 Denmark  
Hansen, Walter 327 27-Jan-1928 14-Apr-1886 Wisconsin  
Hanson, Barney 726 24-Jul-1937 30-Jan-1891 Oregon  
Hanson, Frank A313 5-Aug-1957 28-Dec-1905 Tacoma, WA  
Hanson, Peter unk 11-Mar-1923 17-Nov-1887 Sweden  
Hardie, Jackson 217 12-Jul-1925 Sep-1867 Illinois  
Harger, Thurmon 615 22-Aug-1934 11-Aug-1902 Oklahoma Death Certificate has first name Thurman, but new gravestone shows Thurmon.
Harmon, Jacob A215 1-Feb-1951 11-Nov-1896 Russia  
Harp, Walter A222 9-Sep-1951 12-Apr-1901 Scipio, OK  
Harris, Charles A411 2-Oct-1963 13-Jul-1904 England  
Harris, John unk 3-Nov-1920 30-Oct-1876 England  
Harris, Thomas unk 11-Feb-1920 14-Jun-1852 England  
Harrison, Belle unk 28-Jan-1920 21-Feb-1891 Kentucky Duplicate death cert has surname of Hanson
Harrison, Edward A41 26-Jul-1945 18-Nov-1885 Mt. Carmel, IL  
Harrison, Henry A321 28-Dec-1957 8-Jul-1878 Massachusetts  
Hartman, Ralph 893 20-Jan-1942 18-Aug-1884 Chico, CA  
Harvey, Clifford 140 24-Feb-1924 28-Dec-1899 California  
Harvey, James unk 2-Feb-1921 26-Jun-1876 Australia  
Hasegawa, Eizo A124 5-Sep-1947 15-Apr-1877 Japan  
Haskell, Harry A409 3-Sep-1963 23-Aug-1899 Wisconsin  
Hattery, John A4 12-Jun-1944 16-Dec-1882 Ventura, CA  
Hayes, Edward Elvin A274 9-Dec-1955 19-Sep-1912 Lima, OH Nickname Eddie
Hazelwood, Claude 435 31-Aug-1930 15-Apr-1864 Illinois  
Heairelson, Wallace L. 684 6-Jun-1936 11-May-1884 Texas  
Heaney, Mike unk 18-Oct-1921 7-May-1876 Ireland  
Henderson, Edward 828 2-May-1940 27-Jan-1877 Vallejo, CA  
Hendry, Frank A418 15-Aug-1964 26-Sep-1899 Minnesota  
Heredia, Micayle 467 2-Apr-1931 1895 Mexico  
Hernandes, Maria 256 1-Jun-1926 1896 Mexico  
Hernandez, Albert Lopez 826 19-Mar-1940 6-Oct-1918 Los Angeles, CA  
Hernandez, Augustine 769 14-Jun-1938 28-Aug-1907 Mexico  
Hernandez, Jose 967 29-Sep-1943 19-Mar-1897 El Paso, TX  
Hernandez, Reyes 352 4-Aug-1928 1897 Mexico  
Hernandez, Secundino 956 20-Jul-1943 Jul-1873 Mexico  
Hernandez, Trinidad 349 12-Jul-1928 9-Jul-1909 Texas  
Herndon, George James 911 17-Aug-1942 13-Feb-1881 Tulare County, CA  
Heronaka, Jutaro 395 12-Aug-1929 3-Oct-1875 Japan  
Herrera, Gilbert A415 21-Mar-1964 4-Feb-1903 Mexico  
Hickman, Walter 735 19-Sep-1937 21-May-1883 Iowa  
Hicks, James A145 26-Mar-1948 18-Sep-1880 Virginia  
Hicks, Jesse Harvey A234 16-Oct-1952 6-Feb-1887 Nevada  
Hidalgo, Jose A240 11-Mar-1953 19-Mar-1898 Mexico  
Hidalgo, Juan 262 26-Jul-1926 6-May-1880 Spain  
Hidalgo, Santiago 265 13-Aug-1926 7-Jan-1888 Spain  
Hill, Otto 439 9-Sep-1930 3-Jan-1878 Finland  
Hinds, Barney Alvin A138 17-Feb-1948 29-Sep-1879 Illinois  
Hirschcorn, Emanuel A284 3-Apr-1956 24-Feb-1891 Russia  
Hitchcock, Rhoda 155 20-May-1924 12-Sep-1881 Chile  
Hodge, Alvin R. 915 1-Nov-1942 2-Oct-1918 Eagle River, WI  
Hoffman, Carl 483 17-Jun-1931 31-Oct-1869 Germany  
Hoffman, Edward 747 15-Jan-1938 7-Aug-1886 Missouri  
Hoffman, John A438 29-Jul-1966 5-Jun-1884 Austria  
Holland, Charles A391 23-Dec-1961 29-Mar-1884 Oklahoma  
Holm, Andy 129 5-Nov-1923 16-Jun-1870 Sweden  
Holm, Gus 696 18-Oct-1936 1-Nov-1891 Finland  
Holquin, Lasara unk 2-Apr-1922 19-Apr-1891 New Mexico  
Holt, Robert Lanier A354 6-Feb-1960 24-Aug-1907 South Carolina  
Hom, Check A172 30-Dec-1948 17-May-1879 China Placer County death certificate says "removed to Colfax" but WJS records show buried in Weimar; California Death Index shows name as "Hom, Check"; WSJ records show both names; 1940 Census shows Hom, Check
Hooker, Homer A88 30-Jan-1947 11-Oct-1882 Texas  
Horne, Howard 585 31-Oct-1933 24-Jul-1899 Oklahoma  
Horner, John A260 9-Jan-1955 1-Jun-1879 Pennsylvania Nickname "Jack"
Horton, St. Elmo 275 29-Oct-1926 12-Nov-1892 Kentucky  
Horton, Willie A450 30-Apr-1967 6-Sep-1906 Oklahoma  
Houston, Ray A472 19-Dec-1970 6-Jul-1912 Kansas  
Hovila, Archie A185 17-Jul-1949 9-Feb-1909 Michigan  
Howard, William A. 642 6-Mar-1935 17-Jan-1873 Michigan  
Huber, Walter 807 29-Jul-1939 26-Apr-1914 Lowry, SD  
Hudolin, Louis A182 26-Apr-1949 15-Jul-1888 Austria  
Huff, William J. 662 27-Aug-1935 13-Jun-1900 Iowa  
Hughes, Edwin unk 29-Apr-1921 6-Aug-1870 New York  
Humer, Frank A177 12-Mar-1949 7-Apr-1887 Ohio  
Hunter, Alexander 836 2-Jun-1940 3-Mar-1886 Canada  
Ichijyo, Kuranosuke K. 829 5-May-1940 6-Jun-1878 Japan  
Ikkela, Ludwig 816 19-Nov-1939 15-Jan-1884 Finland  
Imogean, Frank 590 5-Jan-1934 13-Mar-1861 Georgia  
Ingram, Robert 840 15-Jun-1940 24-Jan-1884 Trinity County, CA  
Inouye, Yoshiro George 997 13-May-1944 23-Dec-1903 Japan  
Irish, Omer Gilbert 283 12-Feb-1927 22-Aug-1871 Minnesota  
Irwin, William H. 264 12-Aug-1926 8-Jul-1860 Michigan  

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