Weimar Cemetery Index: E, F & G

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Name Marker Grave Death Date Birth Date Birth Location Notes
Earhart, Homer 761 2-May-1938 16-Jan-1891 Denver, CO  
Echeverria, Barbara A437 21-Jul-1966 13-Jun-1931 Idaho  
Edman, Pete 229 20-Aug-1925 31-Jan-1890 Sweden  
Edwards, Thomas O. 717 25-Apr-1937 3-Sep-1861 Tennessee  
Edwards, William 808 17-Aug-1939 22-Dec-1871 Alabama  
Eilers, Alrich A118 16-Aug-1947 19-Jun-1872 Germany  
Ellis, Jesse M. A18 13-Dec-1944 28-Oct-1908 Canton, GA  
Ellis, Lena 427 25-Jul-1930 15-Apr-1906 Alabama  
Enos, Manuel 200 14-Mar-1925 ~1868 Portugal  
Enquist, Simon 553 6-Mar-1933 27-Jan-1883 Finland  
Erickson, Erick 582 9-Oct-1933 31-Oct-1885 Finland  
Erickson, John 890 27-Dec-1941 27-Oct-1869 Sweden  
Erickson, Vaino unk 24-Mar-1921 1881 Finland  
Erke, Walter A146 8-Apr-1948 16-Jul-1895 Wisconsin  
Escobedo, Guadalupe 381 25-Mar-1929 26-Feb-1913 Mexico  
Espersa, Sista 287 28-Mar-1927 28-Mar-1895 Mexico  
Espino, Helen 733 13-Sep-1937 31-Jan-1921 Mexico  
Esquer, Manuel 539 3-Dec-1932 1888 Mexico  
Evans, Robert 323 5-Jan-1928 2-May-1905 Arkansas  
Evans, Ross 245 27-Feb-1926 14-May-1895 Missouri  
Eyhour, Otto unk 26-Jul-1920 28-Dec-1880   Death Certificate says name is Eyehour, but WJS records show Eyehoun
Facio, Antonio A265 8-Jul-1955 22-Oct-1898 Mexico  
Factora, Moises D. A57 16-Jan-1946 25-May-1902 Philippines  
Fahey, John 851 27-Oct-1940 16-Aug-1892 Newfoundland  
Farr, John L. 460 6-Mar-1931 4-Feb-1904 Georgia  
Farrell, Florence A359 20-May-1960 2-Dec-1905 Minnesota  
Fatich, Steve 697 23-Oct-1936 Oct-1875 Serbia  
Fedrigo, Joseph unk 29-Sep-1922 19-May-1888 Italy  
Fenton, John 707 15-Dec-1936 10-Mar-1890 Wales  
Fenton, Norman A408 9-Aug-1963 29-Dec-1990 Omaha, NE California Death Index shows birth year of 1901, but Placer County Death Certificate shows 1900.
Fernandez, Fred A268 1-Sep-1955 18-Jul-1900 Mexico California Death Index shows birth year of 1901, but Placer County Death Certificate shows 1900.
Fernandez, Jesus 678 13-Feb-1936 22-Dec-1849 Mexico  
Fernandez, Thomas 994 29-Apr-1944 13-Aug-1895 Spain  
Ferreira, Antonio 162 6-Jul-1924 23-Jan-1885 Portugal  
Fetty, Wallace A471 21-Nov-1970 10-Apr-1932 Kansas  
Field, Frank A449 16-Apr-1967 5-May-1906 Missouri  
Fierras, Frederico 783 29-Nov-1938 ~1898 Mexico  
Figaro, Nicholas 971 30-Nov-1943 15-Nov-1880 Italy  
Finch, William 610 7-Jul-1934 15-May-1862 Michigan  
Fioretto, Angelo 348 8-Jul-1928 3-Jul-1878 Italy  
Firkus, Louis J. 462 16-Mar-1931 30-Oct-1883 Wisconsin  
Fischer, Herman A457 4-Nov-1967 1-Apr-1884 Russia  
Fisher, Frank Paul 137 9-Jan-1924 12-Nov-1862 Pennsylvania  
Fisher, James A442 4-Oct-1966 4-Jul-1920 Illinois  
Fisher, Rollie 788 2-Feb-1939 13-Jul-1886 Missouri  
Fitzgerald, William B. 542 8-Dec-1932 18-Apr-1883 Nebraska  
Flanagan, William A13 24-Oct-1944 10-Sep-1882 Gouchester, NJ  
Flavio, Canalez 209 21-May-1925 7-May-1900 Mexico  
Flood, Harry 386 5-Jun-1929 14-Feb-1875 Missouri  
Flood, Theodore unk 10-Apr-1921 25-Sep-1860 California  
Flores, Bennie D. A283 22-Mar-1956 15-Jan-1904 Hawaii  
Flores, Jose 298 2-Aug-1927 Mar-1882 Mexico  
Flores, Jose 532 18-Oct-1932 Mar-1892 Mexico  
Florez, Frank H. 863 30-Dec-1940 4-Sep-1904 Mexico  
Flynn, Martin unk 14-Jan-1921 9-Apr-1870 Canada  
Fonseca, Juan A372 10-Apr-1961 unk Mexico  
Forkell, Edward A292 14-Aug-1956 9-Jan-1891 New York  
Foster, Francis 948 18-May-1943 11-Oct-1901 Jennings, KS  
Foster, John W. unk 12-May-1920 20-Dec-1860 Illinois  
Foster, Joseph 800 8-Jun-1939 17-Mar-1883 Depauw, IN  
Fowler, George W. A51 31-Oct-1945 6-Feb-1904 Bristow, OK  
Frain, George A470 12-Nov-1970 24-Sep-1883 California  
Frames, Tom 552 26-Feb-1933 1885 Greece  
Franklin, A. K. 159 16-Jun-1924 22-Oct-1879 Texas  
Franklin, Harry 695 3-Oct-1936 6-Dec-1882 Iowa  
Freeland, Carl 141 26-Feb-1924 1-Mar-1889 Oregon  
Freeland, James 716 1-Apr-1937 20-Nov-1875 North Carolina  
Freeman, McKinley 143 7-Mar-1924 1-Mar-1900 Texas  
Freese, Al E. 270 24-Sep-1926 8-Feb-1904 Missouri  
Frezzini, John 916 14-Nov-1942 24-Jun-1896 Italy  
Frias, Joe 522 7-Jul-1932 24-Apr-1896 Philippines  
Frizihara, Masuichi 397 26-Aug-1929 29-Nov-1881 Japan  
Frontas, Arturo 564 16-Jun-1933 30-Mar-1895 Spain  
Fuentes, Gilbert 206 25-Apr-1925 1893 Mexico  
Gaddi, Fred 183 9-Dec-1924 6-Feb-1878 Italy  
Galarza, Ynez A348 16-Oct-1959 27-Dec-1899 Mexico  
Galis Oscar 180 3-Dec-1924 6-Feb-1898 Georgia  
Gallagher, Frank unk 13-Mar-1922 18-Dec-1881 Tennessee  
Galloway, Joseph M. 945 6-May-1943 5-Jun-1874 Louis, MO  
Garay, Mariano A143 22-Mar-1948 1897 Mexico  
Garcia, Adeline 299 5-Aug-1927 10-Mar-1904 Colorado  
Garcia, Benito 440 21-Sep-1930 1880 Mexico  
Garcia, Ciapiano 744 29-Dec-1937 16-Jan-1880 Spain  
Garcia, Frank 203 6-Apr-1925 1900 Mexico  
Garcia, Frank A255 10-Jun-1954 19-Jan-1905 Silao, Mexico  
Garcia, Jesse 138 16-Jan-1924 ~1879 New Mexico  
Garcia, Jesus Soto A43 28-Jul-1945 18-Jun-1897 Mexico  
Garcia, John Diaz 838 6-Jun-1940 29-Aug-1909 Mexico  
Garcia, Jose 215 6-Jul-1925 13-Feb-1892 Mexico  
Garcia, Joseph 709 29-Jan-1937 Dec-1927 California  
Garcia, Juan 609 21-Jun-1934 24-Jun-1907 New Mexico  
Garcia, Lupe 797 22-May-1939 31-May-1912 El Paso, TX  
Garcia, Mary 378 22-Mar-1929 22-Sep-1916 California  
Garcia, Preciliano 392 7-Aug-1929 19-Oct-1909 Mexico  
Garcia, Rumaldo A420 20-Sep-1964 7-Feb-1905 Texas  
Garduno, Leon 148 11-Apr-1924 28-Jun-1902 Mexico  
Garjola, Emery 537 2-Dec-1932 13-Apr-1912 Texas  
Gauthier, Peter A261 16-Jan-1955 4-Nov-1907 New York  
Gavigan, John 529 28-Sep-1932 1865 Indiana  
Gayo, Ben A346 14-Aug-1959 30-Apr-1890 Spain  
Gayovich, Sam 929 29-Jan-1943 15-May-1888 Yugoslavia  
Gaytan, Manuel A288 29-Apr-1956 20-Feb-1901 Mexico  
Genos, Harry 644 2-Apr-1935 20-Dec-1882 Greece  
Geraldez, Conrado 375 26-Jan-1929 22-Jun-1901 Philippines  
Geron, Estanislaus 525 2-Aug-1932 7-May-1890 New Mexico  
Gilbertsen, Edgar 729 27-Jul-1937 22-Sep-1894 North Dakota  
Gilchrist, Robert 269 10-Sep-1926 13-Sep-1883 Scotland  
Gilchrist, William A89 31-Jan-1947 2-Dec-1893 California  
Gill, John 231 29-Sep-1925 2-Feb-1873 Pennsylvania  
Gipe, Charles 681 19-Apr-1936 9-Apr-1867 California  
Giraldi, Louis 452 15-Jan-1931 31-Mar-1880 Italy  
Girardi, Therese 184 12-Dec-1924 5-May-1899 France  
Girevara, Vera 492 24-Aug-1931 27-Apr-1927 California  
Girod, Albert A345 17-Jul-1959 14-Mar-1898 Switzerland  
Gleason, James unk 16-Jan-1922 4-Mar-1872 Maryland  
Gobi, Eugenio 294 6-Jul-1927 8-Mar-1888 Italy  
Goggins, Maurice 652 28-May-1935 1-Nov-1874 Ireland  
Gomez, Antonio A362 17-Aug-1960 13-Apr-1880 Mexico  
Gomez, Benita 572 31-Jul-1933 21-Mar-1913 Mexico  
Gonsales, Frank A330 21-Jul-1958 24-Jun-1903 Mexico  
Gonsales, Guadalupe unk 14-Apr-1921 1888 Mexico Duplicate death cert has surname name Bascos
Gonzales, Thomas 822 23-Feb-1940 7-Mar-1904 Santa Fe, NM  
Gonzalez, Antonio unk 22-Jun-1921 9-Jun-1888 Spain  
Gonzalez, Carlos A24 4-Feb-1945 6-Apr-1914 Mexico  
Gonzalez, Maria unk 23-Jun-1921 24-Nov-1903 Texas  
Gonzalez, Pedro 1000 31-May-1944 29-Jun-1888 Mexico  
Gonzalez, Percy unk 6-Oct-1922 8-Dec-1884 Mexico  
Good, Frank 255 18-May-1926 14-Nov-1884 California  
Gooding, Fred Amos 135 1-Jan-1924 15-Jul-1868 Massachusetts  
Goodwin, William S. 632 24-Dec-1934 27-Feb-1862 Kentucky  
Gordon, John 639 13-Feb-1935 12-Oct-1863 Mexico  
Gotti, Antone 583 15-Oct-1933 18-Feb-1890 Italy  
Gould, Harold, J. A343 12-Mar-1959 28-Oct-1887 Canada  
Graham, Robert 425 21-Jul-1930 1-Mar-1877 California  
Graham, William Joseph 307 7-Oct-1927 9-Dec-1882 Illinois  
Grainger, Elvis 635 29-Jan-1935 1-Jan-1899 California  
Grant, Lena 986 20-Feb-1944 23-May-1888 Burney, CA Indian
Grant, Owen 426 23-Jul-1930 15-Jul-1896 Ireland  
Grbac, George 654 5-Jun-1935 15-May-1893 Yugoslavia  
Green, Bill Harry A337 7-Nov-1958 1-Aug-1888 Bald Hills, PA  
Greenway, William 240 28-Nov-1925 7-Jun-1874 Ireland  
Gregg, Frank 780 14-Nov-1938 10-May-1871 Oklahoma  
Gregory, Bert 631 21-Dec-1934 10-May-1904 Montana  
Guerro, Antonia 757 27-Feb-1938 13-Feb-1925 Sacramento, CA  
Guiliani, Antonio 541 7-Dec-1932 24-Jun-1891 Italy  
Guirado, Pedro 259 16-Jun-1926 1897 Mexico  
Gutierrez, Antonio 517 24-Apr-1932 11-Feb-1882 California  
Gutierrez, Benitos Juan Antoni A77 11-Oct-1946 22-Mar-1898 Spain  
Gutierrez, Crecencio 444 17-Oct-1930 15-Jul-1904 Mexico  
Gutierrez, Jose A279 24-Feb-1956 19-Mar-1899 Mexico  
Gutierrez, Paul 603 18-Apr-1934 13-Jan-1903 Mexico  
Gumbleton, Lawrence A152 28-Jun-1948 24-Jan-1899 Maine  
Guzman, Jose A183 10-May-1949 1-May-1908 Mexico  

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