Trails End Cemetery
Tahoe City, Placer County, CA

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On July 19, 1997, in honor of the 150th anniversary of the arrival of the Mormon Pioneers in the Valley of the Great Salt Lake (July 24, 1847), members of the Tahoe North Ward of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints gathered at Trails End Cemetery to survey and document those that rest there. We feel it an honor to be able to provide this record for others searching for their family.

We were and are volunteers in this effort, and it is not finished. The record is as complete as we could make it on that beautiful day in July. There are a few additions since that time as we have gone back to check some of the survey entries or to take some photos. If there are any mistakes, they are unintentional and we regret them. We hope in the future that we or others will be able to bring this record current and to make it as complete as possible. Some photos have been added to document some of the markers. Over time we hope to gather a more complete collection of photos so you won’t have to travel to Lake Tahoe to see for yourself how these good souls are remembered.

We also hope that as you look for your ancestors, or relatives, or simply enjoy the opportunity to reflect on the lives of those who rest here, you will be filled with love and appreciation for them. Each of us truly is related to each other. Most of those who participated in this service have been blessed by others who kept and passed on records of their families. We hope this record will be of help to you.

With love from your friends of the Tahoe North Ward

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Directions to Trails End Cemetery, Tahoe City, CA: On Fairway Drive, on the north side of the Golf Course, Between Bunker Drive and Grove Street.

Contact Information

Tahoe City Cemetery District
P. O. Box 1528
Tahoe City, CA 96145
(530) 581-2879 or
Director Janice Tippin (530) 583-1235
Tahoe North Ward
The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints
Kings Beach, California
Bishop’s Office:  (530) 546-3065

Note: The survey was done as of July 19, 1997. It does not include graves not marked at that time or, with a few exceptions, persons buried since then. The entries do not exactly show what is on the headstones. We have chosen to standardize some entries, e.g. date references as Year, Month and Day. Not all headstones are described in the “Comments” section. The map provided by the Cemetery District usually had a last name and a first initial if the grave was occupied. Our survey made numerous corrections based on the markers we found on site and graves that were not on the map. Many graves appear to be unoccupied, and for those sites there are no entries except for a plot number.
We invite anyone with corrections or additional information to submit it to the Cemetery District and we will endeavor to periodically update this survey record.

Thanks to the volunteers on July 19, 1997: Richard and Frances BAKER; Manie and Bette BRADY; Tim, Caroline and Brandon BRAGER; Duane and Jean CHRISTENSEN; Ruth, Vanessa, David and Royce COX; Ken, Dawn, Holli, Brett and Dehn CRAIG; Larry and Eileen FEIST; Randy and Karen FLOYD; Larry and Debbie FRAIZER; Santa HERNANDEZ-MARTINEZ; Gary, Sheryl, Ty, Kim, Cameron and Kellen LEWIS; Myrna MARSDEN; Bob, Camille, Rachel, Nathan and Melissa RHEES; John, Ben, Emery and Lee ROGERS; Bob, Terri, Mike and Kendra STRAW; and Lynne, Jody, Sarah and Alex WAITS.