Ophir Cemetery in
Ophir, Placer County, California

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  • Date Updated: 05 May 2011
  • Address: Boot Hill Lane (just north of Chili Hill Road), Newcastle CA
  • Directions: From Ophir Road take Lozanos Road or Geraldson Road to Sunset Lane. Left to Chili Hill Road and right on Boot Hill Lane.
  • Maintained by: Newcastle, Rocklin, Gold Hill Cemetery District
  • Cemetery Hours: Sunday to Saturday, Sunrise to Sunset
  • Contacts: (916) 663-4660
    Ophir Cemetery map

It is ALWAYS recommended that you contact the cemetery Office staff for assistance in locating a grave. Contact numbers as well as office and cemetery hours are listed. Questions about particilar names and/or information should be addressed with the cemetery Office staff only.

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Name of deceased
"O" for Ophir
Section: Lot:
Look at the map to better locate
Birth or Death Dates:
Information provided to cemetery
Service Date:
Burial Date
Name of Deceased Garden Section Lot Subcode Space Birth Date Death Date Service Date
Leonard, Phillip Christopher O A 2   4 07/03/1958 03/12/2005 04/22/2005
Millsap, John Wesley O A 2   4 01/07/1916 03/05/1999 06/08/1999
Millsap, Opal B O A 2   4 07/12/1917 11/13/2007 03/28/2008
Otto, Leroy Walter O A 3   8 10/28/1917 07/11/2008 12/31/2008
Sanders, Virginia Frances O A 3   8 08/15/1915 08/16/2008 12/31/2008



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