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Name Residence/Business Address Occupation
Undershot, David B. Union Hotel cook  
Union Hotel 25 Broad Street (E. W. Smith, proprietor)  
United States Hotel Broad Street (Colburn & Jenkins, proprietors)  
Van Hagan, J. P. house Downieville Road
office 50 Broad Street
Justice of the Peace  
Van Hagan, - - - 76 Broad Street
house 134 Broad Street
Nevada Market (Van H. & Grove)  
Von Poellnitz, Dr. - - - 83 Broad Street surgeon, etc.  
Wadsworth, J. C. Downieville Road miner  
Wagner, Conrad house 20 Pine Street clothing repairer  
Wagener, A. office 35 Main Street
boards Metropolis Hotel
Comptonville[sic], State proprietor  
Wait, W. N. 1 Broad Street blacksmith  
Waite, B. C. house Factory Street miner  
Waite, E. G. office 46 Main Street Senator (N.P.Brown & Co.)  
Wall, H. E. 54 Broad Street clerk  
Wall, Jese S. 54 Broad Street
house Downieville Road
groceries & liquors  
Wallace, John house American Hill miner  
Wallack, James house 60 Commercial Street carpenter  
Walker, G. W. boards Metropolis Hotel carpenter  
Walker, L. Selby Hill miner  
Walton, James house Gold Run miner  
Wanen, - - - boards Metropolis Hotel miner  
Waring, Elizabeth house Main Street    
Warsham, F. M. house American Hill miner  
Waters, Henry house American Hill miner  
Watson, J. V. house 32 Pine Street cabinet maker  
Watson, Wm. house Cayoteville miner  
Watt, Joseph boards U. S. Hotel    
Weaver, G. G. boards Metropolis Hotel miner  
Webber, John office 54 Broad Street County Treasurer  
Weiss, E. 80 Broad Street Nevada Brewery (E.W. & Co.)  
Welch, Geo. boards Pacific Restaurant Stile's Express  
Weller, Adam 116 Broad Street carpenter  
Weller, Geo. L. boards Oriental Hotel    
Wells, Fargo & Co. 42 Main Street Express & Banking Office  
Wells, Solomon American Market    
Wendall, Wm. house Cayoteville miner  
West, Robt. boards Oriental Hotel miner  
Weterfield, W. J. boards U. S. Hotel    
Wharton, John, Sen'r. house Cayoteville miner  
Wharton, John, Jr. house Cayoteville miner  
Wharton, Roger house Cayoteville miner  
Whartenby, James house Africian Hill agent, R.C.D.C. & S.Y. Canal Co.  
Wheeler, L. L. boards New York Hotel
92 Broad Street
Wheezer, Frederick boards Ross' Restaurant
37 Commercial Street
White, Jane house Nevada Street washing  
White, Robt. house American Hill miner  
Whiting, A. T. house Pleasant Street miner  
Whitman, J. R. house Pine Street clerk  
Whitmarsh & Brother 3 Broad Street wagon makers & joiners  
Whitney, J. R. American Market    
Wilkins, L. boards Metropolis Hotel moulder  
Willey, J. R. 7 Broad Street wagonmaker at Whitmarsh's  
Williams, Alex house Cayote Street miner  
Williams, B. boards Metropolis Hotel clerk  
Williams, E. house African Hill miner  
Williams, G. boards New York Hotel
92 Pine Street
stone cutter  
Williams, John house Wet Hill miner  
Williams, Robt. boards Ross' Restaurant
Commercial Street
Williams, S. Journal office printer  
Williamson, - - - boards Metropolis Hotel clerk  
Williamson, J. 30 Main Street banker (W. & Dawley)  
Williamson, J. L. boards Metropolis Hotel miner  
Wilsey, M. R. house Brush Creek miner  
Wilson's Exchange Saloon 41 Broad street (Harrington & Jones)  
Wilson, John house American Hill miner  
Wilson, William boards 12 Main Street brick layer  
Wilson, Wm. boards Metropolis Hotel stage coach driver  
Wiggins, J. boards Metropolis Hotel miner  
Wint, E. C. boards Metropolis Hotel druggist  
Wiserman, L. E. Brush Creek miner  
Withington, G. E. 7 Broad Street (W.& Bentley) painters, etc.  
Wood, C. F. 19 Main Street under sheriff  
Wood J. G. 19 Main Street (Storey & W.) upholsterers  
Wood, James boards Metropolis Hotel machinist  
Wood, Philander Little Deer Creek Mill saw mill  
Woods, Orin house Pleasant Hill miner  
Womack, P. G. house Downieville Road miner  
Wordon, John boards Oriental Hotel miner  
Worley, John boards Metropolis Hotel miner  
Wright & Lewis Metropolis Hotel
Billiard Saloon
29 Main Street -  
Wright, J. boards Metropolis Hotel miner  
Wright, W. W. Sheriff's Office,
39 Main street
Wrinkle, L. Brush Creek miner  
Wulff, S. W. 47 Main Street clerk (Hirshman Bros.)  
Yankee Blade Hotel 42 Commercial Street (S.P. Stiles)  
Yant, Geo. W. boards Pacific Restaurant sawyer  
Yates, - - - 18 Commercial Street (Y. & Tallman) tinsmith  
York, Wm. 8 Main Street saloon  
Young, Benj. 22 & 24 Cayote Street teamster  
Young, Charles W. 1 Commercial Street watch maker & jeweler  

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