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Name Residence/Business Address Occupation
Saltgaver, G. house American Hill miner  
Samuel, J. 43 Main Street cigar store  
Samuel, S. 74 Broad Street tobacconist, etc.  
Sandford, L. P. boards Metropolis Hotel miner  
Sanger, M. 17 Main Street cigar store  
Sargent, A. A. house 113 Broad Street
office 36 Main Street
District Attorney  
Sargent, M. M. boards Metropolis Hotel miner  
Schappell, Lewis house Winter Street col'd. barber  
Schilinger, Henry boards Pacific Restaurant master mason  
Schiller, J. A. German Hotel & Restaurant
12 Main Street
Scollin, James Metropolis Hotel porter  
Schotte, F. 30 Main Street assayer  
Schuman, Chas. W. house Washington Street
office 33 Main Street
watch maker (Rosenheiun & Bro.)  
Scott, - - boards Union Hotel miner  
Scott, A. P. boards New York Hotel miner  
Scott, Fletcher S. boards U.S. Hotel teamster  
Scott, J. M. boards Oriental Hotel miner  
Scott, J. T. Shingle Hill saw mill  
Scott, L. N. Brush Creek miner  
Scott, N. F. 54 Broad Street clerk (J. Wall's)  
Scott, Samuel Cayote Street miner  
Scott, Sidney boards New York Hotel miner  
Searles, Miles Washington Street District Judge  
Searls, Niles Washington Street justice of the peace  
Seavers, G. Selby Hill miner  
Seibert, Jacob Shingle Hill saw mill  
Selkirk, James 15 Pine Street blacksmith  
Seymore, C. H. house Main Street miner  
Seymore, W. B. boards Metropolis Hotel miner  
Sheets, L. P. house Downieville Road miner  
Sharp, M. house 18 Cayote Street    
Shaw, W. Metropolis Hotel steward  
Shellhorn, Frank Main Street U.S. Brewery  
Sherman, Chas. W. Washington Street District Judge  
Sherner, Burnett house Mill Street miner  
Sherry, John house Mill Street miner  
Sherville, - - boards New York Hotel    
Shipley, H. office 52 Broad Street Editor, Democrat  
Sidebottom, F. H. Journal office printer  
Sigourney, T. W. 28 Main Street grocer (S. & Peck)  
Simmons, L. 48 Main Street,
Mountain Grocery Store
(Simmons & Co.)  
Simmons, T., Mrs. Broad Street dress maker  
Silva, T., Mrs. Broad Street dress maker  
Sinclair, Geo. Brush Creek miner  
Singleton, J. J. boards Oriental Hotel    
Skaggs, E. Selby Flat clerk  
Skelton, John P. 46 Main Street,
Journal office
(N.P. Brown & Co.)  
Skillman, P. boards Metropolis Hotel saw mill proprietor  
Skinner, J. S., Dr. 24 Commercial Street surgeon, etc.  
Skipkage, Philip house Gold Run miner  
Slee, Edmund house Cayote Hill miner  
Slee, Robert house Cayote Hill miner  
Smith, B. boards Metropolis Hotel furrier  
Smith, Benj. Brush Creek miner  
Smith, C. F. boards U.S. Hotel attorney  
Smith, E. W. Union Hotel proprietor  
Smith, F. A. boards Union Hotel carpenter  
Smith, G. boards Metropolis Hotel miner  
Smith, Harry American Market    
Smith, O. N. boards Union Hotel carpenter  
Smith, S. boards Metropolis Hotel miner  
Smith, T. B. boards Mitropolis[sic] Hotel miner  
Smith, W. M. Selby Hill miner  
Snow, Isadore house Nevada Street washing  
Snyder, John D. house Bridge [Street] teamster  
Snyder, Wm. house Mill Street miner  
Sonsfeld, W. boards 12 Main Street miner  
Spalding, - - - 2 Plaza (Rice & S.) tallow chandler  
Sparks, Geo P. 5 Main Street bookkeeper A. B. Gregory's  
Sparks, J. H. boards Oriental Hotel    
Spencer, E. F. Cayote Street miner  
Spencer & Hough 26 Pine Street saloon  
Spittle, Edw'd boards Ross' Restaurant blacksmith  
Springer, B. house Mill Street miner  
Stables Union, E. D. Smith proprietor Spring Street    
Stafford, Abraham top of Nevada Street miner  
Strangroome, M. L. house Prospect Street eigineer  
Steadmen, P. boards Metropolis Hotel clerk  
Stephen, M. 8 Commercial Street saloon  
Steward, R. D. 71 Broad Street billiard saloon  
Stewart, W. M. office: corner Pine Street & Broad
house Main Street
attorney (McConnell & S.)  
Stiefel, Louis 23 Commercial sStreet (S. & Cohn) Philadelphia Dry Goods Store  
Stiles, Geo W. boards 42 Commercial Street miner  
Stiles, H. R. 53 Broad Street stationery store  
Stiles, L. P. 36 Commercial cor Pine Street carpenter, etc.  
Stiles, S. P. 42 Commercial Street Yankee Boarding House  
St. John, E. boards Metropolis Hotel builder  
Stokes, B. F. 117 Broad Street agent, Water Co.  
Stone, J. A. boards Metropolis Hotel miner  
Stone, J. F. boards Oriental Hotel    
Stone, O. D. 43 Broad Street fruiterer  
Stone, Samuel Selby Hill miner  
Stone, Wm. Selby Flat blacksmith  
Storey, C. A. 19 Main Street (S. & Wood)  
Storey, G. Selby Hill miner  
Stachan, Henry house American Hill miner  
Strancy, Felix boards Oriental Hotel    
Stripe, J. boards New York Hotel mason  
Stroud, T. 92 Broad Street proprietor New York Hotel  
Styles, H. R. 53 Broad, cor. Pine Street bookseller, stationer, etc.  
Sullivan, C. L. 43 Broad Street grocer  
Sullivan, Michael Brush Creek miner  
Sutherland, Geo. house Wet Hill blacksmith  
Sutton, Joshua house American Hill miner  
Swaford, John house American Hill miner  
Swartz, J. A. Brush Creek miner  
Swasey, Samuel Washington Street painter  
Swearinger, James house American Hill miner  
Sweeney, L. 24 Pine Street restaurant  
Swett, Zina H. Selby Hill miner  

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