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Name Residence/Business Address Occupation
O'Connor, Patrick boards Oriental Hotel    
O'Hara, Michael house Wet Hill miner  
Olis, S. 36 Main Street
Metropolis Hotel
proprietor Alpha Stage  
O'Neil, William boards New York Hotel mason  
Orr, Lyle boards Metropolis Hotel miner  
Orr, William H. house: Nevada Street
business: 5 Commercial Street
Lone Star Saloon  
Ortes, J. 94 Broad Street Flor de la Maria Saloon  
Oscar, David Brush Creek miner  
Overton, Dr. house: Main Street
office: 56 Broad Street
surgeon, etc.  
Pacific Express Company office 25 Main Street J. Lambert, agent  
Pacific Restaurant 2 Main Street S. W. Grush  
Padget, W. R. boards Oriental Hotel miner  
Page, H. D. 72 Broad Street groceries, liquors, etc.  
Paine, George A. house American Hill miner  
Paine, J. 10 Main Street (P.& Poyer) hair dressers  
Paine, S. boards Yankee Blade Hotel miner  
Palmer, H. B. house Coyote Street (P. & Church)  
Palmer, John C. house Spring Street attorney  
Parcher, M. N. boards Oriental Hotel merchant  
Parham, Jno. boards Oriental Hotel druggist  
Parks, James W. boards Frisbie's Saloon    
Parks, S. 12 Main Street brick layer  
Parr, Manson house American Hill miner  
Parrows, William house American Hill miner  
Parsons, - - - 112 Broad Street
(P. & Cleveland)
Whitehall Stables  
Parsons, S. boards U.S. Hotel Whitehall Stables  
Patterson, John office 38 Main Street
Pioneer Express Co.
(Mackie & P.) agents  
Peabody, George Brush Creek miner  
Pearson, C. E. 24 Main Street Fountain Restaurant  
Peck, R. W. 28 Main Street (Sigourney & P.) groceries  
Pektrel, G. N. Brush Creek miner  
Perrin, William boards Oriental Hotel miner  
Pfisterer, John Pine Street boot & shoe maker  
Peters, J. L. house: 45 Broad Street
shop: 47 Broad Street
carpenter & jouiner  
Pettis, W. M. Selby Flat miner  
Phelps, L. P. Brush Creek miner  
Philbrick, R. boards New York Hotel
Broad Street
Philips, William L. Little Deer Creek Mill saw mill  
Pierson, E. boards Oriental Hotel miner  
Pioneer Express Co. 38 Main Street Makee & Pattison, agents  
Pittman, James O. boards Half Mile House
Shingle Hill
Plumer, H. house Spring Street baker  
Poor, S. F. boards U.S. Hotel    
Porter, C. boards Oriental Hotel miner  
Potter, A. W. 34 & 36 Main Street (P. & Crittenden) stationery &
Potter, James D. house Jefferson Road miner  
Potter, S. New York Hotel carpenter  
Powell, D. house American Hill miner  
Powers, E. boards New York Hotel carpenter  
Poyer, John R.   (Paine & P.)  
Preston, Royal 70 Broad Street carpenter  
Price, M. boards Oriental Hotel clothing dealer
Prindle, D. W. boards Oriental Hotel    
Pritchard, George boards New York Hotel stone cutter  
Proul, J. E. boards Oriental Hotel stage agent  
Puttyman, E. C. house Boulder Street teamster  
Quinlan, Patrick Bridge Street miner  
Rabbits, Wm. N. boards U.S. Hotel    
Randolph, Albert house Wet Hill miner  
Ransom, R. W. 22 Main Street "Tom & Dan" Saloon  
Rattle, Lee boards Oriental Hotel miner  
Ray, - - - Washington Street (R. & Carroll) boarding house  
Rector, Frank A. boards Oriental Hotel miner  
Reed, A. boards Metropolis Hotel miner  
Reed, Benj. house American Hill miner  
Reed, G. K. boards Metropolis Hotel saw mill  
Reed, Wm. H. Selby Flat merchant  
Reinhard, A. 80 Main Street
Nevada Brewery
Remington, B. C. boards Metropolis Hotel miner  
Reynolds, R. P. Shingle Hill Turner's saw mill  
Rice, M. B. Brush Creek miner  
Rice, R. Commercial Street hatter  
Rice, - - - 2 Plaza (R. & Spaulding) tallow chandler  
Rice & Spaulding 2 Plaza tallow chandlers  
Richardson, Joseph Washington Street carpenter  
Ricker, Washington house Coyote street miner  
Rigby, W. K. house: Rigby's Hill
business: 1 Plaza
Riley, R. W. 44 Main Street market (Middleton & R.)  
Roberts, - - - 14 Broad street,
Empire Livery Stables
(R. & Gray)  
Robinson, Allan E. boards Oriental Hotel miner  
Robinson, George Brush Creek miner  
Robinson, James house Wet Hill miner  
Rogel, Frances 50 Commercial Street dress maker, etc.  
Rogel, Maria 50 Commercial Street midwife  
Rogers, A. 27 Main street
general hardware
(R. & Hussey)
Rogers, E. house Coyote Hill blacksmith
Rogers, G. H. 2 Coyote Street Frisbie's Saloon
Rogers, R. L. boards Metropolis Hotel miner
Rogers, Samuel house American Hill miner
Rogers, Samuel boards Oriental Hotel miner
Rogers, Thomas house Shingle Hill miner
Rolf, J. J. house: Spring Street
business: 52 Broad Street
(A.J. & Co.) proprietors
Nevada Democrat
Rolf, T. H. house Spring Street    
Rose, J. house Coyote Hill miner  
Rose, John house American Hill miner  
Rose, R. H. house Coyote Hill miner  
Rosenbaum, Adolph 15 Commercial Street dry goods  
Rosenheim, M. 33 Main Street (R. & Brother)
watch makers,jewelry, etc.
Rosenthal, A. 33 Commercial Street tailor  
Rosenthal, Simon 41 Main Street (S.R. & Bros.) dry goods  
Ross, Wm. 37 Commercial Street Ross' Restaurant  
Rouse, Anthony house African Hill miner  
Rowell, L. R. 42 Main Street bookkeeper, Wells Fargo & Co  
Rudolf, C. house American Hill miner  
Ruis, E. boards Metropolis Hotel butcher  
Rugg, C. S. boards U.S. Hotel barber  
Russell, Charles Washington Street Livery stable, California
Stage Company
Russell, M. J. boards Metropolis Hotel miner  
Russell, Thomas house Coyoteville    
Rutherford, E. S. 29 Main Street bar-keeper  

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