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Name Residence/Business Address Occupation
Mackie, H. 38 Main Street
Pioneer Express
agent (M. & Pattison)  
Madigan, John Bridge Street miner  
Maguire, Julia house Coyote Street    
Mahony, D. 41 Pine Street Magnolia Saloon  
Maltby, A. J. 46 Main Street printer, Journal office  
Manetti & Co. 89 Broad Street grocers, etc.  
Mannasse, Edward 40 Main Street bookkeeper (Michelson's)  
Manseau, Zephiniah Shingle Hill saw mill engineer
Mansell, Frederick 25 Pine Street ornamental painter  
Mantine, S. R. boards Oriental Hotel    
Marie, V. 35 Pine Street washer woman  
Mariam, - - Golden Gate Saloon
88 Broad Street
(Finney & M.)  
Mark, Capt. Boards German Hotel    
Marsh, Robt. 1 Commercial Street watch maker (C. W. Young's)  
Marsh, Thomas 10 Commercial Street ornamental painter  
Martin, E. 86 Broad Street groceries, etc.  
Martin, Eugene boards Metropolis Hotel builder  
Martin, J. A. 27 Commercial Street boot and shoe maker  
Martin, Wm. American Market    
Marton, N. S. house 140 Broad Street carpenter  
Martyn, John L. Washington Street stage driver  
Masel, L. American Hill miner  
Maton, John Coyoteville miner  
Mathewson, E. C. Brush Creek miner  
Mathews, John American Hill miner  
Matlock, John Brush Creek miner  
Mau, Albert 6 Commercial Street Arcade Saloon  
Maurin, M. 78 Broad Street saloon  
May, Fred 35 Main Street hair dressing salon  
McAllister, - - 3 Main Street market (McA. & Kent)  
McBride, James boards 2 Main street carpenter  
McCloud, J. Selby Flat miner  
McConn, R. F. 54 Broad Street real estate agent  
McConnell, J. R. office 31 Broad, corner Pine
house 58 Main Street
attorney (McC. & Stewart)  
McCoy, S. Boulder Street teamster  
McCready, S. Selby Hill miner  
McDonald, - - Washington Market
32 Commercial Street
butcher (Mc D. & Titus)  
McDonaugh, Dr. Christopher boards Union Hotel physician  
McDonough, C. boards Oriental Hotel    
McFadden, S. boards Oriental Hotel    
McFarland, F. Selby Flat miner  
McFarland, John Commercial Street furniture warehouse  
McFarland, - - 19 Broad Street attorney (McF. & Caldwell)  
McGinnis, L. B. boards Oriental Hotel    
McGrath, W. R. boards Oriental Hotel clerk at Stiles'  
McGuire, James house Coyote Street miner  
McIntyre, Dr. 45 Broad Street dentist  
McKargle, J. Selby Flat miner  
McKee, Wm. Brush Creek miner  
McKinney, J. Selby Flat miner  
McLoud, Wm. house 56 Commercial
shop Broad Street
McLoud, Wm. D. 106 Broad Street carpenter & joiner  
McMillin, John Y. Pine Street cabinet maker  
McMurray, Robt. boards Oriental Hotel artist  
McQuillen, James American Hill miner  
McRoberts, W. S. office 35 Main Street agent Cal. Stage Co.  
McWorthy, C. boards Metropolis Hotel miner  
Meade, C. H. house Main Street agent, Wells Fargo & Co.  
Melloy, J. boards 2 Main Street gardner  
Myrick, J. A. boards Metropolis Hotel Wells Fargo & Co.  
Merlay, J. Selby Hill miner  
Merryman, Capt. boards Oriental Hotel    
Mettle, Wm. American Hill miner  
Meyer, Edw'd. 28 Pine St (M. & Hypolite) hair dressing salon  
Meyer, F. boards German Hotel, Main Street miner  
Meyers, M. 20 Commercial Street Cheap John store  
Michelsen, M. house Coyote Street
business 40 Main Street
stationary and book store  
Middleton, Oscar 44 Main Street grocer (M. & Riley)  
Miles, R. S. boards 2 Main Street carpenter  
Miller, B. 22 Commercial Street lager beer saloon  
Miller, Chas. Coyoteville miner  
Miller, Colin Brush Creek miner  
Miller, J. boards Metropolis Hotel miner  
Miller, J. A. Brush Creek miner  
Miller, Jacob W. house Gold Run miner  
Miller, Marshall Boulder Street teamster  
Miller, R. house 62 Commercial Street miner  
Miller, Wm. S. Bridge Street lumber merchant  
Mills, H. Selby Flat miner  
Mills, Henry boards 2 Main Street miner  
Mills, James boards Metropolis Hotel miner  
Mills, T. J. Selby Flat miner  
Mitchell, R. T. boards Metropolis Hotel miner  
Mitchell, Thomas American Hill miner  
Mitchell, W. H. boards Metropolis Hotel miner  
Modena, Margirta 69 Broad Street saloon  
Mohler, Michael American Hill miner  
Moigne, Chas. Coyoteville miner  
Molloy, Daniel American Hill miner  
Monroe, James house 57 Commercial Street
business 98 Broad Street
Montgomery, Wm. boards U.S. Hotel miner  
Moody, Isaiah Brush Creek miner  
Mook, A. boards German Hotel brick layer  
Moonery, A. Selby Flat miner  
Mooney, E. Coyoteville miner  
Mooney, James Coyoteville miner  
Moore, Reuben American Hill miner  
Moore, Shelby house Coyote Street miner  
Moore, William boards Pacific Restaurant stone mason  
Morgan, A. 18 Main Street hair dressing salon  
Morgan, John boards New York Hotel stone cutter  
Morril, Frank boards Metropolis Hotel clerk  
Morrison, Wm. boards Metropolis Hotel miner  
Morrow, Rev. Wm. house 111 Broad Street M. E. Church  
Morse, S. Metropolis Hotel bar keeper  
Mowry, Simon boards New York Hotel
99 Broad Street
Mulcahy, P. boards Oriental Hotel    
Muldoon, Mary 111 Broad Street    
Mulford, Chas. W. 37 Main Street banker  
Murphy, C. American Hill miner  
Murphy, J. Selby Flat miner  
Murphy, John house Gold Run miner  
Myers, Abram boards Oriental Hotel    
Myers, Fred American Hill miner  
Nandes, Mary house Spring Street washerwoman  
Neal, Charles house Spring Street washer man  
Neely, W. H. boards Metropolis Hotel stage driver  
Nelson, C. house Main Street miner  
Nivelles, Charles 20 Main Street Golden State Bakery  
Newman, A. boards Metropolis Hotel dairyman  
Newman, J. B. boards Oriental Hotel clerk  
Newman, T. Brush Creek miner  
Newnan, William 23 Main Street saloon  
Newton, Rev. C. H. E. boards Union Hotel    
Nichols, James H. house Factory Street miner  
Niles, A. C. 46 Main Street (Brown & Co.) pub Nevada Journal  
Niles, A. C. office 28 Broad Street Justice of the Peace  
Norman, William house Broad Street miner  
Northhouse, L. boards Oriental Hotel    
Northhouse, S. 17 Main Street cigar store  
Norton, James boards New York Hotel
90 Broad Street
Notter, - - - 55 Broad Street (N. & Co.) City Bakery  
Novitzki, H. 70 Broad Street tailor  
Noyes, F. W. boards Metropolis Hotel clerk  
Nye, Lemuel house Coyote Street miner  

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