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Name Residence/Business Address Occupation
Jacobs, G. F. New York Bakery
9 Main Street
(J. & Lewis) baker  
Jackson, Lyman Cayoteville miner  
Jacobs, J. 15 Main Street clothing store  
James, William C. 75 Broad Street Virginia House  
Jenkins, A. R. U.S. Hotel, Broad Street (Colburn & J.)  
Jenkins, John D. 11 Broad Street miner  
Jester, John A. house American Hill miner  
Jilson, E. Bridge Street Union Saw Mill
lumber merchant
Jinks, W. boards Metropolis Hotel miner  
Johns, A. American Hotel (Taylor & J.) merchant  
Johnson, C. A. 36 Main Street, upstairs attorney  
Johnson, D. boards Metropolis Hotel miner  
Johnson, H. boards Metropolis Hotel miner  
Johnson, H. W. American Hill miner  
Johnson, W. L. American Hill miner  
Jones, Ann 53 Pine Street    
Jones, D. S. boards New York Hotel stone cutter  
Jones, E. boards Oriental Hotel    
Jones, H. boards New York Hotel stone cutter  
Jones, J. boards New York Hotel stone cutter  
Jones, James Cayoteville miner  
Jones, Priscilla Mill Street washerwoman  
Jones, R. boards New York Hotel stone cutter  
Jones, Samuel house Boulder Street teamster  
Jones, William boards Metropolis Hotel
Main Street
Josephson, C. corner Pine and Broad Streets (J. & Grauman) dry goods  
Journal Newspaper & Job Office 46 Main Street (N. P. Brown & Co.)  
Julian, Hy. house 56 Main sStreet (Simmons & Co.)  
Julius, L. boards Metropolis Hotel laborer  
Justice, J. C. American Hill miner  
Keeney, Geo. shop 14 Main & 39 Broad Street tinsmith  
Keller, E. boards Oriental Hotel    
Kennedy, D. boards Oriental Hotel    
Kenmeduy, D. house Manzanita Hill Ditch Agent  
Kent, Chas. 3 Main Street (McAllister & K.) meat market  
Kent, Wm. 52 Main Street (K. & Buckwell) surgeon & dentist  
Keyes, J. H. boards Metropolis Hotel stage proprietor  
Kidd, G. W. house 97 Broad Street    
Kilburn, G. O. Main Street daguerrian artist  
Kinney, G. W. boards Metropolis Hotel merchant  
Kingsley, John house Spring Street carpenter & joiner  
Kinsley, John house Cayote Street miner  
Kitchen, J. G. boards Oriental Hotel    
Knox, Dr. Wm. J. house Broad Street    
Kohlman, Sol. house Main Street
store 45 Main Street
Kraft, Claudius house Main Street butcher  
Kulley, E. boards Metropolis Hotel miner  
Kyle, John house Washington Street carpenter  
Lachman, Benj. 16 Cayote Street miner  
Laforce, Wm. M. house American Hill miner  
Lamb, Mr. boards Union Hotel clerk  
Lambert, Joseph 26 Main Street agent Pacific Express Co.  
Lampe, Theodore boards Metropolis Hotel barber  
Lancaster, J. A. 11 Main & 10 Broad Streets (J.A.L & Co.) Metropolis Livery Stables  
Landecker, J. S. house Main Street
store 29 Commerical Street
Lane, T. V. house Rigby's Hill gentleman  
Lark, Dr. John 32 Main Street druggist  
Larkins, Frank Metropolis Hotel
35 Main Street
Larry, Augustus 52 Commercial Street Belle Creole Saloon  
Latham, G. Selby Hill miner  
Lathop, Geo. Selby Hill miner  
Lawrence, F. A. house 34 Pine Street matrass maker  
Lawton, Frances house Cayote Hill miner  
Lee, B. M. 12 Commercial Street hair dressing salon  
Lee, John O. Brush Creek miner  
Leepish, Geo. house Gold Run miner  
Leland, G. Selby Hill miner  
Leland, L. Selby Hill miner  
Lemon, J. boards New York Hotel    
Lenhart, Geo. Cayoteville miner  
Leon, L. 65 Broad Street cigar store  
Leonard J. Selby Hill miner  
Lewis, Abraham New York Bakery
9 Main Street
(Jacobs & L.)  
Lewis, Geo. Metropolis Billard Saloon
29 Main Street
(L. & Wright)  
Lewis, Joseph boards Yankee Blade Hotel blacksmith  
Lewis, M. B. boards Metropolis Hotel miner  
Lewis, S. 47 Broad Street tobacconist & c.  
Lewis, S. boards U.S. Hotel cigar store  
Linder, Chas. Selby Hill miner  
Lineth, Samuel boards Half Mile House
Shingle Hill
Linkeveller, John American Hill miner  
Linon, J. Selby Flat boarding house  
Little, R. boards New York Hotel miner  
Liscomb, J. M. boards Oriental Hotel    
Livett, J. boards Metropolis Hotel builder  
Livingston, T. G. Main Street saloon  
Lloyd, M. Brush Creek miner  
Lobdell, J. B. 30 Broad Street proprietor Iowa Hill stage  
Loft, Thomas boards U. S. Hotel miner  
Lones, H. A. Brush Creek miner  
Lone Star Saloon 5 Commercial Street ( W. H. Orr)  
Louey, J. American Hill miner  
Lovell, B. boards Metropolis Hotel miner  
Low, A. Selby Hill miner  
Low, L. Selby Hill miner  
Lowell, W. H. Wood's Ravine miner  
Ludwig, G. boards Pacific Restaurant
2 Main Street
Luft, H. house 46 Main street tinman  
Lumus, A. Brush Creek miner  
Lunt, F. boards Metropolis Hotel miner  
Lupton, Chas. B. Bella Union Restaurant
25 Commercial Street
Lupton, Rich'd. M. boards Oriental Hotel  
Lynch, J. W. boards Oriental Hotel    

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