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Name Residence/Business Address Occupation
Hackett, A. 34 Pine Street cabinet maker
Hagan, A. G. office 54 Broad Street banker
Hagerdon, Arthur 37 Main Street bookkeeper (Chas. Mulford)
Hall, Ambrose Pine Street teamster
Hall, Chas. R. house Hill Street grocer
Hall, H. H. Washington Street stable keeper
Hall, J. Selby Flat miner
Hall, J. A. C. Brush Creek miner
Hall, John A. 90 Broad Street Young American Saloon
Hamlin, Jas. boards U. S. Hotel clerk
Hamilton, M. S. Yankee Hill water agent
Hammer, Edward boards Yankee Blade Hotel miner
Hanchett, - - house Spring cor. Pine Street
business 12 Pine Street
stable keeper
Hannaford, Albert B. Cayoteville miner
Hannaford, James M. Cayoteville miner
Hanson, - - 1 Main Street grocer (R.Boswell & H.)
Harmer, J. C. Gold Flat saw mill
Harmer, J. C, boards Oriental Hotel saw mill
Harper, Wm. boards New York Hotel brick dealer
Harrington, H. boards Oriental Hotel  
Harrington, John house American Hill miner
Harrington, John boards New York Hotel stone cutter
Harrington, W. G. American Hill miner
Harrington, W. P. boards U.S. Hotel saloon
Harris, A. Selby Flat miner
Harrison, J. S. house top Broad Street miner
Harrison, Peter American Hill miner
Harrison, Thomas American Hill miner
Harvey, J. R. 36 Commercial Street painter & glazier
Hawley, Thos. P. boards 2 Main Street
office 52 Broad Street
Deputy County Clerk
Hayden, P. H. Main Street American Market
Hays, Edmund boards New York Hotel merchant
Hazell, James American Hill miner
Head, A. E. 16 Main Street, Oriental Hotel proprietor (Taylor & H.)
Heakin, Richard Cayoteville miner
Heavyhand, E. boards New York Hotel stone cutter
Heffron, - - 64 Broad Street (H. & Howald) grocer
Helm, Henry Selby Hill miner
Hennamam, A. 40 Broad Street City Brewery & Saloon
Hendrickson, I. boards Ross' Restaurant turner
Herbert, Sidney C. house 34 Broad Street
office 27 Pine Street
surveyor, etc.
Herning, M. D. Brush Creek miner
Herrick, J. B. boards Oriental Hotel  
Herring, A. W. Brush Creek miner
Herrington, C. boards Union Hotel miner
Herman, C. boards German Hotel
12 Main Street
Hervey, Samuel American Market  
Heywood, E. W. 35 Broad Street (E. W. H. & Co.) wholesale
wines & liquors
Herzinger, J. 39 Commerce Street boot & shoe maker
Hicks, R. A. boards Union Hotel  
Hickle, Geo. Brush Creek miner
Hill, C. W. 21 Broad Street (Buckner & H.) attorney
Hill E. Esteys 28 Broad Street
Grass Valley Telegraph
Hiller, M. boards Yankee Blade Hotel carpenter
Hillerscheidt, Dr. 81 Broad Street surgeon, etc.
Himer, J. 70 Broad Street cigar store
Hines, Wm. boards Oriental Hotel  
Hinkson, A. boards Half Mile House
Shingle Hill
Hirshman, H. 31 and 47 Main Street (H. & Brother) cigar store
Hirshman, M. 31 and 47 Main Street (H. and Brother) cigar store
Hixson, J. M. house Water Street
store 27 Main Street
Hodgeman, L. Brush Creek miner
Hoel, J. 87 and 91 Broad Street Whitehall Stables
Holdrich, Mrs. 79 Broad Street doctoress
Holmes, E. E. house top of Broad Street
business Downieville road
Holmes, James house top of Broad Street
business Downieville road
Holmes, Thomas house top of Broad Street
business Downieville road
Holt, Oscar 44 Main Street American Market
Hood, J. H. Brush Creek miner
Horton, David boards Oriental Hotel miner
Hosler, Michael boards Metropolis Hotel miner
Hosmen, H. B. boards Metropolis Hotel miner
Hosmer, Fred Wet Hill miner
Hotel de Paris 73 Broad Street Madam Falcot, proprietor
Houesley, Wm. Cayoteville miner
Housenseck, E. J. Wet Hill miner
Houpes, Michael Cayoteville miner
Howald, - - 64 Broad Street (Heffron & H.) grocer
Howes, A. J. house Cayote Street miner
Howes, Benj. house Cayote Street miner
Howes, S. B. house Cayote Street miner
Hoyt, A. 26 Pine Street (Spencer & H.) saloon
Hueston, W. F. Brush Creek miner
Hughes, E. G. boards Half Mile House
Shingle Hill
Hughes, R. Brush Creek miner
Hughes, Wm. 13-15 Pine Street blacksmith
Humphrey, S. A. Pacific Restaurant, 2 Main Street cook
Hunt, Chaney house Little York road miner
Hunt, R. M. house Water Street
office 36 Main Street upstairs
(R.M. & H. Hunt) surgeon
Hunter, S. A. Brush Creek miner
Huntoon, Orin American Hill miner
Huntoon, Sydney American Hill miner
Hupp, Geo. S. office 21 Pine corner Broad Street (Dunn & H.) attorney
Hurst, John 77 Broad Street Star Bakery
Hussey, - - 27 Main Street (Rogers & H.) hardware dealers
Hussey, Frank boards Oriental Hotel  
Hussey, W. M. boards Oriental Hotel liquor dealer
Hutchins, H. S. 64 Main Street (school) school teacher
Hutchinson, C. C. Selby Flat miner
Hypolite, Carlos 29 Pine Street (Myer & H.) hair dressing salon

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