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Name Residence/Business Address Occupation Modern
Daffnie, William house American Hill miner  
Dallison, John office 42 Main Street general commission agent  
D'Arcy, W. A. house Rigby's Hill engineer  
Davis, Geo. American Market    
Davis. H. boards U.S. Hotel merchant  
Davis, Hiram boards Half Mile House
Shingle Hill
Davis, L. L. boards Metropolis Hotel miner  
Davis, Martin house Main Street    
Davis, S. S. house Main Street    
Davis, Z. P. house & shop Spring Street gunsmith  
Dawley, N. W. house Coyoteville miner  
Dawley, Jno. office 30 Main Street Williamson & D. -bankers  
Dawling, M. J. boards Metropolis Hotel miner  
Day, H. E. boards Oriental Hotel    
Day, John 5 Main Street (D. & Gamble) surveyors  
Dean, Frederick house African Hill washer man  
Dentzer, Chass. 45 Commercial Street banker  
Depen, J. house American Hill miner  
Derward, David boards Metropolis Hotel stone cutter  
De Young, E. Broad Street clerk (Hendrickson's)  
De Young, S. J. & Co. 26 Commercial Street dry goods  
Diana Saloon 63 Broad Street (Prescott & Thomas)  
Dickerman, B. F. Church Street carpenter  
Dickerman, J. C. Church Street carpenter  
Dickinson, Geo. W, boards Metropolis Hotel baker  
Dillon, James house American Hill miner  
Dinsmore, G. B. boards Oriental Hotel    
Dinsmore, H. M. at American Market    
Dinsmore, J. boards Metropolis Hotel miner  
Dittor, J. B. boards Metropolis Hotel miner  
Doane, J. D. boards Metropolis Hotel miner  
Doane, W. P. Selby Flat miner  
Dodds, H. M. Main Street dry goods & millinery  
Dodge, O. P. boards Metropolis Hotel miner  
Dolon, L. boards Metropolis Hotel brick layer  
Doolan, D. Brush Creek miner  
Donevan, Richard house Wet Hill miner  
Doran, L. boards Metropolis Hotel clerk  
Dorsey, Mary Ann house Nevada Street col'd., washing  
Downey, Patrick Brush Creek miner  
Downie, A. Selby Flat miner  
Downie, J. Selby Flat miner  
Downie, R. Selby Flat miner  
Downing, Major Jack 4 Commercial Street merchant tailor  
Downs, A. J. house Coyoteville miner  
Doyle, David R. house American Hill miner  
Driefous, Louis 22 Pine Street saloon & bakery  
Duffy, J. C. Pleasant Flat miner  
Dunlevy, Daniel house American Hill miner  
Dunn, Francis J. 21 Pine, corner Broad Street (D. & Hupp) attorney  
Dunn, J. Brush Creek miner  
Dunn, J. S. Brush Creek miner  
Dunston, Thomas Brush Creek miner  
Duryea, J. R. boards New York Hotel miner  
Dwight, S. K. 108 Broad Street saloon  
Dyer, William 19 Commercial Street daguerrean artist  
Easter, S. P. boards Metropolis Hotel    
Edmond, A. C. boards Union Hotel cabinet maker  
Edwards, G. H. boards Metropolis Hotel miner  
Edwards, T. Selby Flat miner  
Edwards, Thom. Commercial Street furniture dealer
(Abbott & Edwards)
El Dorado Saloon 84 Broad Street Thos. Buckner, proprietor  
Ellerman, Martin house Coyoteville miner  
Elliot, Edward Pacific Restaurant
2 Main Street
Elliot, George Brush Creek miner  
Elliott, C. Miles' Ravine miner  
Elliott, J. Miles' Ravine miner  
Elmore, William Half Mile House Shingle Hill teamster  
Elwell, H. boards Oriental Hotel cabinet maker  
Ely, Samuel Brush Creek miner  
Espensheid, P. J. 2 Commercial corner Pine street boot & shoe maker  
Evans, A. J. boards Metropolis Hotel miner  
Evans, C. B. house 100 Broad Street    
Evans, J. Miles' Ravine miner  
Evans, Lewis Brush Creek miner  
Ewing, James D. house Coyote Street miner  
Falcot, Madame 73 Broad Street Hotel de Paris  
Fanchair, Charles Little York Road provision dealer  
Farrell, Owen house Nevada Street miner  
Feazel, O. P. boards Union Hotel miner  
Felt, A. O. office 52 Broad Street Public Administrator  
Fennimore, A. boards Metropolis Hotel miner  
Ferrall, B. F. Selby Flat miner  
Ferre, George Ferre's Banking House clerk  
Ferre, Horace R. 4 Plaza banker  
Findley, F. boards Metropolis Hotel workman  
Finney, F. 88 Broad Street (F. & Miriam) Golden Gate Saloon  
Filty, D. boards Metropolis Hotel merchant  
Fish, N. 19 Commercial Street dry goods & millinery  
Fisher, Frank boards Oriental Hotel miner  
Flemming, Isaac Bridge Street, Union Mill lumber merchant  
Fletcher, S. W. office 54 Broad Street lawyer  
Flouse, J. house Mancenita Hill miner  
Flurshurtz, J. M. house Coyote street
business 50 Main Street
(J.M.F. & Co.) wines & liquors  
Fonki, Bors Washington Street livery stable  
Ford, F. R. boards Metropolis Hotel
house American Hill
proprietor, Ford's Riffle Box  
Ford, J. Selby Flat miner  
Foss, Samuel boards 2 Main Street stone mason  
Foster, George Half Mile House
Shingle Hill
Foster, W. G. boards Metropolis Hotel miner  
Fountain Restaurant 24 Main Street (Pearson & Thomas)  
Francis, F. Selby Flat miner  
Frantz, V. house: Main Street
business: 16 Commercial Street
wines & liquors, etc.  
Freeman, Louis house Pine Street washer man  
Freker, Charles house 15 Broad Street tailor  
French, Stephen F. boards Oriental Hotel    
French, William H. house near Coyoteville miner  
Frisbie, Lyman P. house 46 Main Street    
Frisbie's Restaurant 4 Coyote Street M. L. Clinkard, proprietor  
Frisbie's Saloon 2 Coyote, corner Main street G. H. Rogers, proprietor  
Frost, G. B. boards Oriental Hotel    
Fuller, H. M. house Hill Street
Journal office 46 Main Street
(N.P. Brown & Co.)  
Funston, James house Rigby's Hill storekeeper  
Funston, M. H. 4 Main Street wines & liquors & groceries  

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