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Name Residence/Business Address Occupation Modern
Cady, T. Brush Creek miner  
Cain, E. house Coyoteville miner  
Caldwell, Alex Selby Flat miner  
Caldwell, J. I. (McFarland & C.) lumber merchants  
Calkins, D. L. Brush Creek miner  
Calkins, M. M. Brush Creek miner  
Cambridge, James J. boards Oriental Hotel    
Cambridge, O. H. boards Pacific Restaurant miner  
Cameron, Geo. B. boards Oriental Hotel    
Camp, Geo. boards Union Hotel    
Campbell, Wm. Brush Creek miner  
Campo, Arita 59 Commercial Street saloon  
Campo, Juana house 44 Commercial Street -  
Cane, John boards Union Hotel miner  
Cannadea, Geo. boards Oriental Hotel -  
Capps, D. H. house Boulder Street miner  
Carman, Dr. B. R. 21 Commercial Street surgeon, etc.  
Carmon, M. Coyoteville blacksmith  
Card, R. S. Boulder Street teamster  
Carkin, Ed Broad Street miner  
Carney, J. Brush Creek miner  
Carpenter, J. H. house American Hill miner  
Carpenter, L. O. boards Oriental Hotel miner  
Carr, M. boards German Hotel
12 Main Street
Carr, W. Miles' Ravine miner  
Carroll, Charles Washington Street (Ray & C.) boarding house  
Carson, M. H. Selby Flat miner  
Castillo, Refugio house 96 Broad Street -  
Caswell, T. H. office 6 Main Street upstairs
house 27 Broad Street
County Judge  
Cayton, Thomas Coyote Street miner
Cayton, Wm. Coyote Street miner
Celine, Arnaud house 37 Pine Street -  
Charrie, D. R. boards Oriental Hotel -  
Chamber & Co. 13 Main Street Meat Market  
Chambers, Joe Broad Street Market
46 Broad Street
(C. & Goodrich)  
Chambers, Thomas boards Metropolis Hotel miner  
Chandler, B. F. boards Metropolis Hotel miner
Chase, S. H. office 36 Broad Street attorney at law  
Chase, William house Coyoteville miner  
Chauvel, Ovid house Spring Street
between Mill & Pine Streets
Chittenden, H. C. boards Pacific Restaurant school teacher  
Chubbuck, L. M. boards Metropolis Hotel clerk  
Church, G. H. house 10 Coyote Street (Palmer & C.) wagon factory  
Churck, L. C. boards Metropolis Hotel mason  
Churchill - - 95 Broad Street (Arnold & C.) carpenters & joiners  
Churchman, Jas. house 52 Main;
office 23 Broad Street
Churchwell, - - 56 Commercial Street carpenter  
Clair, G. C. Miles' Ravine miner  
Clancy, J. Selby Flat miner  
Clark, J. Miles' Ravine miner  
Clark, John D. boards Oriental Hotel carpenter  
Clark, M. Miles' Ravine miner  
Clark, Samuel Brush Creek miner  
Clark, W. J. Miles' Ravine miner  
Clark, Wm. Brush Creek miner  
Clarke, H. 19 Main Street carpenter  
Clarke, O. F. boards Oriental Hotel -  
Clay, James boards Half Mile House
Shingle Hill
Clary, James boards Half Mile House
Shingle Hill
Clements, H. boards Metropolis Hotel livery stable  
Cleveland, C. Brush Creek miner  
Cleveland, Frank Whitehall Livery Stables
112 Broad Street
(Parson & C.)  
Clines, Michael 1 Pine Street miner  
Clinkard, M. L. Friesbie's Restaurant
4 Coyote Street
Coburn, - - 14 Commercial Street upstairs (Cook & C.) painters, etc.  
Cochran, J. boards Oriental Hotel    
Cochrane, Wm. Coyote Street stone cutter  
Coe, W. R. 68 Broad Street boot & shoe maker  
Cohn, - - 23 Commercial Street (Stiefel & C.) dry goods store  
Cohn, Isaac A. house 43 Pine Street miner  
Coker, Edward Spring Street Nevada Foundry  
Colburn, T. W. U.S. Hotel, 51 Broad Street C. & Jenkins)  
Cole, J. A. 60 Main Street N. Y. Livery Stables  
Colley, J. boards Metropolis Hotel butcher  
Collins, Chas. M. Selby Flat miner  
Collins, M. H. boards Metropolis Hotel clerk  
Colman, C. Miles' Ravine miner  
Colwell, John house Mill Street miner  
Colwell, M. boards Yankee Blade Hotel sash & blind maker  
Colyer, B. H. house Washington Street provision dealer  
Comstock, Nathan boards Pacific Restaurant teamster  
Congdon, John boards Metropolis Hotel miner  
Connally, Geo. Brush Creek miner  
Connel, S. house 136 Broad Street
bus 44 Broad Street
Connelly, John boards Oriental Hotel    
Connor, P. boards Metropolis Hotel mason  
Conway, Geo. boards Oriental Hotel    
Conyers, Benj. house Coyoteville miner  
Coogley, John boards Half Mile House
Shingle Hill
Cook, - - 34 Commercial Street upstairs (C. & Coburn) painters, etc.  
Coombs, E. B. boards Oriental Hotel    
Cooper, Wm. boards Union Hotel Union Livery Stables  
Copley, H. Brush Creek miner  
Corbett, R. S. boards Oriental Hotel -  
Coreman, M. B. boards Metropolis Hotel miner  
Couch, Jesse 22 Main Street "Tom & Dan" saloon  
Court House (old) 20 Broad Street    
Court House (new) corner Washington & Pine Streets    
Cox, John boards New York Hotel miner  
Cozza, Chas. boards Oriental Hotel    
Craddock, Mrs. Elizabeth house Nevada Street washing  
Craft C. Center Market
17 Commercial Street
(Blattau & C.)  
Craig, R. R. house American Hill miner
Craig, Wm. house American Hill miner
Crampton, R. W. office 26 Main Street agent, Alta Telegraph Co.  
Crawford, Philip house Spring Street miner  
Crenshaw, J. T. boards Metropolis Hotel attorney  
Crittenden, D. store 34 Main Street (Potter & C.) stationery & crockery  
Cromley, G. Brush Creek miner  
Cross, Sarah C. house Main Street    
Crutchlon, J. Brush Creek miner  
Culver, J. D. boards Metropolis Hotel ditch tender  
Cummings, Dr. L. S. office: 5 Main Street surgeon, etc.  
Cummings, S. Brush Creek miner  
Curtis, Mrs. house Washington Street children's school  
Curtis, Owin boards Metropolis Hotel builder  

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