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Name Residence/Business Address Occupation Modern
Baeigaleys M. & Co. Broad Street Dominica Saloon  
Baily, Nathaniel house 124 Broad Street miner  
Baily, W. P. 6 Main Sstreet wholesale wines & liquors  
Baily, Wm. boards Yankee Blade Hotel carpenter  
Bain, Chas. 54 Main Street
(B. & Scranton)
architects & builders  
Bain, J. Brush Creek miner  
Bain, N. Selby Flat miner  
Baker, D. Bridge Street grocer  
Baker, N. D. house Mill Street miner  
Baldwin, H. N. house top Pine Street    
Barin, Charles boards Metropolis Hotel builder  
Barker, S. L. Selby Flat miner  
Barnes, Stephen house Gold Run miner  
Barry, B. V. 54 Broad Street,
County Treasurer's office
Barton, E. W. house American Hill miner  
Barton, William Coyote Street blacksmith  
Baruh, H. 25 Main Street, general
clothing store
Bassney, O. T. boards Union Hotel miner  
Bates, Capt. Main Street miner  
Battaile, E. G. Broad Street Deputy Postmaster  
Bean, J. E. boards Union Hotel clerk,Co Clerk's office  
Bean, T. E. Broad Street clerk at County Clerk's office  
Beaseley, Absalom house Gold Run miner  
Beaseley, Elias house Gold Run miner  
Beck, John house 6 Plaza miner  
Beldin, D. 23 Broad Street attorney  
Bella Union Restaurant 25 Commercial Street C. B. Lupton proprietor  
Belle Creole Saloon 52 Commercial Street A. Larry, proprietor  
Bennett, Asa Factory Street carpenter & builder  
Bennett, J. B. boards Metropolis Hotel tinsmith  
Bennett, Joseph house 128 Broad Street miner  
Bently, (Withington & B.) 7 Commercial Street painters, etc.  
Berry, J. Selby Flat miner  
Bigelow, Edwin Shingle Hill miner  
Bigelow, Elias Shingle Hill miner  
Bigelow, Mrs. house Shingle Hill widow  
Bigham, Rev. Mr. boards Union Hotel reverend  
Bigler, John L. house Woods' Ravine miner  
Bingham, B. Selby Flat miner  
Bingham, L. M. boards Metropolis Hotel miner  
Bingham, W. G. boards Metropolis Hotel broker  
Birdseye, J. C. boards at Frisbie's Restaurant miner  
Black, James Pine Street carpenter  
Blake, Thomas boards 12 Main Street brick maker  
Blasdell, Gifford house Coyoteville miner  
Blasauf, John 17 Pine Street
City Brewery
(house & brewery)  
Blattau, John 17 Commercial Street
Center Market (B. & Craft)
Blevins, O. P. boards Pacific Restaurant (B. & Craft) carpenter  
Block, A. & Co. 41 Commercial,
corner Pine Street
clothing warehouse  
Bluett, John house Wet Hill miner  
Boil, R. Selby Flat miner  
Bonner, E. H. boards Oriental Hotel miner  
Bonner, Henry house American Hill miner  
Bonnoto, Xavier house Factory Street miner  
Boody, Philip house Coyoteville miner  
Booth, James house American Hill miner  
Booth, Elijah house American Hill miner  
Booth, Samuel house American Hill miner  
Boring, Samuel house Coyoteville Assemblyman  
Bostwick, --- house Winter Street City Clerk  
Bostwick, J. H. house Main Street,
office 52 Broad Street
County Clerk  
Boswell, (B. & Hanson) 1 Main street grocer  
Bowdon, Dr. Jas. A. boards Oriental Hotel    
Bowen, Horace house Coyoteville miner  
Bowers, M. S. boards Metropolis Hotel miner  
Bowington, J. C. house Coyoteville miner  
Bowles, M. Selby Flat miner  
Bowling, Thomas boards Metropolis Hotel miner  
Bowman, L. Commercial Street cigar store  
Boyle, Robert Brush Creek miner  
Boyle, Robert Jr. Brush Creek miner  
Boyle, Thomas Brush Creek miner  
Branch, Edward house American Hill miner  
Brent, John Main Street miner  
Briggs, Anson house Water Street road agent California
Stage Company
Briggs, E. A. Factory Street carpenter  
Bright, Wm. F. boards Oriental Hotel    
Briles, J. Selby Flat miner  
Brindle, D. W. boards Oriental Hotel    
Broaddus, J. L. house 138 Broad Street carpenter, etc.  
Brouilett, John B. house Factory Street    
Brown, B. F. 7 Main Street clerk, Grier & Henry  
Brown & Baker Bridge Street grocers  
Brown, J. L. office 28 Broad Street constable  
Brown, M. Brush Creek miner  
Brown, Nat T. Broad Street teamster  
Buchanan, James house Boulder Street teamster  
Buckland, Erastus house Wet Hill miner  
Buckland, John house Wet Hill miner  
Buckner, Stanton (B. & Hill) 21 Broad Street
house Coyote Street
Buckner, Thomas 84 Broad Street saloon  
Buckwell, E. (Kent & B.) 52 Main Street dentist  
Budd, E. R. house near Zinc House
office 46 Main Street
Buell, Norton Abbott & Edwards,
Pine Street
Buie, C. 37 Commercial Street Ross' Restaurant  
Bullington, William house 99 Broad Street    
Burber, C. boards Metropolis Hotel miner  
Burbridge, John L. 70 Broad Street hair dressing salon  
Burke, C. A. boards Metropolis Hotel dentist  
Burner, S. boards Oriental Hotel miner  
Burnett, Franklin house American Hill miner  
Burnett, W. B. boards Metropolis Hotel expressman  
Burhs, T. H. boards Oriental Hotel    
Bursch, O. boards 12 Main Street blacksmith  
Burton, E. F. office 46 Main Street Senator  
Butterfield, Charles house 7 Pine Street    
Butterfield, Wm. house 7 Pine Street,
office 39 Main Street
Deputy Sheriff  

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